I currently have an Amazon Wishlist as long as several peoples arms, so I thought I would jump on the band wagon with Peta, from and ass a 'books' section to my website, so we can share all the book love with one another! Please do send me a message (Instagram is always a good place) with any book recommendations, I may as well add more to the already growing list (Santa may be paying attention!).

I really have a wide range of taste when it comes to books I like. I enjoy reading motivational, inspirational books that will help me grow as a person, both intellectually and spiritually, but I also love a really nice story; I like the escapism that fiction brings.

What I think I will do is list books when I am reading them and then, when I have finished reading them, I will pop a banner across the book saying 'read it' and link a review too if I can!


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