Hi, I'm Lucy, and welcome to my blog 'From Lucy, with Love'.

I have been blogging for over ten years in some form, starting very simply with a craft blog and realising, a few years later, that I wanted to explore far more subjects (I'm greedy like that!), so put together From Lucy, with Love in 2013, as a lifestyle blog, to allow myself much more freedom to satisfy my many interests!

In the new year (of 2017) my other half, Joe, our little cat Gizmo, and I packed up our life in Salisbury, Wiltshire to relocate to the place we have wanted to be for so long, our dream location, West Cornwall. I have always yearned for the coast/countryside balance, and now we finally have it and it is amazing in every way. I am so inspired now we are here and cannot wait to share all the things that come with this lifestyle with you guys. I am also vlogging everyday life over on my YouTube channel, where I also do other videos on fitness, beauty and lifestyle, so it would be great to see you over there too! You can also add this blog onto your bloglovin' feed and stay right up to date when something new is posted.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I can't wait to get chatting!

A little more about me...

1. I love all things colourful and creative and enjoy finding inspiration in unusual places and things.

2. I adore animals and would rescue them all at once if I could.

3. Books are fantastic! Great escapism into new world, fiction or non-fiction.

4. I am head over heels in love with Cornwall, it feels like home - maybe it will be someday! (it is now!).

5. I am a massive space geek! I cannot understand how people do not find it interesting! I must also confess to running outside to see the Space Station going over - it's going at 17,500mph for heavens sake!

6. Daydreaming is a hobby of mine - maybe it's a Piscean thing!

7. Speaking of Piscean 'things'...I am a hopeless romantic, I mean HOPELESS. I think I was born in the wrong time. I dream of love letters, flowers, heart felt surprises, midnight walks along the beach looking at the stars...

8. Flowers make me SO happy and I have to have them in the house! My favourites are daffodils, peonies and anemones - so pretty.

9. I am soon to launch a wedding stationery and paper product company, Leaf Lane Studio! (whoop whoop... launched on 1st September 2017!)

10. Beautifully packaged things make my day! Colourful tissue paper, ribbons, interesting labels - fab!

11. I like giving and receiving surprise cards - sometimes it is just nice to tell someone you think they're a great friend.

12. Without exercise in my life I would go completely insane! 

13. I love cosy nights in when it's pouring with rain outside.

14. When I cry I say it's my 'allergies'.

15. My favourite TV programmes are comedies, think 'Big Bang Theory', 'Friends' and 'Fawlty Towers'!

16. I sing SO loud in my car sometimes that I worry my phone will answer itself and give someone a huge laugh at my expense.

17. I believe in angels.

18. I wish I could study physics and understand it.

19. In contrast to the above I would also like to study philosophy (and understand it).

20. My dream art studio would be by the sea (I studied Fine Art to by the way).

21. One of my favourite books (apart from Harry Potter) is 'Sum' by David Eagleman - a must read if you like to think past our reality.

22. I have a zig-zag parting 6 days out of 7.

23. I have developed an addiction...to stripes. Help me.

24. My guilty pleasures are cups of tea, chocolate cake and, on special days, Jeremey Kyle (sorry).

25. Oh, and I like making lists.

If you want to get in touch feel free to comment or email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com and I will get back to you asap. All my other social media is linked up in the right sidebar :-)

Great to have you here.



  1. Your about me section is a really lovely read.

    Particularly love your number 8, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Forever searching and taking photos of flowers on our walks in the countryside :)

    Keeley Ann xx

    1. Hi lovely! Thank you for your lovely comment! I figured what better way to get to know someone than a random list...and I kinda like lists (No: 25!)- thank you for stopping by my blog too - I am checking out yours as we speak..xx


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