22 June 2020


I am going to keep this blog post SUPER short and sweet because I have A LOT of catching up with myself to do this week after last week and all its happenings!

On Tuesday morning I turned on my computer and saw a screen that filled me with dread 'hard drive no available'. Yep, the bloody critter had given up and took a lot of things with it. Thankfully I have an external hard drive for all Leaf Lane Studio bits and bobs, but I hadn't backed up anything else. It was always one of those things I put off. Let it be a lesson to us all... get cloud storage and avoid the panic! I will be sorting out mine TODAY.

Luckily for me I have a husband who knows 'all the things' about computers and also has the patience of a saint when it comes to technology (I have ZERO patience for anything like that so was losing my sh*t left, right and centre as you can imagine).

New hard drive and SSD drive was promptly ordered and by the end of the week I had a new, very fast, computer to bring back to life. Thanks Joe for all your time and skill(z), because I would not have known how to even try to get things working again. I have now been shown how to fit a new hard drive into my computers base unit, and I predict the knowledge of that hanging around for approximately another week or so (the knowledge of how to 'initialise' it has already vanished - sorry Joe!).

What I have learned from last week is that Mercury Retrogrades really do upset technology (!) but also that we must back up! It becomes so evident how much we take for granted at times like this doesn't it. So, for now, know that my biggest gratitude of last week was living with someone with computer knowledge, and also being able to rescue my computer without totally losing my marbles, because right now there really isn't much room for manoeuvre.

I will leave you with some pretty pictures from my walk taken the very morning my computer died, because it was STUNNING, and I will be back soon with a 'proper' post! Have a great day!

PS: I lost my latest Studio Vlog, but am looking at what videos I still have on my memory card and phone today, so may be able to reconstruct it! Watch this space for that coming soon!


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