15 June 2020


The last couple of weeks have been, quite frankly, bloody exhausting, but I am back here to try and get into my normal routine again. I haven't been able to even think of working 'as normal' until today (and it still is a bit of a struggle!). You know when you just feel a little off kilter? I think it just takes throwing yourself back into it again in order to almost force the reset of your brain you know? At least that is what I am trying!

As much as it has been a strange time all round, I can always find little things to be so grateful for; it is important to remember the things that make you smile when you are struggling isn't it. That said, let's jump into those things right now!

:: I have been taking myself out for early morning walks before work to clear my head and enjoy some moving-meditation in nature. My mind feels at home outside, when it is really quiet and no one else is about. The coastal paths have been full of nature and the wild flowers are so beautiful at this time of year. I have tried to capture some of the moments I love on my recent couple of vlogs, one of which will be going up on YouTube in the next couple of days and the other will be close behind it. I am also sharing my walks with you guys over on Instagram too, so make sure you are following both my Leaf Lane Studio and From Lucy with Love accounts to see them! My walk this morning included a herd of cows, which I thought I may have to negotiate on the way back, as they were very close to the gate I needed to walk through! The walk was so beautiful though and it set me up for the day and gave me so much energy.

:: Over the last couple of weeks I have made a conscious effort to be eating a lot more fruit and vegetables in my day to day diet. I have no issue with eating carbohydrates, but my body is struggling a lot with things like pasta and bread, so I have replaced pasta with lots of vegetables and just started putting my homemade pasta sauce on top of the veg. It tastes so good and I have been feeling so much better in myself for it. I have tweaked my breakfasts to go from smoothie shakes to smoothie bowls; which doesn't take too much more effort, but tastes like I am eating a really creamy fruit ice-cream! This morning I had a tropical smoothie bowl, made from a frozen fruit mix I got from Morrisons (consisting of mango, papaya, pineapple and passion fruit), and I just add a little Fage Greek yogurt, some protein powder and almond milk. I then put it into my Nutri-bullet and mix it until everything is smooth and it is super thick and like you need to eat it with a spoon, rather than drink it with a straw! I add a tiny bit of granola and a few chia seeds and some mixed seeds and there you have it! Delicious and good for you!

:: I have been working on my goals for Leaf Lane Studio over the last ten days or so and have been trying to break them down into something that I can work on (and actually achieve!). When it comes to goal setting, I am really great at listing lots of things, but sometimes I feel really overwhelmed with things and feel stuck when it comes to knowing how to start. Through a recent lesson on Holly's academy I have now started to see a better way of breaking goals down and actually working on them in a quicker, more achievable way. I am now trying to set goals quarterly, based off a huge list I made recently, and then just pick a few to achieve and work through them in baby steps. Wish me luck!

:: Speaking of projects and things on lists... if you have watched my Studio Vlogs from way back when I was designing my 'Cute Cats' collection, you may recall me mentioning an idea that I had for producing some 'sweary cat' designs. On Saturday, after chatting this thought through with all the wonderful souls in the Nourishing Soulfully Kindness group, I decided to make it a 'thing'. So, you can now follow 'Sweary Cats' on Instagram and will soon be able to get Sweary Cat products too... think cards, stickers and calendars! Lots more information to come soon! Please do not follow if you are easily offended though, these kitties are rude and don't care what anyone thinks!

:: One thing I did last week, which really helped to shift my mindset, was to have a little shuffle about in my office. My desk was too small for my computer and so I moved a few things about and now have a larger desk with my computer on it and much more room to pack orders too. I remember how, as a kid, I always loved changing my bedroom around, and recall that feeling of new energy in a room that you have rearranged. It really does work wonders for creativity I think. I also moved a new plant into my office, which is such a lovely little feature on my desk now too. Plants are just everything right now!

:: Something that made my heart really happy this week was watching a little magpie following a pigeon about in the front garden. Everything the pigeon did, the magpie had a go at doing right after, and it was so adorable to watch. I think the magpie was still really young, but it seemed to want to impress the pigeon, who didn't seem at all fussed for a new pal in its life at all!

:: Having binge-watched the new season of Queer Eye when it came out, I have now started right at the beginning again and I am enjoying it so much. I adore all those boys; they make me laugh, cry and want a make over too! If anyone wants to nominate me go right ahead! 

:: This weekend I started working on some Christmas card designs for Leaf Lane Studio. I haven't done Christmas cards since I launched the business, but I wanted to try and get just a few designs listed in my shop this year. I have started working in a sketch book again, pulling together ideas and colour palettes I like, and am currently painting some things on pre-prepared jewel-toned backgrounds, and I am loving how they are looking so far. I am trying to be a bit more playful with what I am creating and allow myself freedom to make mistakes, which is something I do struggle with. I can be really hard on myself when I start a new project as I often think I need to get it right immediately, which we all know is not possible! Watch this space for more on those designs! I am excited to develop them and to get them out for Christmas!

I will leave it there for today but I will be popping up a new studio vlog soon, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with the latest videos as they come out!


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  1. Christmas cards will be lovely- will definitely take a look at those 😊 Claire


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