1 June 2020


Well, that was a busy old week last week! In case you didn’t catch it, I threw myself into a bit of a project which, in full transparency, totally pushed me out my comfort zone! I decided, rather on a whim, to put together a three day mini series called ‘Beginners Tips for Hand Lettering’, as well as putting it up on my Leaf Lane Studio IGTV, I also uploaded all three videos to my YouTube channel too. If you’re interested in watching it I would love to know what you think! I put it together because I am considering structuring a beginners hand lettering course that you could download and work through in a far more in-depth way. Let me know what your thoughts are!
Let’s jump into this weeks gratitude (and general random happenings from the week!).

:: I am so grateful for the feedback I have received from those of you that have watched the hand lettering videos. It makes my heart happy to watch you having a go at lettering the quote and showing me your amazing efforts on Instagram! I find lettering such a mindful exercise and feel really glad that you do too!

:: Last night I closed my charity sticker for the Last Chance Hotel, with the current total at over £160. I’ll confirm the exact amount this week on Facebook and Instagram because I need to just double check everything again! I’m so proud of what we have achieved with this fundraiser guys and I wish I could hug you all for buying a sticker and helping me do this for such a truly wonderful charity. Thank you so much.

:: I talked a lot about the houseplants in last weeks list, but this week, something amazing arrived in the post and I am thrilled about it. Emily (from Emily and the Whippet, who is the plant enabler I mentioned last week!) sent me a little parcel of the most wonderful plant cuttings EVER! I have so many now and they fill me up with joy! I can’t list them all here but if you keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube they will be popping up in a Studio Vlog soon! Thanks Emily!

 ^^ I love watching how the water droplets form on Barry, the banana tree! ^^

:: This amazing weather we’ve been having is creating such a wonderful feeling for me throughout the day. I love lighter mornings and evenings, hearing the birds sing, watching the light in the trees and smell the summer scents in the air. Recently I have been sitting in the kitchen, at the big table, with the back doors open and the little blinds pulled down half way, just painting in the early evening light; it’s gorgeous. There’s something magical at that time of day.

:: On Friday I finally launched my Bay wedding stationery collection on Leaf Lane Studio, and on Saturday the samples arrived from the printers! They are stunning guys, I’m so happy with them! I need to get a couple of props for the Bay photo shoot and then you’ll be able to get samples of it on the website. I’m also about to start work on another new collection too, which will be super simple, very versatile and elegant. I can’t wait to start work on it!

:: Whenever I am spending a while at my painting table, I love having a series to get stuck into. On Saturday I started watching Killing Eve and I love it! I don’t know how to describe it, because it is equal parts humour and total darkness, but it is brilliant! Have you watched it? Any recommendations for my next watch welcome!

:: I went out the front door to look for Gizmo on Friday and there were three horses, with ‘drivers’ (!) busy munching the weeds out the front of the driveway. One of the ladies called out in what seemed like a panic ‘... they’re only eating the weeds, not your trees!’. It dawned on me that they probably thought I’d leapt out the front door like a right old battleaxe to tell them off! Gizmo had been MIA for a while and I was in a panic, so didn’t think that they might worry when I appeared! We get horses and their owners trot past the end of the house every day, several times a day, and I love it so much. I also very much appreciate the stubbornness of a horse that refuses to move until it finishes its weedy snack!

:: I have been wearing my super soft, stripey maxi skirt and more summery clothes recently, which feels so nice. I am trying to get myself into different clothes whilst I am working, because it always makes me feel so much better in myself, as does a good, trusty lippy! What self-care do you put in place to make you feel ready for the day?

:: On Thursday I had a little treat meal of curry, rice and the most delicious naan bread (yum!). I had also ordered a packet of white chocolate buttons as pudding and they were fab! I love curry and all the trimmings so much, not that we have it very often at all, but when we do I am so grateful for it!

:: Whilst mooching about on YouTube yesterday, I stumbled up these really short videos on the House and Garden channel (of all places!), that are called 'Things to Put in Frames'; they are little films showing artists in their spaces, discussing their work. I love things like this (which is why I adore watching and creating studio vlogs). I find artists sketchbooks, inspirations and processes so interesting. You should check them out if you enjoy that sort of thing, they are only 3-5 minutes in length and truly lovely to watch.

I hope you enjoyed that weekly run down! Last week was truly mad but it a good way! Included in all the madness was a magpie that found its way into the kitchen and was flapping about all over the shop trying to find an exit. It wasn't in there for long and flew out absolutely fine after just a few seconds, but it came as a bit of a shock!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this wonderful weather!


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