1 June 2020


Last week, over on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram, I decided to pop up a three day mini series, for beginners who wanted to have a little go at some lettering! It is a basic look at some of the important things to think about when starting to get into it, and includes tips on how to link letters together, make your lettering look like it has been done with a calligraphy pen, without actually using one, and ends with some ways to make your envelopes look super pretty so you can impress your friends and family!

I have popped all the videos below for you to watch, and keep this post really short so you can get stuck in! If you enjoy them, please let me know as I am seriously considering putting together a mini course that you can access on line, going into far more detail for you. Think of this as a little 'hand lettering taster'!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are liking the content I am sharing with you right now; there will be a new Studio Vlog appearing in the next 24 hours too!

Thank you for being here and supporting me, you are so appreciated.


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