25 May 2020


Hello, hello! Welcome back to another ‘Weekly Gratitude’ post, but not only a new post but also a new STUDIO VLOG too (and about time frankly!). With my vlogs I sometimes worry that I don’t have ‘the right’ sort of content for you and then panic a bit, struggle with the feelings of ‘what if I bore them all half to death’ and finally I get over myself and put the bloody thing up! I actually have another one heading your way sooner rather than later too (why am I like this?!). Anyway, I will link my studio vlog at the bottom of this post as normal if you fancy watching it. I am also going to ring the ‘please subscribe to my channel’ bell again. Here’s why I keep going out about subscribing... 

Back in the day, YouTube allowed anyone to monetise their channel, meaning it plays adverts occasionally and pays teeny-tiny pennies to the creator of the video. You didn’t get paid out until you reached something like £50 of ad revenue, which I was a couple of pounds from making, and BAM, YouTube change it’s rules. The new rules stated that you had to have over 1k subscribers to monetise, meaning that 'my' money/earnings are stuck in the system until I get to that amount of subbies and can release it. What a sh*t! Anyway, I am on around 555 subscribers now... almost there then eh?! (Sobs silently into a gin). So, along with just wanting you to subscribe because you’re all my readers and I appreciate each and every one of you, and wouldn't want you missing out on all the excitement that comes to you via a vlog, but it would also be so helpful to me, my blog AND my business. Click right here to subscribe!

Right, enough YouTube waffle, you get it! Onto the gratitude post...

Oooh, one more thing, I am doing a final push on my charity sticker, if you haven't got one yet I would so appreciate you checking out all the information right here and considering helping out with this fundraiser! I was so excited this week as my local radio station, Pirate FM, popped up a blog post and Facebook post in support of this and, as they have over 150k followers I figured I may reach my overall target, but not even one person visited the page... I wanted to cry, but then I remembered how many amazing people have helped and got myself back on track.

:: Unlike last week, this week has just zoomed on by. It’s been full of work, Zoom calls and creativity, and for that I am so lucky and so grateful.

:: My new banana tree, Barry, is settling in fabulously, and has even started growing a tiny baby tree right next door to him. having consulted my plant ‘Yoda’, Emily, from Emily and the Whippet, I now know I can leave ‘baby Barry’ for a bit, until he’s older, and then give him a pot of his own! We spent too much time this week choosing names for the plants in this house, and now we have ‘Puff’ (no, not a drug, a Dragon Tree... Puff the Magic Dragon), Spike (a Christmas cactus), Barry (banana tree dude), Matilda (Monstera goddess), Laura ( a new cutting who’s planty name currently escapes me), Pea-Pod (soon to be Burro’s Tail when they grow from cuttings) and Kevin (Pilea). I also have recently taken cuttings from Puff, so have two new ones I am hoping to grow (I have not named these yet) and also there are three cuttings from Spike currently drying out, so I am hopeful about those too. As a beginner I am learning on the go, but very much enjoying myself. I blame Emily FULLY for all of this happening. I’ve always wanted to get 'into’ houseplants and she just tipped me over the edge and enabled my fall! I don’t mind at all though really!

:: I’m not sure if any of you guys have seen my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram this week, but I’ve been having quite the moment with the colour pink! My paint palette has been (and still is) full of gorgeous baby pinks, which means my water is also the most pretty pink ever! Just when I thought my week couldn’t get more pink, my new phone case showed up, well over a month earlier than expected from Amazon! I am in love with it guys! It has cat ears for heavens sake! If you fancy laying your paws on it, here’s the link!* It definitely isn’t a massively great quality case, but it is so adorable and I would buy another one! In fact, there was a two pack that I am now wishing I had gone for, which has my pink one and a black one too! I just wanted to make sure it fit my phone first!

:: Thanks to an afternoon spent reading in the garden yesterday (and getting a bit burnt...oops, we have ordered sun-cream now), I have almost finished my Jonathan Van Ness book*. I have loved this book so much; his openness and wit has kept me gripped. I think there is a new series of Queer Eye coming out soon and I really cannot wait to watch it!

:: Gizmo has been hilarious this week with her ‘zoomies’; she comes indoors, after a few hours outside, and then proceeds to go absolutely mental for about 15 minutes, sliding about on the floor, crashing into things at full speed and trying to climb up the doors. It really makes me smile to see her play, she is the best little bear!

:: We have the most gorgeous hedgerows and trees around the house right now; the garden is full of wildflowers, bees, all kinds of birds and it makes me so happy! Nature is thriving in a way that I have never seen before. Earlier in the week Joe spotted a male and female Bull-Thrush in the front garden; I have never seen one before and they are stunning! The male has a bright orange breast and they both have the most gorgeous markings. I don't know whether this lock-down is making more birds come into places that they may normally avoid, but either way it makes me so happy.

:: On the subject of nature, with all the trees around where we live, it is really something to lay in bed at night and just listen to the wind blowing the leaves in the trees. It is such a soothing sound to just here owls and trees and that's it. So wonderful.

:: I have been continuing my training and sweating myself half to death in the garage. I still want to get my hands on a kettlebell and maybe a box to jump on, they are just so expensive and, getting a proper box will mean it takes up quite a lot of space too! I am enjoying the different way that I am challenging my body at the moment. I also threw in a BodyCombat workout this week, which was awesome, but I had totally forgotten how sore my toes get with all the jumping about! They will toughen up soon if I keep at it though! Persistence (and stubbornness) is key here!

:: I have been so grateful everyone’s response to pictures I have put up showing my wedding stationery collection, Bay, and am pleased to say that it will be making its debut on Leaf Lane Studio on Friday 29th May! You will be able to browse the entire collection on my site as a preview, and when I have my samples here I will put together the brochure (photos need to be taken first you see!). I am excited to see this collection be on my website for people to see very soon!

* = Amazon affiliate link, meaning that if you purchase using this link, I will get a few pennies.

That's all I have for you this week, but scroll on down to watch my new vlog if you fancy it! I would love you to head to YouTube, give the video a 'like' and subscribe too, it really makes a difference!


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