18 May 2020


^^ There have been the prettiest skies ever recently ^^

As weeks in lock down go, this week has been the slowest. Up to now I have been commenting on how fast they’ve gone by, but this week has taken on a really slow speed; with each hour seeming soooo long! I’ve also been a little more tired than usual, which probably explains it, but it has still been an amazing week nonetheless. 

How are you doing? What has been the highlight of the week for you? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some lovely weather too; it really was gorgeous here (but a bit chilly in the wind).

Shall we delve into what has happened this week?

:: I have found myself fully invested in my morning routine for a long time now but this week, after a coaching call with the gang, I found myself reassessing the evening routine too. Holly talked to us about how our evening routines play a huge part in our morning routines, which I have never really considered before to be honest, but of course they do. If we have sporadic bed times and lots of screen time prior to sleep, it is inevitable that we won’t exactly wake up feeling like we can take on the day. So, after a bit of a ponder, it has been decided that the new nighttime routine will be no phone from 9.30pm, and no TV in bed either, just reading and journaling. This is heaven for me quite frankly, because I got way too involved in my phone at night (just through habit rather than want or need really) as a means to try and fall asleep and wasn’t really reading any books just for fun. Don’t get me wrong, the books I read in the mornings are brilliant, but they are business/self development books, so to pick up something at night, that isn’t going to set my mind off back to business thoughts again, is really nice. I have finally started reading the Jonathan Van Ness book, 'Over the Top', that my lovely friend Kimberley gave me to read ages ago. I think I have half her book collection at home and am conscious to get them back to her (when I can!).

::  I am still pushing on with the charity sticker; I think we have raised just over £105 now, I say 'we' because you guys have helped so much and I am so grateful to all of you who have bought one and are helping to support the Last Chance Hotel. They are still working so hard throughout this pandemic and I can't stress enough the difference any donation will make to them. If you would like to buy a sticker and help the little fundraiser just click right here to go directly to the page. I am trying to reach out to local radio to help push things on their Facebook pages right now, but haven't heard anything back yet, so wish me luck! I have enough stickers to raise about £400, and I would love that to happen. If you fancy sharing the posts I have put on my Instagram I would be really grateful.

:: I mentioned, in last weeks post, how I have been bringing back calendar blocking in a big way. I used to do it but this is a whole other thing now (see the picture in last weeks gratitude post for details!), as you will see it is a very serious, somewhat military, operation! As much as it may look like a lot, it is so useful in terms of knowing that I have got everything done (or at least tried my best), rather than bouncing about like Tigger, from one task to the other with little thought about the end goal. I still have a lot to learn and will need to adapt things, but the bonus from it is that I managed to take the weekend for myself, well, 85% of it! I had a couple of little tasks to get done but otherwise it was all mine! It felt good!

:: On the subject of the weekend, it was beautiful here, and after cleaning the house and having the group chat with Peta and the girls in the Loving Kindness Support Group, I was free to do anything I wanted! On Saturday I ended up cooking a yummy pasta sauce to portion out and put in the freezer and then climbed into bed for a rest. I felt so exhausted all weekend long and just laying in bed watching the huge trees outside the window, with a film on in the background (film of choice: Martian on Netflix, because, well, space is life!) was honestly heaven to me. Sunday was more relaxed still; I sat out in the chilly wind and lovely sun, trying to shelter a bit behind the door that I had pinned open, with my book and Gizmo (and tea of course).  I am excited for more weekends like that and am now confident to be able to make them happen thanks to my more organised week!

:: There have been such beautiful skies recently; I think I may mention that every single week, but it's true and I get so much joy from looking at them, so it has to be mentioned! Just look how pink!

:: Whilst I was online ordering potting soil the other day, I saw a dwarf banana tree, suitable for indoors, in the sale and just couldn't resist getting it. Barry the Banana Tree arrived on Friday and I am in love with him! I don't have a picture for you today, but in the vlog I am about to edit he will make an appearance for sure! I am really on a plant building mission right now as they make me calm and content, which is a top priority at the moment (shouldn't it always be?). I also took cuttings from our Dragon tree on Saturday and I am hopeful they will root and grow into gorgeous little trees in time! The whole process of gardening and caring for houseplants is something I love so much, but haven't really taken the time to learn to much about, so I am now making that a thing I do to up my happiness levels! I am officially a 'plant lady in training'.

:: As well as attempting to graduate as a Plant Lady, I am already a fully fledged 'Mad Cat Lady' (and proud) so decided to celebrate that even more when my phone case decided to give up on life. It gave me the purr-fect opportunity to get this one from Amazon. It was super cheap and won't get here until July... but I had to get it, I mean, just look...!

:: I have been working really hard on my new commission piece over the last week; painting many blush-pink peonies and pretty foliage. It is coming along nicely and I really wish I could show you it properly. I put a few glimpses of it on my Instagram Stories, but that it all I can do right now (I think I will pop a few clips in my new Studio Vlog too... editing that today!). I am so grateful to be able to do something creative every single day.

:: I went out for a little walk last week, not too far as I stumbled across a bit of a road block in the way of some older ladies walking dogs very slowly on a skinny road, and I figured I had better turn back because a) I didn't want to give them a heart attack by making them jump and b) well, you know, we have social distancing in place still! (I still can't wrap my brain around the term 'social distancing' actually being in every day conversation right now). Anyway, on my slow walk back home, it was lovely to stand and watch the birds and the farmer in his field, busily doing something in a cute red tractor! It looked like a scene from a kids programme, seeing him trundling along in the far distance over the green fields, like old school Postman Pat from when I was a kid!

I think that is about all I have to share with you right now; I am sure there must be many more things, but it is Monday morning and my brain is trying to catch up with itself. I already started the day by missing a call I was meant to be having early this morning. Doh! Anyway, there we are! It is the way things are at the moment; waking up thinking it is a totally different day to the one we are actually on... that is my normal right now!

Have a great week guys, be sure to check back on Thursday for a new post! See you over on Instagram!


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