11 May 2020


^^ I finished this commission and it is now in its new home with my lovely client! ^^

I'd like to start this blog post by telling you that this week is apparently 'National Donut' week... I won't be eating donuts, but I can be a bit of a donut, so I think that counts in the same way!

Anyway, now that I have proved myself a valuable public service I will go on to ask how your weekend was? Here in the U.K it was a Bank Holiday weekend, with the holiday part being on a Friday, rather than a Monday, which confused me immensely. I treated the day as a regular working day, but I did think that Saturday was Sunday and was basically in a state of confusion the entire time. Nothing new there to be honest!

Last week was a good week all in all, apart from disgusting hormonal fatigue (ladies, you know), which left me pretty much dragging myself about the place and only training four times, or maybe it was three now that I think about it. I may be counting Saturday, which I shouldn't, because although I put on training kit, I swiftly laid down on the spare bed, next to Gizmo, and went to sleep. These things happen and I am trying to roll with the days that my body is calling for rest, it is one of those harder things for my mind to do.

PS: A little friendly reminder that I am currently raising money for the Last Chance Hotel, a gorgeous animal sanctuary in Cornwall who really need support right now. I designed a sticker to sell and you can get yours (and read more about it) right here - I really appreciate all your support so far!

Right, let's jump on in to the gratitude list!

:: On our coaching academy call with Holly last Wednesday evening, we talked about creating our perfect day in terms of calendar blocking and how we can be more productive through setting our week out. I used to calendar block and it was something that worked well for me, but I let it drop away and have now brought it back. It is definitely a work in progress, but here is what it looks like... pretty huh?! I will update you on how that is going for me soon!

:: The lovely Peta, who I know I mention every blog post because I do her weekly group call and it's amazing, plus she's my friend and we are always sharing business, lifestyle and, let's face it, CAT related things with each other on very frequent basis, did the most wonderful thing for me this week and I just have no words for how grateful I am. A couple of weeks ago she mentioned to me a workshop that the gorgeous Sarah Powell is running, all about self-celebration. I had a look at it and thought 'wow, I really need this right now', but just sat on it a bit. Anyway, several different factors came along, one of which had me feeling very down about how I look and like I was just destined to fade into the pit of doom that my head was building for me, and just as I hit a real emotional point I had an email to say that Peta had booked me a place on the workshop. I am beside myself with appreciation for that human being. She just makes life better by being in it. Anyone who feels like they need support around food or body image needs to work with Peta, she is a fully fledged coach and is the best to work with on bringing more self-belief and self-worth to your metaphorical table. Thank you for being you lovely lady.

:: This week I managed to post my commission (pictured above) and it made it to its new home! I always feel nervous when I post a commission because if something happens to it then I would have no way of replacing it; whereas with products it is different. I am starting a new one this week, which will be super exciting for me to paint and uses some new colours for me too. I won't be able to show you much of it unfortunately, but will do a few little close ups for the Studio Vlogs as and when I can.

:: I have been having lots of lovely voice note conversations with Emily, from Emily and the Whippet on Instagram; and we got onto talking about plants this week and how I want more of them desperately. Well, we certainly released a can of plant-shaped worms there! It turns out that Emily's 'specialist subject' is plants and I couldn't be happier about it! She sent me videos of all her plant babies and has been telling me all about them - heaven! I am obsessed with plants, but i just don't have many at all. Fingers crossed that will change soon.

:: I managed to get out and trim all the crazy hedgerows in the garden this weekend and mow the lawn. The hedge here is rammed with gorgeous wild flowers and ferns and is such a beautiful place to look for colours and textures if that floats your artistic boat (it does mine!). I love cutting the grass and then watching the black birds hopping about and pulling out worms and digging in the newly disturbed surface! Hours of fun to see!

:: I finally reached the 1k mark on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account this week. I am not motivated by the numbers in a major way, but it was just a nice thing to happen! I love the fact that my followers grow slowly and usually because they are the right people for me to be engaging with, over buying followers, which I never understand. Why do people do that?! I like organic growth and interaction with people who follow me, and each and every time I get a message or a comment from someone it means so much. No one is faceless to me and I really like that. Thank you for all your support with my business so far guys, it means the world.

:: There have been some really beautiful evening this last seven days, with that lovely warm, summer night feeling going on. Stepping outside at 9pm, when there is still a bit of light and warmth in the air and taking a few deep breaths and listening to the day slowing down outside is one of my favourite things to do. I really enjoy that time of the evening, just as the sun is coming down. It feels magical.

:: I really enjoyed reading Sophie Cliff's blog post called 'The Lessons I've Been Learning During Lockdown', her blog is generally a total joy to read... well, she is a 'Joyful Coach' so I would expect nothing less, but it's a lovely one to check in with when you have time. I also have been loving Emma's (Beau Tie on Insta) Instagram stories; this girl is a) the ultimate boss - she has an wonderful Etsy shop, selling luxury bow ties and ties, has recently launched a scrunchy range too and is basically killing it online and b) her sense of humour is right up my street and her stories just make me giggle so much... oh, and her cat is cute!

That is all I have for you today, but I will be back again with a different kind of post on Wednesday, so check back for that! I will also be popping a studio vlog up soon - did you catch last weeks?


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