3 May 2020


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I am going to keep this blog post super short because most of you will already know about this if you follow me on either of my Instagram accounts!

Several weeks ago I designed this cute sticker, with one of my favourite quotes on it, Your only job is to show up as the human you want to be in this world, and when I was lucky enough to get it printed for free, by the wonderful guys over at Awesome Merchandise, as part of their Free Sticker Friday, I wanted to put my good fortune to good use by selling it for charity.

We are all having a tough time of things right now, and I know there are so many people and so many charities that need our help, but I always feel like you are pulled towards the right charity for you, and that is exactly what happened when I looked into my chosen charity, 'Last Chance Hotel'.

Last Chance Hotel (registered charity no: 1157684) based here in Cornwall, are such a beautiful animal charity, with the most amazing people, doing the most wonderful things for all kinds of animals. It would take me a long time to type about all the good work they are doing, so please just head to their website to check it out, because I could never do them justice really.

Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals, but they also give sanctuary to animals that have been so damaged, both physically and mentally, that rehoming just isn't an option. These animals live out their lives in peace and with so much love, looked after by the amazing people behind Last Chance Hotel.

The also help support social services, the police units and also place some of their donations towards helping vulnerable people, at the loneliest points of their lives, to make sure they can keep their beloved pet by their side.

Honestly, everything they do blows me away and makes me so emotional.

During the current climate they need all the help they can to be able to continue this work and feed their resident animals too. It is hard for everyone right now, but I really want to help these guys out. There is so much more to their story, but I want you to read it for yourself over on their website. Please also give them a little follow on Instagram and like their Facebook Page too if you would like to.

So, onto how I am helping!

I decided that it would be lovely to give something to everyone who donates, so selling this sticker, with such a wonderful quote on, seemed like the right thing. Each sticker is £5.00 to buy, with £4.33 going to the charity. I am keeping back a small amount to cover my postage and packing, that is all. The whole way through this process I will keep you guys informed and will let you know exactly how much is donated when the fundraiser closes. I have 100 stickers and am hoping to sell all of them, which would mean we can raise over £400 for Last Chance Hotel.

Please head to Leaf Lane Studio to purchase yours and tell your friends and family about it too. I am so grateful for all the help I can get with this fundraiser and I promise that your donation will do the world of good for these beautiful animals.

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