20 April 2020


Happy Monday everyone! You may have noticed that I have started doing these posts on a Monday morning now, rather than a Sunday; this is simply because I feel like, now that the weeks are mostly all the same (!), I need the extra time to gather these posts together!

How was your weekend? The weather turned out much better than I thought it would do, although it was lovely to have a bit of rain. Did anyone else notice how all the plants and trees seemed to pop with greenery this weekend? It was like a drop of rain made everything wake up properly and suddenly everything was 'hi there, I'm awake and here are my leaves!'. It is wonderful to feel like the weather is on the up again, it makes so much difference, especially right now.

Let's catch up about the happy moments from the week gone by...

:: Even though I have been chatting about this non-stop of late, I have to mention the relaunch of the Leaf Lane Studio website because I am really proud of how it is looking. There are a few 'coming soon' things on there, but they will be launching when things start to return to normal again. You will notice that the website is looking a lot 'cleaner' and hopefully easier to navigate! Please let me know what you think! I am really excited about it!

:: If you follow on Instagram, then you may have seen my stories last week all about Gizmo and her nose! She had a very swollen face about three weeks ago now, with no traumas that were visible to me or the vet. The gave her antibiotics and we waited to see what happened. The swelling came right down and then, over the course of several days, a strange lump appeared. What puzzled the vet was that it didn't appear to be full of fluid or anything at all, it was dry and hard, but growing. Short story is that I took her back last week so the vet could take a sample from it. Whilst waiting outside the vets for them to come to the window and tell me what was happening (no one is allowed inside the building now... so strange to get used to) I was thinking 'oh God, she is going to die isn't she, it's bad, I know it's bad...' Just then the vet appeared holding the whole 'lump' from Gizmos nose. Turned out that it was a slow release abscess and had been leaking underneath the scab, causing it to 'grow', but it was totally fine and came right off in the vets hands. Gizmo is looking more herself every day now, thank the Lord! I am glad that saga is over because I was thinking all sorts of horrible things. We will just keep an eye on her to make sure nothing else happens, but it should be all good now! Phew! That is a huge thing to be grateful for isn't it!

:: There was a lot of laughter this week because of a funny delivery I received. I won't tell the story again here, because I wrote a quick blog post about it earlier in the week, so check that out for a giggle. It was hilarious and reminded me how laughter really is a soul cleanser! 

:: I made an awesome commitment to my business last week, which involves being a member of Holly Bray's new 'Busy to Boss Academy'. It is all about learning better processes to aid marketing and focus in on being more effective and productive with your time as a business owner. The Facebook group is full of amazing people all at different stages in their business and is motivating and inspiring me already! I am excited to see what i can do through this new adventure. 

:: On the subject of committing to different things and about Facebook groups... I am loving the Loving Kindness Support Group, run by Peta so much. There is something inspiring and motivating, during the times we are in right now, about showing up at a regular time to chat to like minded souls online. I seriously have more of a social life now then I did before. It is the same with Hollys training, because being on your own, in your own head with things leads (or can lead) to you feeling stagnant, so being able to chat to people and share thoughts and ideas is something that is helping my sanity right now. I highly recommend finding something similar, especially if you are alone in all this right now.

:: Two things have captured me this week, one of them is Ozark on Netflix. Yes, I am late to the party, but that is how I roll and is one of my unique personality traits (as is looking for the positive!). I am loving the series so far, and it is helping me pass time on my longer cardio sessions on the bike! I am nearing the end of the first series now and it has been amazing! Right up my street! I highly recommend it!

:: The other thing that has taken over my life, although just in the last 24 hours, is TikTok. Gah! I am almost 40 years old for crying out loud and spent way too much time watching cat and dog videos and clips of people dancing. I wanna play!

:: I also watched the brand new Star Wars this week (well, the latest one at least... it probably isn't called 'brand new' anymore!). It was brilliant, I absolutely loved it! I think, when you watch 'final' films in what has been a huge series of films like the Star Wars films and Harry Potter, you never walk away feeling like all your boxes have been ticked by it, but over all I think they did a bloody great job at rounding it all up! I can't wait to watch it again soon.

:: I mentioned in last weeks gratitude post that I had received some lovely, and quite frankly, hilarious emails from a customer of mine in the US. She really is so lovely and sent me an email to tell me her parcel had arrived at the weekend. I love getting customer feedback and am always so appreciative that people take time out of their days to write some kind words like this. Thank you so much Amanda!

:: Finally, I have to mention the beauty of the recent sunsets we have been getting, because I love them too much not to talk about them! Last night was no exception; the sky went a beautiful hazy-pink and purple and looked stunning. I love standing outside and absorbing everything at that time of night; the smells, sounds and colours all come together to make me feel calm, still and ever so grateful. It is a wonderful time of the day.

As an after thought, which I remembered as I typed about the sunsets; the Lyrids meteor shower peaks between April 21st and 22nd, so get out to see that if the sky is clear! Thank you to my lovely Insta-pal Helen for reminding me about that on her recent post!).

Have a wonderful week ahead and make sure you pop back for my mid-week post! Don't forget to check out the new Leaf Lane Studio website too! All printables are currently just £2.00 too, so a great time to download one of my weekly planners or to-do lists! Check them out here.


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  1. ahhhh you are such a wonderful human, thank you for the mention my love. I adore our Loving Kindness Group, it always lifts my spirits. I still need to watch the brand new Star Wars!! Sending lots of love your way xxx


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