13 April 2020


^^ Little Gizmo 'helping' me pull out hundreds of these sycamore seeds on Saturday afternoon! ^^

Happy Monday my lovely! I hope you have had a lovely weekend (hopefully it is a Bank Holiday day-off where you are today!).

The weather was so beautiful all weekend long and I well and truly took advantage of it. On Friday I wrote myself a bit of a 'Easter weekend to-do list' and set about working my way through it. On Saturday I mowed the grass, strimmed the edges, dead-head the flowers in the pots, cut back the very (very) thorny wild hedgerows we have on one side of the house (I have many puncture wounds to prove this happened) and pulled out hundreds of baby sycamores (see the pictures for those!). I felt such a sense of accomplishment for doing all of that!

Yesterday I tackled the big job of sorting out my summer clothes that are in vacuum packs in various places in the house and popping winter things away. I ended up going a bit 'Monica' about everything and thoroughly deep cleaned the entire upstairs of the house. I can't help finding cleaning super calming and refreshing for my mind; it really allows me to work better when I know the place is spotless!

^^ Isn't nature fascinating! ^^

Anyway, enough waffling on about my weekend of getting various jobs ticked off my list, and onto the other wonderful parts of the week gone by...

:: I feel rather proud of myself for coming up with a genius idea for my new 'gym' (a.k.a. a couple of stupidly light dumbbells and a couple of resistance bands in the garage!). I have been struggling to work on my back properly and saw on-line that you can buy this little canvas hook thingy to shut in a door frame and then thread your band through. By doing this you can replicate lat pull downs and many other exercises. The trouble is I don't have one of those funky door adapters... or do I?! I found my yoga mat carry-handle thing and tied a knot in that and it has done the same job. Super grateful to have a whole load of new exercises at my feet right now; a world of resistance band wonder is now mine! Anyone else being stupidly creative right now?

:: Over the last couple of weeks I have entered a couple of sticker designs into a little 'free sticker Friday' competition thing over on Awesome Merchandise and, somehow or other, I have managed to get two designs selected! I never win anything so you can imagine my shock! Expect two new stickers to be popping up on Leaf Lane Studio very soon!

^^ I am super excited to get this lovely quote sticker into my shop, I think it is such a happy, uplifting one! ^^

^^ I am so happy with how the sticker version of my 'Little Explorer' art print came out! ^^

:: I have just finished listening to my audio book of The Handmaids Tale and am serious pondering getting signed up to Audible right now as I am honestly loving audio books even more than usual right now. I know I can get a free month first and then it falls to a monthly fee, but I have bought two audio books recently, which would probably cover three months of Audible subscription, so I reckon it's a no brainer! The Handmaids Tale was great as an audio book though, even more so because Elizabeth Moss is reading it (if you haven't seen the TV series Elizabeth Moss is the main character). I know it isn't exactly the happiest of listens, in our current time of things, but I like 'dark' films and books for total escapism, so I enjoyed it! I am considering getting the next book along from that, which is called The Testaments, so maybe that can be my first with Audible! Have you read that one?

:: I recently had an order come through from a very lovely lady called Amanda, who lives in the USA. We exchanged a couple of emails about the order (bless her, she was worried about me going to the post office with all this going on, which was super sweet) and ended up having quite the chat about all sorts on email. When I read her latest one, which had the most hilarious story of her travels to London and the South West of England, I laughed so much (spitting cereal out my mouth at one point... I'm such a lady!). It put the biggest smile on my face to sit and read her email and I am so grateful for it! I do love it when someone can tell a story so well that you can picture every single moment of it like you were there. Plus, in all honesty, I saw way too much of me in those encounters! The story is not mine to pass on, but it was fab, and I loved reading it so much!

^^ A sneak preview of the new Leaf Lane Studio website, it's had a makeover! I'll (hopefully) be putting it live this week! ^^

:: I have been putting so much time into my Leaf  Lane Studio website makeover this week; I am no graphic designer or website pro (certainly not a website pro!), but I am happy with what I have managed to achieve over on Squarespace. I will be putting it live this week (fingers crossed) once I have got Joe to look through it too (he is chief 'link tester'). There will still be things that need to be updated, but those can wait until after it is live. I have some new services coming to the wedding side of things (when weddings are back in the mix of life again obviously) and a few other new things too; I hope you like the new site as much as I do. I am pretty proud of it!

:: It's the small routines of life that are keeping me sane right now and, I have no shame in telling you, that one of those routines is watching Classic Eastenders every single week day lunch time! Yep, you read that right! I used to watch Eastenders all through my teenage years but haven't watched any of the episodes for so long. Classic Eastenders is old school; think orginal Sharon, Grant and Phil in the Queen Vic here and proper 90's fashion! It is so funny to watch and I love it so much. I still have no clue what is going on in present day Albert Square, but I do know that Sharon is back. I will stick with the old one though! (If you are not in the U.K then you are probably wondering what on Earth I am talking about... Eastenders is a soap that is based in Londons East End, and has so much drama in one small place it is unreal, but I guess that is what the point of these things are!).

That is all I have for this week (thought I had better not mention my endless trips out to see the stars at night and the birds feeding, because I mention those every single time!). I hope you have a great week and remember to pop back here for new posts and check in on YouTube for Studio Vlogs too (there will be a new one soon-ish!).

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