7 April 2020


^^ I thought I would include a beach photo to cheer us all up! I can't wait to get back to beach walks again ^^

Welcome back to another gratitude post; for some reason I didn't get to publish another post between these Weekly Gratitude ramblings, but I will endevour to do so this week! It's not like there are any excuses right now!

How are you doing? Is everything okay with you right now? Come and let me know in the comments (I never say that for the sake of it, I genuinely love comments from you guys).

Right then, onwards...

:: On Saturday morning it was the first session of the Kindness Support Group, put together by Peta (from Nourishing Soulfully). I recently did the Loving Kindness Workshop, which was so wonderful, and this new group has started so well too. Peta discussed a lot of ways to deal with overwhelm, a good subject to focus on right now, and we all chatted about how we were coping and things that were working for us. You can do the previous workshop too if you fancy it, it is totally free (not an ad by the way!), just head to Nourishing Soulfully and check out Petas work. If you enjoy the course and want to delve super deep into lots of wonderful self work, with someone who is super lovely, then I highly recommend Peta as a coach too, because she is truly wonderful. She coached me and has helped me make huge steps forward.

:: This week I finished a book which I have been wanting to read for a while, Dreamland, by Bob Lazar (affiliate link for Amazon). You will probably know by now that I am a HUGE space geek and everything to do with UFO's, conspiracy theories and that kind of stuff just really interests me. No matter what you think about the goings on over at Area 51 and S4, this book is super interesting. If you are into that kind of thing then I think you'll like it a lot! I have since moved onto reading 'Mans Search for Meaning', by Viktor E Frankl. This book has been on the bookshelf for a while and I just fancied reading it, even though it isn't a happy read (for obvious reasons), it is the sort of book that makes you realise how lucky you are to have the life you have, and his perspective on human behaviour is interesting to think about too.

:: This week I made a playlist on Spotify of songs that make me want to dance about or that lift my mood, and I decided to title it 'Happiness on a Stick'; you can follow it here or search my username on Spotify, which is 'lucycarterart'. Let me know, in the comments, what your favourite uplifting songs are!

:: It was our fifth wedding anniversary on 1st April and I received some very beautiful daffodils through the post; I don't think I have ever had such an unusual selection all together. Nature astounds me, it really does, look how gorgeous they are!

:: I have been so grateful for the sun this last couple of weeks; it has been the most consistent nice weather we have had since we moved to this house in November. Given the current state of the world, with so many people experiencing lock-down, it is nice to be able to have sunlight streaming through the windows and be able to open windows and doors wide. The peacefulness of the world is the one thing that I am enjoying in all of this.

:: I have really enjoyed writing a few cards and popping pretty address designs on them for you guys this past week. I have added a new service to my Leaf Lane Studio shop recently, to allow you to tick the option for me to write and post a card (or as many cards as you like!) to people directly from me (think MoonPig, but a smaller, probably less organised, version!). I am trying to do my bit to help people stay on top of birthdays, anniversaries or just-because-aries! All you have to do is add a card to your basket on Leaf Lane Studio and a box will appear; tell me whether you want the cards to come direct to you or be posted to someone and then complete their details and message... easy as that! I will send the cards first class within 48hrs for you. This service only applies to cards, but I hope it helps you stay in touch with your friends and family and gives them a nice big smile in the process. I think it is little surprises coming through the post that make peoples days right now don't you?

^^ Leaf Lane Studios Office Manager approves each and every order before it goes out ^^

:: I have been enjoying my little afternoon naps/reading time with Gizmo cuddled up next to me during the week. I have been making a point of them every 'working' day, because they just feel so calming and necessary right now. Even if I am not sleepy, just to rest and read with Gizmo purring away by my side feels incredibly relaxing.

:: We have been watching so much Disney+ recently, which provides such amazing escapism. I swore to never watch the new Aladdin, but caved this week and watched it. I am 100% still a fan of the original because, lets face it, Robin Williams is the best genie ever, and I just can't accept an 'acted' version of my favourite childhood film! We have also been watching some old Winnie the Poohs, which are just the cutest aren't they! But my top thing to add to your 'must watch' list if you have Disney + is 'The Mandalorian'; honestly guys, it is such a good series and the little Yoda is adorable!

That is all I have for you this week, but I will be putting up another post this week, so pop back in a few days for that! In the mean time, I will leave you with my latest Studio Vlog! Head to YouTube to Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already, I would seriously appreciate it.


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