30 March 2020


^^ St Michaels Mount looking eerily quiet, but still super beautiful of course ^^

I feel like these Weekly Gratitude posts are of even more importance at the moment, and finding joy in smaller things in life is a must to get through this strangeness. I have been really loving Emily Coxhead's little Instagram Story templates to share moments of happiness and have been posting these every day too, so please join in, because they are lovely to read! Head to Emily's Instagram and you will find them there, or I do post the blank templates every day to help spread her joy, because she really is the best!

Before I start on my Weekly Gratitude list, let me know how are you doing today, at the start of this new week. Also, let me know in the comments where you are in the world and what is making you happy right now!

Okay, onto my list...

:: I received the most gorgeous Bloom and Wild flowers from my lovely bestie, Helena, last week. I love Bloom and Wild flowers because they last ages and this box are so gorgeous too, plus they came with chocolate (insert BIG smile here!). Thank you so, so much Lobby! Having flowers in the house right now is making me so happy.

^^ I am officially the worst flower photographer ever! But you get the jist! ^^

:: Something else that I am doing every single day now is putting my oil diffuser on with some drops of lavender in it, and it makes the whole house smell so wonderful. I am sadly running out of lavender oil, so need to try and find some more. I do have a couple of other oils, but lavender seems to be the best for me right now. 

:: I mentioned in my previous blog post 'Maintaining Joy Through Challenging Times' that I was enjoying nature so much more than ever (I didn't think I could enjoy it more, especially given the restrictions we are going through). There is a calmness about the sun rising and the birds singing happily in the trees that grounds me so much. When I am feeling tired, overwhelmed or just need some fresh air, I step outside and just take in what I have right in front of me. I know this is a privilege, and that some people can't do this, so this makes me even more appreciative of it. I am sharing little videos over on Instagram of sunsets and bird song too, which people are loving, and that makes me happy too.

:: Last week I entered a little sticker design into Awesome Merchandises 'Free Sticker Friday' competition, and I was picked as one of the ten winners, so I will be getting 100 stickers for free, which is such a wonderful pick me up right now, as business is (as we all understand) not really moving anywhere right now. I submitted the 'Little Explorer' art print to be made into a sticker, so you can expect to see that little guys available soon in the shop! Here is his big brother as the A5 print now available on Leaf Lane Studio.

:: I had to go to the Post Office on Saturday to post a couple of orders, and Marazion was so, so empty, which is an obvious thing to say, but it is unheard of and a little eerie. I stopped and looked out at St Michaels Mount for a while and just took a few deep breaths of sea air, which is so relaxing isn't it. The post office are doing such an amazing job and managing to stay open, which is so appreciated right now.

:: With food shopping becoming much more tricky now, I am getting more creative with my batch cooking and with how I can 'fill out' dishes I normally cook. I am also cutting my portion sizes down and adding in things like a tiny jacket potato with random dishes, just to be more filling but save more portions of what is in the freezer. We are being forced to think more widely aren't we, and it is funny what we can come up with. I don't think those things will change in our house actually, some things will stick now and I am happy with that. Have you been batch cooking or having anything a bit random?

:: I released my FREE cat colouring sheets last week, which went down a storm! I have been so grateful for the feedback about those. I found myself sitting and starting to colour one in recently and got totally absorbed in the process! You can get yours by signing up right here and then you will receive and email from me, with links to the files (check your junk box if you don't see the email at all and feel free to get in touch via email or DMs if you have problems with anything, you can email me on hello@leaflanestudio.com).

:: I recently discovered a lovely artist, called Laura Horn, on Instagram (seriously, Instagram is where I discover everything right now, who's with me?!). Laura is based in Australia and produces the most gorgeous, free-flowing abstract art out of a variety of materials. She has some lovely free resources but also has some on-line courses you can take too (which I think are great value - not an advert, just my opinion!). I was looking at her watercolour courses for the future, just because I want to learn a few new things, be able to be more playful and less 'stiff' with watercolour. As I was pondering whether I should use this isolation to sign up, Laura released a free course all about abstract collage. I have started watching it and it is so good, and could definitely be done with kids too. Just head to her website and you will see the link to sign up and then you can get started. The good thing about her free course is that you can really use whatever materials you have. There is nothing to lose by signing up and watching the first few lessons to see if it is for you. The first part is all about mark making and putting together papers you will eventually use to collage with, so you can be super creative and free with your work and make whatever patterns you want on paper, and produce some cool artwork with your family or alone. I can't wait to delve into it more and will be sorting through all my art materials later and seeing what I have hidden away that I could use! Stay tuned to my Studio Vlogs for more! Just thought I would let you know about it anyway, just because it is a free thing to do!

I will leave this post here for now, but make sure you come back as I have lots more planned! I will also be editing a new Studio Vlog this week, so please subscribe to my channel here so you are the first to know when it goes live.

^^ Check out Laura Horn over on Instagram for examples of her work ^^

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