25 March 2020


^^ Beautiful droplets on a rainy morning in the garden ^^

I have found blogging particularly hard of late, as you have probably realised by the silence over here. In all honesty, I feel like I was over thinking it and being overly concerned about what I should produce for this space, rather than just writing what I wanted. I have still been producing vlogs though, and the lastest one is linked below for you! If you haven't yet subscribed to my channel, I would really appreciate it if you did. Now, more than ever, is crucial for online support and YouTube won't allow you to monetise until you have over 1,000 subscriber. I actually have about £50 in my 'YouTube account', which I earned before monetising was disallowed under 1k subs... so I would love to lay my hands on that right now as you can imagine. So yeah, if you could click HERE and subscribe, I would appreciate it so much.

This whole virus thing, with everything turned on its head, has somehow made me want to write something, anything, to keep my mind busy and allow some creative juices to appear again. As I said on my most recent Studio Vlog, I am going to talk as little as possible about Covid-19, as we all know the score, and I am sure it will make a nice change to read anything else! So, the plan is to share gratitude, little moments of delight and joy and keep things as upbeat as humanly possible at this time!

I am going to do my best with this and, whilst I will probably have a few 'moments' of 'oh my God, this lock down is doing my head in!', I want to be a place where you can come along and read about other content makers who are doing something great, amazing finds to keep you amused, fun playlists and TV shows or just calming pictures of nature.

So, come back soon, when my first 'proper' post will be put up and I will look forward to seeing your comments here again!


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  1. So glad you are blogging again. I’m catching up. These photos are indeed very calming.


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