26 January 2020


^^ I had to stop on the way home from training this week to capture this beauty of a sunrise at Marazion ^^

Happy Sunday! Wow, what a week I have had this week! It’s been my most productive week in months and it has felt great to be feeling those motivated vibes in my body and mind again. I made the decision, after a whole lot of consideration, to speak to my doctor about going back on a low dose of my medication for my mental health issues and, whilst I know it’s definitely not in my system yet, I think that the knowledge that it will soon make a difference is already helping me function. I’m looking forward to feeling more of the positives that will come from taking the tablets. As much as I wanted to be permanently off fluoxetine, I had to list how I was feeling in terms of pros and cons and understand exactly how much impact the way I was feeling was having on my everyday life. Quite honestly, I am so grateful for the NHS and the fact that I have the flexibility to choose going back on medications without too much worry; I feel like I have really had my eyes opened recently to exactly how lucky we are in this part of the world and I thank my lucky stars that my mental health can be helped relatively easily if I so choose.

I kind of covered the first big thing I’m grateful for but let’s get onto the rest shall we?

:: I have been really loving any content I can get my hands on by Catherine, from Katnipp Illustration. I’ve been following her business/studio vlog YouTube channel from all the way back before she had her two studio spaces, and she is just the post wonderful human ever. I find her personality so uplifting and, from a business perspective, she is just the most inspiring girl to watch. I have loved watching her grow her business, employ her sister and brother in law and watch all the amazing opportunities that have come her way. I am constantly cheering her on from the side lines because her business ethics are something I admire so much. Recently Catherine started a second YouTube channel, 'Beyond Katnipp', where she puts up regular vlogs and Disney vlogs too. It shows how much I adore her because I watch her Disney vlogs; as much as I love the Disney movies, I can’t think of anything worse than visiting Disney, it's just too busy and a bit sensory overload for me, but because it’s Catherine I watch it and enjoy every second! She’s awesome!

:: Whilst I am on the subject of awesome humans, one of my besties, and someone who I am eternally grateful for, Peta from the blog Nourishing Soulfully, is doing something super wonderful in February. From 17th until 21st she is running a FREE event called The Loving Kindess Workshop; she will be jumping on a live stream with everyone who signs up and chatting about different things each evening for an hour (you can always watch on a catch up if you can't make it). I have signed up and that is not only to support my pal, but also because she is awesome at what she does. She has helped me so much with a lot of things I struggle with (bonus to having a friend who is also an amazing coach too huh!) and I know that this workshop will be fab. Peta is one of those people who gives everything to what she does, whether it is a free event or not, she always dives right on in and has her heart on her sleeve all the time. To find out more just check out this link which will take you to The Loving Kindness Workshops page on Nourishing Soulfully. Have a read and sign up if you feel called to; please share it with friends or family members who you think will benefit because I promise you will come away feeling so much better for it. I loved the coaching sessions I did with Peta and I know you will love this little course too. Support my buddy and give yourself a little love to by signing up; I will be there each night it runs, with a cup of tea in my hand, and it would be great to see you there too.

^^ A quick overview of all the days of Peta's workshops, click HERE for more info ^^

:: This week I ordered a bunch of new packaging for my products on Leaf Lane Studio; I am trying to order planet friendly things each time I run out. Now I have biodegradable and compostable cello bags for cards and pads, recyclable boxes and my most recent addition is a packing tape that is recyclable too. There are still one or two things that need updating as they run out, but I also am mindful of not wasting the items I already have, but by the end of this year I want the whole business to be fully eco friendly in every way possible. It is so important to me and I am striving for that as a priority.

:: I also received a delivery of new cards for my Floral Brights collection this week! I designed these simple, yet pretty 'Thank You' cards using the original painting for the collection as a background for the text. I really love how they turned out. These will be going up in my shop this week coming!

:: As you may have seen from Wednesdays blog post, I have now released my brand new printable weekly planner sheets! I am so happy with them and have also received some great feedback on the free version I put out for you guys too (you can still get it here - sign up and you will receive and email back wit the link to the planner sheet!). There are three packs, all in cute colour-ways, now available on my website (click HERE to see them!). I have honestly found that my week has been more productive from using them; I enjoy the process of ticking things off a list and seeing what I have left to do directly in front of me. To see how I use mine make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel, as the next Studio Vlog to come out (number 18) will show you how I have integrated them into my planning schedule. I would love it if you had a look at the sheets and let me know what colour-way you like the most!

:: A side effect of being a bit poorly recently, along with my lower mood, has been lethargy. Subsequently I haven’t really been enjoying my gym sessions as much, especially because it’s dark when I go and it’s been very chilly. This week I have been finding inspiration online, watching a lot of YouTube videos and finally made the decision to step away from the more split routine, body-building style training for a while and try out some new moves. So this week I have been learning new things, pushing myself in different ways and putting my body through more functional training. It felt really great and it actually lifted my spirits and energy too. Because it’s quite hard work I will be throwing in a couple of heavier sessions in the week and then the more lighter, intense sessions too. I feel like I need to be a bit better overall, and try new things to challenge myself, rather than relying on pure body building. I will still be dead-lifting, squatting, benching and all the other big compound lifts that I love, but I am also throwing in box jumps, skipping, single arm snatches, burpees, cleans, sled pushes and other things to raise my heart rate and fitness! It feels good to have a change, it really does.

 ^^ The hat was needed this week with the frosty mornings as the gym has no heating ^^

:: On the subject of fitness, this weekend I started watching ‘Cheer’ on Netflix and, whilst I really didn’t think it was my thing, it is bloody awesome to see the physicality of these routines. It’s pretty nuts to watch their training and to see everything that goes into it. Have you seen it? The days of pom-poms are over my friends!

:: After an intense training session on Thursday I had to pop into The Range for something totally random, and couldn’t resist getting a little cup of pick n mix on the way out. It’s been a while since I’ve had foam related seafood (shrimps!) and a jelly shark! They were yummy and certainly picked up my energy levels.

:: With the colder weather hitting, there have been some stunning sunrises and sun sets happening. On the way home from training, one morning this week, I had to pull into a beach car park to snap a picture of the view (below) because it was too gorgeous to pass up. Marazion looked dreamy in this light and the silhouette of  St Michaels Mount (see the opening photo to this post) was incredible. I can't resist a sunrise or sunset can you?

That is all for this weeks gratitude post but stay tuned for a new post on Wednesday (I am fully immersed into the routine again now!) and keep your eyes peeled for the new Studio Vlog coming any day now (I am just finishing the edit today). Whilst you are waiting, why not check out Studio Vlog 17, and give the channel a little subscribe whilst you are over there... help me reach my 1000 subscriber goal!


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