19 January 2020


^^ This beautiful view is from the South West Coast Path along from Porthgwarra ^^

It's been a long time since I put a gratitude post together, but they are back and I am excited to share what goes on through the week with you guys. So much has been going on recently, life has been busy and a little up and down health wise, so I won't recap for you, but you can always checkout my 'Studio Vlog' playlist on my YouTube channel to catch up with everything; I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel too if you enjoy my videos!

Let's get on in to this weeks gratitude list shall we?

:: It has rained for so many days since October and it has been making me feel really low and in need of more light; lack of sunlight has never played such an important part of my life. I think I have always suffered with SAD in some respects, but this winter has been one of my hardest ever. Maybe it is to do with working from home, where it is inevitable that you can become more of a hermit, thankfully though, this weekend, the blue sky arrived, bringing with it a bright and sunny (and frosty!) couple of days, so we made the most of it. On Saturday afternoon we had a short walk over along the coast path near Godrevy. We were planning to go and see some seals, but the car park was full, so we went further along and took in the views instead. It was so muddy and wet (all that rain has caused havoc) but that is what walking boots are for my friends. Today (Sunday) we ventured to Portgwarra, which we went to several years ago and haven't been back since. We got up early, parked up by the cafe and head straight for the coast path. There is something different about the cliffs and rocks over by Lands End, they are huge and smoother than the cliffs over on the North coast. I'll pop in some pictures so you can see how beautiful it was. Apparently some of Poldark is shot at Porthgwarra too... just a fact for you Poldark fans out there!

^^ Check out the teeny tiny human walk on the cliff... eek! ^^

:: This week I have been listening to Heart Radio 90's all the time. It's so funny that I am loving all that music, because I remember not being that into it the first time around! It just sounds really happy and it brightens up my mood a lot too!

:: I have been working hard on a 'drawing a day' project for January, which was going super well until this last week. I haven't been feeling at my best, so have struggled to keep up this week. I may try and catch up with myself because I would love to make it to the end of January, and doing the drawings have been really relaxing too. It has been lovely producing work for myself, and feeling a bit more free with it.

:: We are not the only ones who have enjoyed the sunshine. Gizmo was out on the patio this morning, rolling about and soaking up the rays. We have been so looking forward to seeing her out on a sunny day, because the poor thing was indoors for so long and, since she has been let out again, it has done nothing but rain.

:: Recently, to try and help my mental health a little, I have been starting my day with a ten minute meditation all about manifesting your dreams. It has been really uplifting and I have been making sure that I journal immediately afterward too. Some mornings it is not easy to do, but as it is only ten minutes I am finding room for it and always feel better for it.

:: I was going to mention the little horses in the field next door, because I had been popping out the house to go and stroke them and have a little chat (!), but they have now been moved on, and I am so sad about it. We had named them Mr Crinkle and Sedgewick, and they were so cute. They followed each other about all day, cleaned each other and slept all snuggled in. I miss them, but I am so grateful we got to have them next door for a while too.

:: On Saturday night the stars were insanely bright, and I took my little Canon G7X outside (it was cold!) and attempted a shot. I am so happy with how many stars came out in the picture. I'm also chuffed that the Pleiades constellation came up too (you can see it on the top right area, it is really bright and sort of shaped like a tiny kite or key!). If it hadn't have been minus temperatures outside, I would've sat outside for hours; nature is the best and it is free!

:: This week I have been working hard to create a free weekly planning printable for you guys; I was updating a wedding checklist for new subscribers over on Leaf Lane Studio, but also wanted to give something to people who came over to the site just for stationery, so I came up with a planning sheet that I have been using for myself. I love it as it has room for priorities, gratitude and space to make notes for the following week. I will be selling planning printables very soon, over on Leaf Lane Studio and my Etsy shop, but in the meantime make sure you pick up the free one HERE. If you are already a subscriber to my Leaf Lane 'Love Notes' newsletter, then check your inbox (and junk box) as I sent it to you guys already! If you use it I would love it if you tagged me on Instagram @leaflanestudio and told your friends about it too! If you are feeling super generous head to the Facebook Page and leave a review/recommendation!

^^ This little pack of four will be going into my shop this week coming, so stay tuned! ^^

That is all for this week guys, I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you on Wednesday for a new blog post. A new Studio Vlog will be out in the next 24 hours too, so be sure to head to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, just search for 'From Lucy with Love Blog' and hit subscribe!

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