27 October 2019


^^ A slightly blurry, but equally pretty, double rainbow I captured this week! ^^

Welcome back to my weekly gratitude post! It's been a couple of weeks since I have popped one of these up for you guys; what with one thing and another happening, including being super poorly this week, it has been a bit hard to focus my brain box into writing anything at all, but I'll give it a go!

My new Studio Vlog (number 12!) has just gone live on my YouTube channel, and I have linked it below for you, I hope you enjoy it, please do subscribe if you haven't already, I am really (really) trying to to grow my channel (it is soooo hard!), so if you like what I am all about then please do come on over and hit the 'subscribe' button, I would really appreciate it. I also have a little update in the vlog, nothing super thrilling, but I just like to keep you guys in the loop! You can also see me working on my new Floral Brights collection too.

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Let's dive into todays list shall we?

:: This week I finally sat down and edited our Devon break pictures and put the footage together into a little video, have you seen it yet? Check out this blog post if you want to see what we got up to whilst we were away. The few days were super chilled, even though we did a lot, and went to a fair few places, we really had no set agenda and just went with what we felt like that morning. It was a well overdue break as we hadn't been anywhere since moving to Cornwall. Looking back on the footage and the pictures made me super grateful to have just said 'yes' to going and had the change of scene, even though it came at a really awkward time. I love Devon so much and definitely need to see more of it.

:: I don't know if you guys will know what I am talking about, but this week, fueled by my strange virus thing that showed up, I looked at my skin and just thought 'Sh*t, you are looking so dull'. I immediately jumped onto my 'church' (Boots) and had a scroll through their things (big mistake as always!). On Friday I received a little order of Vitamin C serum, a repeat purchase of my all time favourite oil cleanser and a couple of other things (next weeks Studio Vlog has a mini-haul for anyone who hasn't dozed off yet!). I have been making the effort to massage my oils and products into my skin and I think it already looks brighter for it (anyone who witnessed last nights Instagram story may have seen that I had a shiny old moon-face!).

:: I am loving all the autumn-ness (that's a word right?) right now. Stepping outside and smelling wood smoke, from log burners and open fires fills me with nostalgia and watching all the changes in nature taking place reminds me that we are very much on our way to fireworks and Christmas trees (although I am still in denial about the 'C' word due to what I tell you guys in the vlog this week... too many other things happening to worry or even think about Christmas!). I do adore Autumn though and hope that I can get out and snap a few more pictures of it before all the leaves drop.

:: Because the universe forced me to do absolutely nothing from late Tuesday onwards this week I actually found time to read (gasp!). I have had the Jen Sincero book 'You are a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life' for ages, but have never had a clear stretch of time to read it, but this week seemed like a great opportunity, so I got stuck in and, I have to say, I love this book! I am loving the no-nonsense approach to her writing, which is forcing me to rethink some of my ways and laugh out loud to the bits where I recognise myself fully (body shaming and imposter syndrome for example!). I am trying to make the effort to get into bed a little bit earlier now so I can continue to read this awesome book; the chapters are short, which means I am just about capable of staying awake for them!

:: Has anyone noticed how epic the sunsets have been recently? There is a timelapse of a particularly amazing one right at the end of the vlog (below) but they have just seemed so much more dramatic recently and the clouds have been getting seconds of gold, dusted underneath them, right before the sun finally slips below the horizon. Stunning.

:: Before this weeks lurgy took hold I managed to squeeze in a couple of dedicated 'painting days'; I have a commission that I really want to get finished before all hell breaks loose again (see vlog for details!). Actually guys, if you want to order any Christmas gifts, such as a cute 'initial' piece (pictured below) then pop over to my website and order yours asap! Click here to have a mooch on Leaf Lane Studio. The initials make cool additions to offices, gallery walls at home or kids bedrooms and, as you will read on my website, you can have any colour you want, but as standard they come in a deep blue/grey, but just email me if you want another colour and I will invoice you for the piece! I usually have a few of these to do for Christmas gifts so make sure you beat the rush as I will make them to order and it is first come, first served! Go, go, go!

I think I will leave it there for this week, but be sure to check back on Wednesday for another post, plus I have a freebie coming this week, which is guaranteed to jazz up your computer/device! Stay tuned! Have a great week guys!


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