30 September 2019


^^ A little experiment on brown paper that I kind of like! ^^

Another Sunday Monday (oops!) , another Weekly Gratitude post!

How was last week for you guys? Mine started off so well, with a couple of bonus days off work (as the hotel has quietened down) so I was able to get on with some painting that needed to be done, which felt really great, because I wasn't getting the extended time needed to just get through it. Unfortunately, it all went a little bit downhill from there but I shall not dwell!

Let’s jump on in!

:: As I have already mentioned above, I got some bonus days at home to spend on Leaf Lane Studio this week. On Wednesday, I was just about to leave the house when the hotel asked if I wanted to take the day off, ‘hell yes I do!’; I was super grateful because I just needed to get on with several things, but painting for my new collection was a top priority. Given that I normally only get snatched bits of time here and there, I threw myself into a full day of painting. It was raining outside and super foggy, and I felt so snuggly sat at my desk with a coffee, the iPad playing Netflix and my paint brush in hand. I got a lot done that day and on Thursday too, and I’m so grateful to have had that extended time!

:: On Tuesday, after work, I went to have another magical reiki session with the beautiful Kirsten over at Cornish Holistic Therapies. It’s my second sessions with Kirsten now, and I honestly could never do it justice in words as it makes me feel super relaxed and mellow and then full of energy the following day. If you are local, and are into holistic therapies then check them out, they offer a great variety of treatments and their new premises over in Hayle is so sweet too. 

:: I want to mention a random act of kindness that happened to me this week but, as I’ve dedicated a whole post to everything surrounding it, which goes up on Wednesday, I will leave this as a teaser! All I will say is that I am so grateful to the amazing human I met on Friday.

:: I caved in to an advert I had seen over and over again on Instagram for a gorgeous sky-blue, cable knit jumper from George at Asda this week. I have given Gizmo two of my favourite jumpers over the last twelve months, not because she loves wearing an over-sized sweater, but because she like sleeping on my over-sized sweater! She has taken over my wonderful grey knit from H & M and a jumper I’ve not had for too long, mostly because it was so fluffy it was a pain to wash, but because I love her so much I will let her stay snuggly and get something new for myself! At £14, my new jumper was a bargain, and definitely ticks my 'love of all things super baggy' box! I adore the colour of it too and can’t wait to wear it and feel all cosy. Shall we place bets at how long it is before Gizmo claims it as her own?

^^ A picture of me before my week took a nose dive into doom! ^^

:: Having has Gemma Atkinson’s book, The Ultimate Body Plan, for months now, I have finally started reading it and, what a bit of light relief it is for a health and fitness book. I want to make a few healthy changes in the next couple of weeks but I want none of those changes to include putting myself through the grief of getting on the scales each  and every week. Gemma is so down to earth and passionate about fitness but also knows, through various personal experiences throughout her life, how it feels it have to conform to what society thinks woman should look like, and so her book is really mental health friendly and the recipes are great too (the only part I’ve read before now!). I am finding that I want to set myself some goals again, as I really work so much better with goals, but I just need to find the right thing. For now though, as the hotel work rounds up, I want to spend a bit more time focused on finding a good balance of weight loss without stress and fear, and self love and body acceptance. This autumn/winter feels like it needs to be a bit of a self nurturing time and I certainly know I need to find a bit more balance.

:: Having realised how much I have given up in my routine recently (*waves to thank the burn out that caused it) I have been re-introducing nightly journaling and oracle card time again. I find it super relaxing before bed to sit quietly, reflect on the day and pull a card or two to support the writing I have done. It feels so nice to close my eyes, having emptied my head of anything that was rattling about, and have my oracle card filling the space behind my eyes instead, it gives me something peaceful to focus in on and I am so enjoying it.

:: Matilda, my office Monstera plant, has grown a new leaf! It is all curled up still but I think it is going to be a 'proper' Monstera leaf as the majority are full leaves, without the traditional shape! I am so excited to watch it open and see what it looks like! My succulents are doing so well too, the have grown lots of 'arms' of new succulents but I don't know what to do with them! Anyone have any clues? Do I snip them off and pot them on their own? Thoughts in the comments would be appreciated!

:: I am looking forward to letting you guys see the couple of new products that come from my recent painting time. I am not at the stage where I can do big collections, with many varieties of products yet, but I am happy to be ticking along and releasing what I can until I am more established! You have all been so wonderful at supporting Leaf Lane Studio and I hope to be able to do a giveaway really soon to say thank you! In the mean time, make sure you stay connected to my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram to see what is coming soon!

After Wednesdays post, there will be no posts for a week, as we are away, but I will be back all rested and ready to share some new things with you! I am working on a Studio Vlog too and will aim to get that up on my YouTube Channel this week, so there is something for you to watch whilst I am gone!

See you on Wednesday for a final post before we go away for a few days!

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