22 September 2019


^^ How amazing is this ^^

I’m sitting in bed to type up this weeks post and there is rain and wind bashing against the window outside, it seems that summer has faded into the background and autumn is here good and proper. I love seeing the leaves dropping though, and all the things that come with that stage of ‘in-between'. I know I always say it, but I cannot believe how fast time is passing; the fact that we are already on 22nd September seems bloody insane to me, it really does.

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Anyway, before I go off on a rant about how short life is, let's get straight into this weeks list, because I have a few things on it!

:: I think I mentioned in last weeks post about a little Wagtail we had named Penfold; this week Penfold was chasing off another, more grey, Wagtail from his patch, and Joe named her Jemima, despite my pleas for something I could remember, like ‘Penny’. Anyway, we have watched as Penfold and Jemima coexist in the garden this week, that is until last night. Last night something happened; there was one Wagtail hopping about in the newly mowed grass and we decided ‘he’ wasn’t Penfold or Jemima; we spent a good few minutes in conversation about the new fellow being ‘too defined in the face’ and ‘smaller than Penfold’ and just as this discussion was continuing another one arrived, not Penfold or Jemima either, then another, and another, and another! Within in a few minutes we had 14 Wagtails, several of which were babies, all happily hopping about in the garden, pulling up worms and bugs. It was one of the most adorable things to watch. Eventually we think we identified Penfold among the troops, because he has a wiser look about him, and so it was decided that he must be the ‘Grand Wizard’ of the Wagtails who comes to spend time in an area to check for safety before allowing the family to risk it! (And people say your lives are boring if you don’t have kids!).

:: This week I had a major bit of impostor syndrome set in, for the first time in ages; I am going to write a whole other blog post on it so I won't dive into it now. What I wanted to say now though, was that I am super grateful to the lovely people in my life who reminded me that I am fine just as I am in my little business, despite me having a bad day of repeatedly stating '...all I do is crap, I can't paint, my art is rubbish and I don't know why I am bothering with this'. The people who had nice words for me know who they are and I really appreciate it, thanks to them it (the dark cloud of doom!) finally started to fade away.

:: Nature truly is the biggest thing to be grateful for on any day, don’t you agree? I can be having a shit day, like I was a couple of days ago, and just look out the window and suddenly I’m remind of how beautiful this planet it. At work on Friday I was really struggling; I’ve been feeling super tired and mentally worn out this week, and given that I do four hours of housekeeping at work, I can battle to find energy sometimes. I was cleaning in a room and feeling like I just wanted to sit on the floor and sob for a bit, when it started raining a little, so I took myself to the open window and took a deep inhale of fresh, sea air. It really centres me and keeps me grounded, especially when I feel a bit over tired and things can get a little dramatised in my head (we all know that feeling don't we?). The smell of the ocean and the rain is one of the most gorgeous scents for me. I think it can be easy to forget that we have that therapy right on our doorsteps... fresh air!

:: Gizmo has been an indoor cat for a month now and, despite her mistaking my finger for a sausage not even half an hour ago, when she took it right in her back teeth and bit down hard (ouch!), I am happy to report that she is spending less time waiting at the door and looking annoyed. We are still super excited to find somewhere new to live and let the poor thing back outside though, so the house hunt continues, but for now she is doing better.

:: On Friday, yeah, the ‘no energy and exhaustion’ day, I got home from work, showered and promptly threw myself into bed at 4pm. I had to ignore my to-do list and just listen to my body. I slept for just over an hour and woke up feeling like I’d been run over. Eventually I dragged myself up and into my office, where I promptly started lifting heavy furniture about and rearranging everything. I managed to barricade myself in there because it’s a small room and there isn’t much space to be had, so I had to move things in front of the door! So there I am, shattered, sweating, desperate for the toilet (sorry, just giving you a full picture you know?!) when I suddenly get hit with another wave of tiredness. But I had to carry on, lest I die in there, and I eventually finished about an hour later, plugged my computer back in, reloaded the shelved I had cleared and stood back to admire my magnificent work! I loved my office the way it was before, but the sun was glaring on my computer screen big time in the afternoons, giving me a headache and stopping me from seeing whatever I was working on, so a move had been imminent for a while. It ended up being much bigger than I’d hoped because things didn’t fit how I had envisioned them, but it’s done now! Hopefully it’ll give me a new lease of life! It better do because I’m not bloody moving it again! (*update: I can positively report that it is giving me new lease of life as I am typing in there right now and I love my new set up!).

:: There have been some unreal sunsets here this week, the most beautiful, rich colours I have seen in a while. This time of year is so gorgeous for so many things and I have been watching the sky each night to see what show it is going to put on.

:: Whilst working away in a room on Saturday, I thought to myself how strange it was that I spend all day working in rooms that look out to a vast ocean and have never seen a dolphin. On Gizmo's life, not five seconds later, a dolphin jumped out the sea, making a huge splash as it landed back in the water! I couldn't believe it! I must have had a little premonition or something; I watched on and off, whilst I made the bed, as the pod played, leaping and splashing about for a while, before moving on. I always feel so moved when I get to see dolphins!

:: I have a whole load of plans for Leaf Lane Studio and this blog for the next year, including regular freebies for you guys to download, starting with the one pictured below which, when I have finished, will be a wallpaper for your computer/device among other things! Stay tuned for these exciting gifts, but in the meantime, don't forget to head over to see my new stationery collection on Leaf Lane Studio and get your stocking fillers orders in as my notepads and to-do lists are selling fast!

As an added note; not only are my 'Unbe-leaf-ably Organised' to-do lists disappearing fast, I am also getting busier in terms of bespoke pressies and other bits too. Lots of people are ordering bespoke 'initial paintings' for loved ones for Christmas! Starting at just £15, they make such cute (not to mention super easy to frame) gifts. Click right here to have a look on my website. If you are interested, please make sure that:

 a) you read everything on the web page - the letters come in a gorgeous, rich, grey-blue, with white botanical illustrations. You can ask for a unique colour, but I will charge you a little extra for this as I mix it especially for you. These special colour-orders will be invoiced separately, if you are happy with the blue-grey order direct from my site.

b) you order asap! Christmas is not too far away and I will get packed with orders, so the earlier you request it the better!

That is everything for this week my loves, scroll down to the end of this page for my recent Studio Vlog, enjoy!

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