22 July 2019


^^ I can't get enough of the photos I took in the gardens at St Michael's Mount, this one is my favourite by far  ^^

Have you ever been so worn out that you feel like you are on a permanent ship, bobbing up and down in a rather choppy sea? If your answer is 'yes Lucy, indeed I have', then welcome to the club! I have officially entered 'moronsville' now, which involves barely being able to string a sentence together, laughing hysterically at not much, crying immediately after the laughter and generally bumping into most things that are seemingly out of reach. I joke about it, but quite honestly it isn't funny at all, because I am feeling so out of it that I can barely do a damn thing. I conserve all my energy for my morning workout and my four hours housekeeping at the hotel, and then collapse into a bit of a wreck at around 3pm. Next week I will be doing no weight training at all and only very light cardio, keeping my heart rate low and steady; just some simple walking or x-trainer and then stretching and core for me. You heard it here first... if you happen to be training at the gym I go to and see my lift a weight, slap me around the face immediately.

Onto this weeks gratitude list!

:: Proving to myself, once again, how rubbish I actually am at waiting for anything at all, I released my 'Unbe-leaf-able' collections 'To-Do' list ahead of the full launch, which will be coming up very soon! I had a few messages on Instagram asking when they were going up for sale, so I thought, as a bit of a pre-launch teaser I would get them up on Leaf Lane Studio this week! A couple are heading to their new homes already (thank you if you have bought one, you guys are so awesome!) and some of you have been in touch to tell me you are waiting for other products to come along (which makes perfect sense in terms of postage of course!). You can expect to see a tear-off note pad and cards too and I will most certainly be adding to this collection over the next few weeks! Stay tuned.

^^ What do you think of my 'To-Do Lists'? I am so happy with how they turned out! The full 'Unbe-leaf-ably Organised' collection will be out in August! ^^

:: Did you guys catch the lunar eclipse this week? It was stunning wasn't it! You know me and anything space related, I can't get enough of it. What with the eclipse and all the things on TV about the moon landings, I was in space geek heaven this week!

:: Cornwall has picked right up now that most of the schools have broken up and everyday it takes that little bit longer to get anywhere. Having lots of holiday makers about always reminds me of how lucky I feel to be living in this amazing place. I find myself remembering how I felt when I first caught a glimpse of St Michaels Mount (back in 2006 ish!); as you drive along the A30 into Penzance; there is a part where you come up a hill and as you hit the top, and make your way down, you get the top of the mount peeping over the horizon and it is so magical. I honestly love living here, it is truly home to me.

:: I am still totally addicted to Leigh Ellexsons Studio Vlogs on YouTube; I catch up on the old ones all the time and get so excited to see new ones come up on my feed. The woman is just so damn cool it hurts, plus her art is super wonderful and she has the cutest dog (Toadie) and budgie (Herc). If you like studio vlogs definitely check her out! Her Instagram is also worth a follow to! On the subject of vlogs, my new one is linked at the bottom of this post! (Shameless plug, sorry!).

:: When we first moved into this new place, there were no birds visiting the garden, other than a few crows and a couple of magpies, but since the bird feeder has been up the sparrow families have slowly realised that they have somewhere else to feed and are constantly in the garden, which I adore so much. I really missed the presence of bird after moving out of the cottage, because there were so many. I loved waking up to them all chirping and flying about outside. It makes me so happy to have any animals about.

:: Speaking of animals in the garden... there is a huge hedgehog outside every time I get up to let Gizmo in/out in the early hours. It freezes like a statue whenever I open the door and then carries on sniffing along the ground looking for food I assume! I want to leave it something to eat, but the cats that bully little Giz will be there even more if I do. Sorry Mr/Mrs Hedgehog :-(

:: I am now at the age where I say things like this 'oh no, tomorrow it's going to rain! Oh well, my pots could do with a good water anyway'. Save me, I am my mother, no offence mum! Just as well I can laugh at myself because, in my state of severe over tiredness, I am coming out with some classic lines and getting words ever so confused. I put cat food into my gym cup thing the other week and have been doing the classic 'put random things in the fridge' game. I am grateful for naps... I think that is what we can all take from this!

:: I am at the point now where I am ready to add to my little crescent moon tattoo on my arm; my plan was to add either some kind of very fine line botanical illustration just below it or something like a little constellation. Whatever it is I want it to be small, but I have always known that something else was going to go there (and will be the only visible tattoo I have on my body). I have loads of ideas pinned on my Pinterest board 'Body Art', but I will be taking my time before making any decisions as I normally do, although, once I make my mind up about something, it is usually happening asap. Watch this space!

:: A few weeks back I met my friend Kat for a catch up at Trevaskis Farm and, after putting the world to rights for a couple of hours, we popped into the little farm shop they have there. Kat bought some fresh strawberries (you can pick your own there too) and she gave me some to take home. Since that day I have been buying fresh strawberries again and I love them so much with my breakfast, along with a few frozen blueberries too, so good! I had such an aversion to most fruit growing up, but I can't get enough of it now, especially berries, they are so refreshing and yummy!

:: Yesterday I downloaded an audiobook to keep me company during my long cardio sessions at the gym; I always listen to podcasts, but sometimes something else is nice! I had a mooch at my Amazon Wish-List and ended up choosing the book 'Social Media for a New Age'*, by Katie Brockhurst. I heard Katie interview a month or so ago on a podcast and loved her spiritual, less corporate approach to social media. I do love listening to things whilst I train that inspire me for Leaf Lane Studio, and I will keep you posted about what I think of the book! Honestly, listening to a book is the only chance I get to get through one these days!

Right my loves, I am going to leave it there for today (sorry it is a whole day late again). I hope you all have a great rest of week; don't forget to follow Leaf Lane Studio on Instagram to see when the rest of my new collection comes out and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to see new Studio vlogs too as they always go live there a couple of days ahead of appearing here!

Thanks so much to you all for your continued support with this blog and my business too, I appreciate every single one of you and am so grateful to have you as part of the family. If you want to get in touch, the fastest route is by Instagram DM, on either my blog account or my business account, so don't be shy, come and say hi! (poetry!).

*Amazon affiliate link  - if you purchase via this link I receive a very (very) small amount but please remember I only ever talk about things I buy with my own money from Amazon!


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  1. Awww I'm so happy to hear the birds have arrived in your garden! YAY!!!! It's sad for Mr or Mrs Hedgehog but hopefully they can find some food elsewhere. Loving your photos of St Michael's Mount, it brings back memories of our day trip.


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