28 July 2019


^^ Cornwall really comes into its own at this time of year, it is just the most beautiful place to live ^^

Happy last-Sunday-of-the-month guys! As usual, I am stunned at it being almost a new month again, I honestly have no clue where time is going, all I do know is that I have lost track of it completely! 

If you are in the UK then I am sure you have had all the hot weather this week; that said, here in Cornwall, we have had it much cooler than everywhere else, which I am not sad about because it sounded like it was unbearable! It hasn’t really gone much above 25 degrees here and there was even a day where I put on a winter jumper, which sounds strange considering most of the country was blisteringly hot! We just can’t cope with weather over here can we?! Whatever weather you had, I hope you have had a really wonderful week!

Because I missed my regular Wednesday post this week, I thought I would just pop up a ‘round up’ post today, in the form of an end of the month ‘Taking Stock’ list. I really enjoy these posts, both writing them and reading other peoples, so be sure to pop your link in the comments if you also create these!

PS: my latest Studio Vlog is at the bottom of this post for you if you fancy a watch, or click here to go through to my YouTube channel, where you can subscribe (which I would LOVE!).

Let’s jump into the post shall we?

m a k i n g :: lots and lots of artwork for brides to be! Leaf Lane Studio has got a lot busier suddenly, which I am not complaining about one bit, but I am just trying to manage my time as working at the hotel 20 hours a week makes it hard to fit in everything I need to do, but I am loving seeing more interest in the business because I work really hard! There is so much more I want to do this year so I am trying to find the balance and optimum routine to be my most productive!

c o o k i n g :: due to my lack of time I really haven’t been cooking my batch meals as much as I was before, which is something I need to get sorted ASAP, as it makes life so much easier. What I actually need to do is sit down with my recipe books and come up with some new ideas too, because having the same old meals is getting tedious now!

d r i n k i n g :: so much water that I am almost swimming! I upped my intake to three litres a day, and I have noticed that it gives me more energy, stops my lips feeling dry and flaky (yum!) and helps me feel more alert in general. One downside, and we all know what that its don’t we, yes, you guessed it, spending far to much time in the bathroom.

r e a d i n g :: this sounds so sad, but I haven’t had any time to read one page of the book I’ve had on the go for months. I need to change that and maybe stop working until 11pm then just crashing into bed, but I did download an audiobook about social media, so I am always listening to something. What I really fancy is reading/listening something that is totally unconnected to business, so I may look for an audiobook that is more easy going to listen to whilst I paint. I feel suddenly very aware that everything is blog or business related, when what I really want is escapism sometimes! Any good, girly reads you can recommend, please let me know in the comments!

w a n t i n g :: I’ve been considering a diffuser for my office for a while and finally decided to ask the essential oil queen, Gemma Sands, what type she recommends, along with what oils I should consider for concentration and energy. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of that; I truly can’t wait because I love my DoTerra peppermint oil and how it makes me feel when I use it (following Gemma’s recommendation I pop a couple of drops on my palms, rub them together and take some deep inhales). It is so energising and refreshing and always wakes my tired brain up again, so I can’t wait to have a little diffuser doing the same thing throughout my working day.

^^ The North coast of Cornwall is becoming my most favourite place to be ^^

p l a y i n g :: I play podcasts a lot and have been enjoying Holly’s, from ‘A Branch of Holly’, Blog It, Boss It Radio, which I mention a lot, but for good reason. Her content is so so good and she really knows how to explain things without losing the audience with overly technical information. For example, yesterday I listened to her latest episode, all about SEO, which I would normally avoid like the plague if it was any other host, but I know that SEO is something I have to address for the business website and I also knew that Holly would make it so easy to understand, the woman is a superhero at these things! 

d e c i d i n g :: I have been thinking a lot about... I’m just going to say it fast okay... Christmas! I want to release products for Christmas and get them ordered ASAP so I am not in a panic. Of course, as I mentioned above, time is not on my side right now, so as I complete client projects, I will just have to squeeze in some designs. I have ideas but if you guys have specific things you think may be cool, do get in touch and let me know because I can add your thoughts to my list of ideas!

w i s h i n g :: for a new Fitbit tracker. I miss my old one so much, I loved it for just keeping in eye on my heart rate when I train, as well as the steps and calories burnt throughout the day, I just find them so motivational! 

e n j o y i n g :: on Thursday last week I had the first lay in, with absolutely no alarm set, that I have had in over six or so months. I had to listen to my body and it felt so incredible to wake up naturally. 

w a t c h i n g :: I don’t really get into anything on tv, but I have caught up with a couple of the new episodes of Queer Eye, which always make me cry (!), as well as the one off drama that channel four had on recently, ‘I am Nicola’, which was absolutely amazing. 

l i k i n g :: chatting to more and more of you guys on Instagram. So many of you now drop me DM’s, and I honestly love having little conversations with you, even if it does sometimes take me a few days to respond (sorry about that!). Follow my Blog Instagram and my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram to stay totally up to speed with the ongoing madness!

w o n d e r i n g :: which printer will be suitable for really good art prints. My next business investment is going to be a decent printer and, even though that is still a way off yet, it is nice to know how much money I will be looking at paying out. My two most wished for investments are the printer and a sticker cutting machine, like the Circut, but I can’t get the cutting machine without the printer because you have to print something good before you cut it right?!! But when I do have those things sorted I plan to produce planner stickers and lots of other awesome things too!

^^ I love seeing you guys tagging my  products in your Instagram photos, like this one from Peta! ^^ 

l o v i n g :: seeing your orders coming in! I get sent emails from my website that say ‘Leaf Lane Studio has received a new order!’ and I always want to do a happy dance! Building a business is super hard, but I am hoping that the momentum is beginning to build. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way or ordered from Leaf Lane Studio, you all mean so much!

h o p i n g :: to find the time for a hair cut really soon! This features in literally every single one of these types of post! I am suddenly looking like a flat haired, frizzy end sporting mess right now... send help!

m a r v e l l i n g :: over the pure brilliance of the gorgeous Lucy, the unstoppable woman behind the blog ‘Love Kernow’. She works nights, writes a beautiful blog, is an extremely talented photographer and now has ‘Love Kernow Jewellery’ too, a new venture of the cutest sea glass and shell jewellery that she makes herself. Go and check her out on Instagram and say hi! PS: she has the cutest dogs and ducks too!

n e e d i n g :: more days in the week and more hours in the day.

s m e l l i n g :: for years and years I have worn the Clarins Eau Dynamisante, which I adore, because it’s fragrance is so fresh, clean and not over bearing, but I have always heard amazing things about the Estée Lauder perfume, Bronze Goddess, and intrigue got the better of me, so I ordered a sample online. Thank god I didn’t invest in a bottle, because it is not for me my friends! I am constantly reminded why I prefer something subtle, like the Clarins fragrance, every time I try something else, because I always hate woman’s perfumes for being super strong and over powering. I prefer something that smells a bit more natural and uses oils and uplifting natural scents, rather than anything heavy. Just not for me!

w e a r i n g :: mostly pajamas when I’m not at work! If you see me in vlogs in a nice top, you can basically guarantee that I am wearing jammies on the bottom; I would make a cracking newsreader!

f o l l o w i n g :: ‘Planned by Jysla’ on YouTube. This lovely lady is based in Sydney and makes stickers, printables and other goodies, taking you along with her day through studio vlogs! I only discovered her recently and I find her videos so relaxing to have on in the background whilst I work! 

k n o w i n g :: it’s only five months until Christmas! What. On. Earth.

t h i n k i n g :: about the note pads I ordered, which arrive tomorrow! I am always nervous about new products but as the to-do lists came from the same supplier, I am confident they will be good! Keep everything crossed for me guys!

There you have it, a round up from my brain for July! If you want a bit more randomness, click play on the latest Studio Vlog below!

Have a wonderful week!


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