21 June 2019


I heard a quote this week that said ‘Why not you, is because of you’ and it really stuck with me all day, so I thought I would unpick some of my thoughts about it with you.

To start with, let me say that the whole ‘why isn’t that me’ outlook is not something I subscribe to these days, and if it pops into my head, it is swiftly bat away, because I have done a lot of work to ensure that I realise where I am in my journey and I am also no longer afraid to identify what is not working for me and why I am not somewhere that someone else may be.

Why not me’ is something that can hold you back so much if you let it, it is a paralysing thought process to get into because it gives you permission to spend way too much of your time and energy looking at what other people are doing and trying to dissect it in so much detail that you drive yourself insane. A great example of 'past Lucy' doing this was a couple of years before Leaf Lane Studio came into fruition; whilst researching other companies I liked I kept on thinking ‘they are doing so well / look at their studio / they have work in so many retail outlets and in magazines...’ and the whole ‘why isn’t that me’ thing took over. I was blinded by seeing other people working for themselves and being successful that I was like a deer in headlights in awe of it, but it wasn’t healthy because it overwhelmed me in a huge way. I thought that my lack of knowledge (compared to those I was looking at) meant I wouldn’t ever ‘catch up’, but looking back I have to smile, because I don’t ever need to catch up! It’s like that other quote says ‘don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 15’ (or something like that!) because we all have to start somewhere, and once we are ‘in it’, like I am with my business now, I can totally see that every single person must go through that same thought process.

My first year and a bit in business has been incredibly tough and the learning curve has been massive, but would I want someone to drop me down in a successful, high profit business now and say ‘you wanted this, there you go!, honestly guys it is a no on that front. I wouldn’t be learning as much and I wouldn’t appreciate the small victories and little wins that I make along the way. I really value the personal and professional development more than the money, but the money will follow, and I will be better equipped for it when it arrives.

Circling back to the ‘Why not you, is because of you’ quote, it is true that you are getting in your own way if you are stuck in the ‘it’s not fair’ mindset; you have to decide what you want and go for it. Very recently I realised that I wasn't putting anywhere near enough energy into the right parts of my business. I was 'busy', but not busy on business development, just busy on the easier things that I could do, rather than doing useful things that will help move Leaf Lane Studio forward.

Quite honestly I was sick of myself being in that cycle, so I made a plan and I am trying my best to put it into practice (see my new studio vlogs - starting next week - for all the behind the scenes stuff!). At this stage of my life, as a 38 year old woman, I am earning the least amount of money I have ever earned, sleeping for the least amount of time ever, working super hard and still seem to not find enough time in the day for it all, but I have a proper plan now, and the plan will reap the results I have dreamed of. The path is made up of so many pot holes and hills, but it’s so bloody worth it all, because when it works I can say ‘I did this’ rather than ‘why is that not me?’ (It will be me!).

I think it is important to learn that, rather than looking at someone through envious eyes, you can look at them as a mentor or pure inspiration and proof that something is possible for you. But honestly, who can say that they would want the exact same, cookie-cutter version of someone else’s life? I most certainly wouldn’t, because I have been through battles and tough experiences that have shaped me; they are my stories and my lessons, the roads have been mine and mine alone to walk and conquer, and so why would I want to give that up?

What do you think about this? Can you identify somewhere that you are thinking 'I wish that was me / I wish that was my life' and see how you can step out of your own way in order to achieve that for yourself by taking action? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

PS: I uploaded a little 'catch up / mini office tour' on my YouTube Channel yesterday, if you haven't checked it out yet I would love you to give it a watch! Please make sure you subscribe to my channel too! I really want to hit 1000 subscribers by the New Year!


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