30 June 2019


^^ A little throw back to living in Perranuthnoe, because I miss it a lot! ^^

Despite having 50mph winds for a couple of days here in West Cornwall, I didn’t get blown away, so here I am with another Weekly Gratitude post, hurrah!

In case you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, which you definitely should be if you like watching vlogs about creativity, Cornwall and cats (I will also love you forever if you do subscribe!), I thought you may like to know that I put up my first ‘Studio Vlog’ video this week, which I’ve linked at the bottom of this post for you too! As the vlogs go on they will get much more interesting to watch, include many more creative clips and be less of me just chatting to the camera, but everything has to start somewhere! My aim for the vlogs are to document the journey of me building Leaf Lane Studio, so I want them to be totally raw and honest, so if you have any questions or things you’d like me to specifically talk about on the videos, please let me know!

Let’s jump into this weeks list!

:: When I got home from work yesterday I jumped straight in the shower and then fell into bed for a mammoth three hour ‘nap’, although I’m not sure three hours counts as a nap does it, maybe just a sleep! There’s nothing like getting into bed, all fresh from the shower, and knowing there is nothing else to do but sleep! I just can't seem to catch up with myself at any point right now and, as my friend Kimberley said to me this week 'burn out is a real thing you know!' (don't tell her she is right... but she is right!).

:: After work on Friday I met up with my gorgeous friend Kimberley (the one that is right about everything... yeah, that one!) at Birdies Bistro by the Hayle estuary; we were over due a good girlie catch up and it was wonderful! I was ‘force fed’ a fish finger sandwich, which was bloomin’ delicious, phew, I did it for the team! Being so busy all the time I can easily forget how amazing it is to sit, talk about random things (like huge pants!) and have a giggle about life, it was very needed and must be repeated asap!

^^ Look at that resting bitch face of hers! ^^

:: Little Gizmo has been ever so cute since the move, she is a lot more clingy these days because she is having a hard old time outside, bless her paws, but she is getting there and establishing her territory bit by bit. The only thing that is freaking us out is that she has taken to journeying over the main road, which I think is because of the need to find a bit of peace and quiet away from the cats that bully her, but the road is crazy-busy and, even though it is meant to be a 30mph zone, it isn't adhered to at all. It is such a difficult thing to sort out because Giz is a cat that thrives outdoors, so to keep her in would make her miserable, but at the same time, the thought of anything happening to the little bear breaks my heart. What would you guys do?

:: On Tuesday I had the most amazing treatments at Cornish Holistic Therapies in Carbis Bay. Mum had kindly given me some money for a massage/whatever treatment I fancied, so I booked in for their ‘rebalancing’ package, which included an Indian Head Massage and a reiki session with the amazing Kirsten. Honestly guys, I came out feeling like I was buzzing with energy throughout my entire body, it was such a beautiful treatment. If you’re in the West Cornwall area and looking for somewhere to have some ‘you’ time, then I highly recommend paying them a visit, it is a gorgeous setting and super sweet and friendly too.

:: I have switched my training routine back to high repetitions and lower weights to try and burn some fat off (I like to alternate every 8-12 weeks between strength and endurance) and my God am I sweating guys! I am super-setting exercises and have reduced my rest time right down and increased my cardio a bit and, let me tell you, I am loving it (but I look like a puddle by the end!). I enjoy every kind of training really, but strength is my all time favourite because it is so challenging to try and lift something super heavy, but this new kind of training is just as much of a challenge in its own way. I thrive when I am pushing my body to the extreme (my mum will be rolling her eyes as she reads this and I will be hearing about this and getting told off!), I really enjoy seeing what my body can do and how much it can handle. The gym has it's big door open now it is warmer and that always marks the arrival of summer; I love that place so much!

:: I mentioned last week that I was starting to write ‘Morning Pages’, a stream of conscious style journaling practice done as soon as you wake up in the morning. I am absolutely loving this so far and discovering some interesting things as I write. It isn’t easy to just let your mind feed you information from the subconscious, but I usually find that if I start writing anything at all, that within about half a page, something far more interesting comes through. It seems like a far more natural process early in the morning, before I have properly woken up; whenever I have tried to journal after the gym, or at any time of day other than first thing, I really struggle to just let go and allow my mind to wander freely. Give it a go, even if you have to set your alarm 15 minutes early, I promise you it’s worth it.

:: I love this time of year for the live music that is everywhere; I have been trying to watch as many highlights and live sets from Glastonbury as possible and always find myself thinking 'I must go there one year'. I am so not a camping person, so if I'm doing it, I'm doing it in style, but I would love to tick that box... anyone wanna join in?! I would love to see so much more live music and have a few bands I was hoping to see before I turn 40, so I had better get a bloody move on, only a year and a half to go! I am listening to one of my top five bands to see live as I type right now, Coldplay! Others would be The Foo's, Metallica, Matchbox Twenty (although I have seen them before I definitely want to see them again), Counting Crows and Kings of Leon. I also would really like to see my all time favourite cheesy artist just one more time, Bryan Adams. He played at the Eden Project last year I think, and as usual I was super late to look up who was playing. Note to self, get more efficient Lucy! Who would you really like to see?

I am going to leave it there for this weeks post guys! Be sure to pop back for Wednesdays post and if you watch my vlog and want to support my business journey, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel as it will really help the channel grow and allow me to do new things as this happens! Have a wonderful week!


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