23 June 2019


Here we are again friends; another weekly round up of all the things that have made the week a good one. How has your week been? Have you guys seen the sun this week? It’s been such a mixed bag of weather here in West Cornwall, with bright sun one minute and misty rain the next. As I type, it is raining and so humid, I spent most of my housekeeping shift sweating, which was a little bit of an improvement of early this week when I accidentally knocked on a shower with my elbow, the problem being that I was standing under it at the time. 

Anyway, quite enough of my clumsy antics...

:: The first thing I want to mention on this weeks list is the amazing fish and chips we had on Friday night. Sometimes it feels totally needed to have something that is fried and covered in salt doesn’t it?! When I’m suffering from ‘all the hormones’, fish and chips take the problems away. The headache I get just disappears and I feel bloody wonderful, needs must huh?

:: After way too many weeks without a chat, my beautiful bestie, Helena, and I managed to speak for a bit. You sometimes have to wonder how life gets so busy and flies by so fast that you can’t even talk to one of your favourite humans. It’s crazy, but with Helena and her husband running their bed and breakfast, East Lyn House, over in Lynmouth, they barely get any time to breathe. Now I’m housekeeping at the hotel I can understand, albeit on just a small scale, why they never stop. Mind you, their place is so lovely and I would highly recommend booking a room there and having a good explore in Lynmouth and the Exmoor National Park, it is incredible and so breath taking. If you book in make sure you say hi to Helena from me!

:: Thank you to all you guys who got in touch with me on Instagram following my stories about little Gizmo getting beaten up by the cat from round the corner. She really has been through it this week as the offending cat brought its sister around too (she’s identical to him but a little smaller) and they have both been surrounding her. You guys are super sweet to message and I really appreciate your thoughts on it.

:: I made a brave step for Leaf Lane Studio this week (brave because of the financial commitment *breathes into a paper bag*) and ordered my A6, tear-off ‘to do’ list pads from an online manufacturer. It worked out the easier and more cost effective way to go, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I made a good choice. I also ordered some little stickers, exclusive to the collection, which will be stuck on the packaging! I’m really excited to get them delivered and see how they have turned out. The next thing I will be getting printed, depending on the outcome of the ‘to do’ lists, is the matching note pad, which is A5 and super cute! Once everything I have created for this range is ready I will be letting you know on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram when they will be released, so be sure to give me a follow! I will also be documenting all of it on studio vlogs (subscribe to my YouTube channel here).

:: On the subject of YouTube, I uploaded a new video on my channel this week; a little catch up and a mini tour of my little office/studio in the new house, I have linked it down below if you want to give it a watch! I’d love you to leave me a comment below the video on YouTube and click the thumbs up button too; my goal is to hit 1k subscribers by the New Year, and I’m only half way, so any support you can give me I would really appreciate!

:: I almost forgot to mention my greatest achievement of the week! Okay, so it may seem like nothing to you guys, but to me it is quite the achievement! On Monday I managed to do five sets of full press ups, I really couldn’t believe it and have felt so proud of myself all week! Press ups have always been something I’ve struggled with so I am chuffed about that! My next goal is a chin up, but they are crazy difficult, doesn't stop me trying though!

:: I have been wanting to read the book 'The Artists Way', by Julia Cameron, for a long time, and haven't been able to get it, but this morning I saw it on eBay for just £3.00, so ordered it immediately. I am really excited to work through it as it is designed to reignite creativity, remove fear or creative blocks and encourage daily creative exercises, such as the 'Morning Pages' routine, which I am actually starting ahead of getting the book. I have set my alarm an extra ten minutes early (hello 5am) to enable me to do this additional practice in my morning routine, which consists of getting out of bed and immediately writing at least three pages of stream of consciousness writing. The point is to help 'tidy' your mind, sort out anything that is coming up or simply get down anything that pops into your mind at the time. I can see this is likely to be something I get better at the more I do it, which is why the advice is to simply write 'I cannot think of anything to write', over and over again, if you are totally blank. I will document how it is going on my studio vlogs, but I won't be sharing what comes up for me as it is suggested that you don't look back, just use it as a dump and run kind of routine.

:: I had the pleasure of creating a cute little A5 'initial' for Christening gift this week. I love painting these, there is something really satisfying about it! If you want to find out about getting yourself one then head to Leaf Lane Studio for a mooch and find all the information. If you require something more bespoke just email me on hello@leaflanestudio.com.

That is everything my brain can recollect from this week (it is 10.40pm as I type this so I am not surprised at the lack of remembering skills!). Have a wonderful new week and I will see you right back in this space on Wednesday! 


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