16 June 2019


^^ A beautiful sunset from the new house ^^

It's been way too long since I have done a Weekly Gratitude list and I am so excited to be sitting down to type this because they are my faves posts to write. For this list I will be rounding up a collection of things from over the last couple of weeks because I have been making a few scribbles as things have happened and I would love to share them with you, so let's jump on in!

:: I mentioned 'the move' in Wednesday's post, and I am grateful that it is done. It was so exhausting, much more tiring than the move from Wiltshire to Cornwall strangely enough, but now that we are in the house I am actually enjoying it more than I thought. I got myself so down about leaving the cottage in Perranuthnoe; it was so beautiful and, there is no denying that the old village was my favourite place to have lived, but in the spirit of new chapters and positive thoughts, this new house has brought me an office I love (more on that in a bit) and some cute animals to look out on too. Renting is one of those things in life that throws curve balls and you have to role with the punches don't you? 

:: Let's talk about the new office! I had a vision in my mind, right from the start, of how I wanted my little office to look and, whilst I didn't have a huge budget to blow, I managed to get it to how I wanted it to look well within my means. I have a super cute view out the window over to the animals in the field opposite and it is beautiful and light in the room all day, which is so lovely; I am so content working in here and finally having all my things in one place! I am planning a blog post about my office to go with a little vlog I am editing too, so stay tuned. 

:: On the first night in the house, when there were no curtains in the bedroom at all, we learned how dark the skies are where we live now because I have never seen that many stars in my life. The old village was awesome for star gazing, but this place is even better. There is no light pollution at all and so the sky seems huge and so bright. We saw three shooting stars in the space of about five minutes and so much more than I have ever seen before. Bring on the meteor shower in August (fingers crossed for a clear sky that night please!).

:: Stepping away from house stuff for a second (not that there has been much else happening of late!). You know when you discover someone new online and you find they have a YouTube channel, then you basically become their new stalker and watch all of their videos since the year dot? Asking for a friend. My 'friend' has just discovered Leigh Ellexson, a bloody amazing illustrator and all round cool human being, and I... I mean, my friend, has been binge watching all the videos ever made, because she is so awesome! I highly recommend her if you are into art and studio vlogs! She has a wonderful little budgie called 'Hercules' and a dog called Toadie and she is creating the most cute animal art ever; I adore her style and the way she vlogs in general. 

:: Last week one of the yummiest burgers I have ever eaten was consumed over at The Rockpool in Godrevy. I mentioned it in Wednesday's post, but it is worth mentioning again because it was that delicious! After weeks of hard graft and little sleep (there was one night where we ate dinner at 11.30pm) it felt amazing to sit down and eat a really tasty meal. I highly recommend The Rockpool if you are over that way, it is super cool inside and right on the beach too (and it is dog friendly if that is something you need too!).

:: The little bear (aka: Gizmo) has been settling into the new house (fights with a neighbours cat to one side). Honestly guys, all my energy went into worrying about her being close to a main road/ going missing/ running away/ hating us forever more, but in reality she settled in so fast and went out after just 8/9 days and has been so well behaved. I think the big difference this time was actually bringing her straight into a little room that was set up just like the spare room in the old house. She loved to sleep under the spare bed on top of a suitcase that was stored there, so we set it up the same for her and I plugged in a new Feliway too (bloody hell those are expensive, it cost £36 for that thing!). She is loving her new 'gaff' though and I have everything crossed that the issues with Sully, a grey and white cat from round the corner, will ebb away fast.

:: On the subject of animals; you guys will remember how many bird friends we had over at the cottage, there were so many, well here there was initially only a couple of black birds and nothing else whatsoever. This made me so sad because birds are something I adore so much and so we got a new hanging feeder station thing and within a couple of days there were some sparrows, blue-tits and a robin or two visiting (YAY!). Is it normal to go to your old garden and give out 'change of address' cards to the birds? (Asking for another friend).

:: A big thank you to my mum for sending some gorgeous flowers for when we moved in. It makes any new house feel more like a home doesn't it. They are still going strong and brightening up several places downstairs; I really love having flowers in the house. My plants are also doing so much better for more light in this house; they were all dying and I was beside myself because, no matter what I did, they weren't coming back to life. But after just a few short days in the new place they started to perk up. Even my fern, which sadly lost 80% of it's leaves for reasons unknown, is slowly growing new, curled up shoots. My office space has two gorgeous plants in, Celia (a Calathea plant from the old office) and Matilda (a Monstera plant and a new addition to the family!). I can't get enough plants in my life and am going to be on a mission to get some more unusual ones in the future (now that I know it was the environment killing them off and not me, phew!).

:: Last week two, of a handful of my favourite humans, had their birthdays! Whoop whoop! My daddy turned cough, cough, 75, cough, cough (sorry dad, bad throat) and Peta (from Nourishing Soulfully blog) also celebrated another year flying around our nearest star! Another very, very important birthday will be celebrated later this year, a very first one (zero days old in-fact!). No, that is not my way of telling you I am pregnant, calm down people, it is never going to happen! My lobby, and bestest girly friend, Helena, is cruising along in her journey to mummyhood (I'm making up all kinds of words right now aren't I!) and I cannot wait to meet the mini-lobster! She sends me little scan photos through on WhatsApp and I just love receiving them!

:: I want to discuss Trello for a moment. As usual I am very late to the band-wagon (I have always been that person... fashion, music, films, whatever it is that the human race is 'into' I will be there about 12 months after!). I'm sure everyone knows that Trello is basically a tool to improve organisation, productivity and to help collaboration in business, between colleagues and people working on projects etc, but for me it is proving super helpful to manage 'all the things' I am juggling, and I am only 24 hours into using it. Yeah, I love it that much. We had a rocky first date though, Trello and I, and I had to message 'Queen of Trello', Peta, saying 'wtf is this sorcery and how does it work?'. I decided to stop being a moron and watch a YouTube 'beginners guide' and have been in love ever since. It is designed to have a left to right work flow, so you can easily move 'to-do's' along the line until they reach the 'done' section, but for me I just needed somewhere to brain dump ideas and then catagorise everything into some logical order. I love the ability to design your own layout and choose exactly how you want everything to work. I highly recommend this tool, plus you can have the app on your phone also, which means you can constantly add to your boards/lists. Love, love, love it!

I think that is it for this weeks list! Be sure to come back on Wednesday for another post and also make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel too, because I am starting 'Studio Vlogs' as of next week (one vlog will go up before that all about my new office set up and just with a bit of an update then the other ones will kick off!). I am so excited to share with you guys all the new things that I have got coming up... watch this space!

Have a wonderful week ahead and I will see you right back here on Wednesday!

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