27 June 2019


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Do you ever ponder about the amount of times you have said 'tomorrow'? Think about it for a second and see where your thoughts take you. We are all guilty of one/some/all of the following statements from time to time:

I'll eat healthier food from tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will clean out my clothes and try and be less wasteful.

I am going to start planning for that business idea tomorrow.

I must catch up with that friend I haven't seen in so long, I'll message them tomorrow.

I really need to start exercising more, I'll look into it tomorrow.

I'll read/reply to that message/email tomorrow.

I'll stop drinking wine on a week night from tomorrow, but tonight I will have one last bottle.

I want to do more self-development, tomorrow I'll go on Amazon and look for that book I want to read and think about what I can do.

It's been ages since I called my mum/dad/family member, I'll give them a call tomorrow.

I'll just say that I am sorry tomorrow.

I'll be kinder to people tomorrow.

From tomorrow I will think more before I speak.

I am so unhappy in my job, tomorrow I'll update my CV and start looking for something new.

My house is so cluttered, maybe tomorrow I will start sorting things out and taking somethings to the charity shop and clear my space.


* The only justification to any of this stuff is if you are thinking about it at, say, 11pm... just go to bed and bloody do it tomorrow!

Can you imagine how much further towards our goals and dreams we would be if we quit with the 'tomorrows' and just did it now? How different would things really look then?

The amount of anxiety I have caused myself through not getting on with something right at that moment is insane; especially around being afraid to open emails that I fear may be difficult, when 99% of the time they are absolutely fine and I may have created days of anxiety over something which needed no further thought!

Using any of the things listed above as an example, by just starting them, or just putting them into action in whatever way possible, you will feel so much more productive; everything just piles up and up when you put it off time and time again, trust me, I have an Olympic medal in it! When it came to launching my business, believe me, I took my lifetime supply of 'tomorrows' and used them as an excuse. With some things you simply have to accept that you will never be ready, you will never know 'all the things', but do you know the best way? Start the bloody thing. No one else knows where you are at but you; you are the mastermind behind all of your ambitions, all of your dreams and everything you wish for, so just do it now (or at the very least start it and pursue it with all of your might!).

If you want to get to the gym, drive past one on the way home from work and find out how to sign up, just don't let it simmer in your head for days because it will fade and be another thing you add to your New Years resolution list (every, single year!). If you want to make amends with that friend, pick up the phone and just do it now. Today is the best time to do the thing you are thinking of, today will be made more complete by doing whatever it is. Do you know one of the things I hate the most? Going to bed with a head full of thoughts that I have wasted a day because I have not been productive. What I have learned very fast is how much less anxiety I feel and how much more inspired I feel by simply doing things when they arise. It really is that simple.

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