12 June 2019


After telling you guys I was 'taking a week or two off blogging to move', I am back, almost one month later (oops!). I wish I could tell you that the time off has left me feeling rested and rejuvenated, but it really hasn't! Moving is a right bitch isn't it?!

It seemed to take such a long time to actually move as we were between the old cottage and the new house for a couple of weeks. After four hour shifts of housekeeping at the hotel, I was swinging by the new place to clean and get everything sorted for the move and we were bringing boxes over in the car, which meant it all took so long.

Now though, everything is in, there are no lingering boxes of random crap laying about anymore (my God, those boxes are the worst aren't they!) and life is starting to settle into a routine somewhere new. Gizmo has even started going out which, if you have been following along with my Instagram stories, you will know that she has been having a bit of trouble with a local cat called Sully. Up to now it has seemed that Sully was after a bit of lovin' but today I came home from work to find out that quite the fight had occurred and that Sully had been beating up my little girl. I will not stand for such ungentlemanly behaviour let me tell you (any tips on helping solve this feline frenzy please comment below!).  

Cat wars to one side, my main focus after all the unpacking was to get my office all sorted and build new shelves and storage to make sure that actually got done right from the get-go. I wanted Leaf Lane Studio to feel official and for my work and creative space to feel inspiring and like it is somewhere I want to be, which it now does. I am going to save the details for a separate blog post and vlog though, so hang fire on that one, and make sure that you are following my YouTube channel to see new vlogs as they appear, because they will be making a come back I promise. 

The time I have taken off this blog and my business has given me so much opportunity to reflect and gain more perspective; plus the house cleaning and prep allowed me to listen to all the podcasts that give me inspiration and ideas for content and business strategy, so I am feeling reading to go (but just very exhausted!).

I feel very much like all I have done over the last month is work, clean, pack, unpack, build furniture and repeat, and I feel desperate to get out in the world again! There was only a few hours where tools were put down and a yummy lunch was eaten over at The Rockpool beach restaurant in Godrevy. We have never been there before because the National Trust car park we always use is right by the smaller cafe and so that has always been the chosen spot, but it just goes to show what we have been missing, because The Rockpool was so lovely (and my burger was delicious!). I also wanted to check it out as I am doing some wedding invitations for a lovely bride to be who is getting married there in 2020, so my burger was pure research!

So, here I am, back at my desk and ready to started getting back to all the things that have been waiting for me. I have missed you guys! Let's get back to it shall we?

Come back for Sunday's 'Weekly Gratitude' and make sure you are following me on Instagram for daily updates and stories too!


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