30 June 2019


^^ A little throw back to living in Perranuthnoe, because I miss it a lot! ^^

Despite having 50mph winds for a couple of days here in West Cornwall, I didn’t get blown away, so here I am with another Weekly Gratitude post, hurrah!

In case you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, which you definitely should be if you like watching vlogs about creativity, Cornwall and cats (I will also love you forever if you do subscribe!), I thought you may like to know that I put up my first ‘Studio Vlog’ video this week, which I’ve linked at the bottom of this post for you too! As the vlogs go on they will get much more interesting to watch, include many more creative clips and be less of me just chatting to the camera, but everything has to start somewhere! My aim for the vlogs are to document the journey of me building Leaf Lane Studio, so I want them to be totally raw and honest, so if you have any questions or things you’d like me to specifically talk about on the videos, please let me know!

Let’s jump into this weeks list!

:: When I got home from work yesterday I jumped straight in the shower and then fell into bed for a mammoth three hour ‘nap’, although I’m not sure three hours counts as a nap does it, maybe just a sleep! There’s nothing like getting into bed, all fresh from the shower, and knowing there is nothing else to do but sleep! I just can't seem to catch up with myself at any point right now and, as my friend Kimberley said to me this week 'burn out is a real thing you know!' (don't tell her she is right... but she is right!).

:: After work on Friday I met up with my gorgeous friend Kimberley (the one that is right about everything... yeah, that one!) at Birdies Bistro by the Hayle estuary; we were over due a good girlie catch up and it was wonderful! I was ‘force fed’ a fish finger sandwich, which was bloomin’ delicious, phew, I did it for the team! Being so busy all the time I can easily forget how amazing it is to sit, talk about random things (like huge pants!) and have a giggle about life, it was very needed and must be repeated asap!

^^ Look at that resting bitch face of hers! ^^

:: Little Gizmo has been ever so cute since the move, she is a lot more clingy these days because she is having a hard old time outside, bless her paws, but she is getting there and establishing her territory bit by bit. The only thing that is freaking us out is that she has taken to journeying over the main road, which I think is because of the need to find a bit of peace and quiet away from the cats that bully her, but the road is crazy-busy and, even though it is meant to be a 30mph zone, it isn't adhered to at all. It is such a difficult thing to sort out because Giz is a cat that thrives outdoors, so to keep her in would make her miserable, but at the same time, the thought of anything happening to the little bear breaks my heart. What would you guys do?

:: On Tuesday I had the most amazing treatments at Cornish Holistic Therapies in Carbis Bay. Mum had kindly given me some money for a massage/whatever treatment I fancied, so I booked in for their ‘rebalancing’ package, which included an Indian Head Massage and a reiki session with the amazing Kirsten. Honestly guys, I came out feeling like I was buzzing with energy throughout my entire body, it was such a beautiful treatment. If you’re in the West Cornwall area and looking for somewhere to have some ‘you’ time, then I highly recommend paying them a visit, it is a gorgeous setting and super sweet and friendly too.

:: I have switched my training routine back to high repetitions and lower weights to try and burn some fat off (I like to alternate every 8-12 weeks between strength and endurance) and my God am I sweating guys! I am super-setting exercises and have reduced my rest time right down and increased my cardio a bit and, let me tell you, I am loving it (but I look like a puddle by the end!). I enjoy every kind of training really, but strength is my all time favourite because it is so challenging to try and lift something super heavy, but this new kind of training is just as much of a challenge in its own way. I thrive when I am pushing my body to the extreme (my mum will be rolling her eyes as she reads this and I will be hearing about this and getting told off!), I really enjoy seeing what my body can do and how much it can handle. The gym has it's big door open now it is warmer and that always marks the arrival of summer; I love that place so much!

:: I mentioned last week that I was starting to write ‘Morning Pages’, a stream of conscious style journaling practice done as soon as you wake up in the morning. I am absolutely loving this so far and discovering some interesting things as I write. It isn’t easy to just let your mind feed you information from the subconscious, but I usually find that if I start writing anything at all, that within about half a page, something far more interesting comes through. It seems like a far more natural process early in the morning, before I have properly woken up; whenever I have tried to journal after the gym, or at any time of day other than first thing, I really struggle to just let go and allow my mind to wander freely. Give it a go, even if you have to set your alarm 15 minutes early, I promise you it’s worth it.

:: I love this time of year for the live music that is everywhere; I have been trying to watch as many highlights and live sets from Glastonbury as possible and always find myself thinking 'I must go there one year'. I am so not a camping person, so if I'm doing it, I'm doing it in style, but I would love to tick that box... anyone wanna join in?! I would love to see so much more live music and have a few bands I was hoping to see before I turn 40, so I had better get a bloody move on, only a year and a half to go! I am listening to one of my top five bands to see live as I type right now, Coldplay! Others would be The Foo's, Metallica, Matchbox Twenty (although I have seen them before I definitely want to see them again), Counting Crows and Kings of Leon. I also would really like to see my all time favourite cheesy artist just one more time, Bryan Adams. He played at the Eden Project last year I think, and as usual I was super late to look up who was playing. Note to self, get more efficient Lucy! Who would you really like to see?

I am going to leave it there for this weeks post guys! Be sure to pop back for Wednesdays post and if you watch my vlog and want to support my business journey, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel as it will really help the channel grow and allow me to do new things as this happens! Have a wonderful week!


27 June 2019


^^ Background image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash ^^

Do you ever ponder about the amount of times you have said 'tomorrow'? Think about it for a second and see where your thoughts take you. We are all guilty of one/some/all of the following statements from time to time:

I'll eat healthier food from tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will clean out my clothes and try and be less wasteful.

I am going to start planning for that business idea tomorrow.

I must catch up with that friend I haven't seen in so long, I'll message them tomorrow.

I really need to start exercising more, I'll look into it tomorrow.

I'll read/reply to that message/email tomorrow.

I'll stop drinking wine on a week night from tomorrow, but tonight I will have one last bottle.

I want to do more self-development, tomorrow I'll go on Amazon and look for that book I want to read and think about what I can do.

It's been ages since I called my mum/dad/family member, I'll give them a call tomorrow.

I'll just say that I am sorry tomorrow.

I'll be kinder to people tomorrow.

From tomorrow I will think more before I speak.

I am so unhappy in my job, tomorrow I'll update my CV and start looking for something new.

My house is so cluttered, maybe tomorrow I will start sorting things out and taking somethings to the charity shop and clear my space.


* The only justification to any of this stuff is if you are thinking about it at, say, 11pm... just go to bed and bloody do it tomorrow!

Can you imagine how much further towards our goals and dreams we would be if we quit with the 'tomorrows' and just did it now? How different would things really look then?

The amount of anxiety I have caused myself through not getting on with something right at that moment is insane; especially around being afraid to open emails that I fear may be difficult, when 99% of the time they are absolutely fine and I may have created days of anxiety over something which needed no further thought!

Using any of the things listed above as an example, by just starting them, or just putting them into action in whatever way possible, you will feel so much more productive; everything just piles up and up when you put it off time and time again, trust me, I have an Olympic medal in it! When it came to launching my business, believe me, I took my lifetime supply of 'tomorrows' and used them as an excuse. With some things you simply have to accept that you will never be ready, you will never know 'all the things', but do you know the best way? Start the bloody thing. No one else knows where you are at but you; you are the mastermind behind all of your ambitions, all of your dreams and everything you wish for, so just do it now (or at the very least start it and pursue it with all of your might!).

If you want to get to the gym, drive past one on the way home from work and find out how to sign up, just don't let it simmer in your head for days because it will fade and be another thing you add to your New Years resolution list (every, single year!). If you want to make amends with that friend, pick up the phone and just do it now. Today is the best time to do the thing you are thinking of, today will be made more complete by doing whatever it is. Do you know one of the things I hate the most? Going to bed with a head full of thoughts that I have wasted a day because I have not been productive. What I have learned very fast is how much less anxiety I feel and how much more inspired I feel by simply doing things when they arise. It really is that simple.

23 June 2019


Here we are again friends; another weekly round up of all the things that have made the week a good one. How has your week been? Have you guys seen the sun this week? It’s been such a mixed bag of weather here in West Cornwall, with bright sun one minute and misty rain the next. As I type, it is raining and so humid, I spent most of my housekeeping shift sweating, which was a little bit of an improvement of early this week when I accidentally knocked on a shower with my elbow, the problem being that I was standing under it at the time. 

Anyway, quite enough of my clumsy antics...

:: The first thing I want to mention on this weeks list is the amazing fish and chips we had on Friday night. Sometimes it feels totally needed to have something that is fried and covered in salt doesn’t it?! When I’m suffering from ‘all the hormones’, fish and chips take the problems away. The headache I get just disappears and I feel bloody wonderful, needs must huh?

:: After way too many weeks without a chat, my beautiful bestie, Helena, and I managed to speak for a bit. You sometimes have to wonder how life gets so busy and flies by so fast that you can’t even talk to one of your favourite humans. It’s crazy, but with Helena and her husband running their bed and breakfast, East Lyn House, over in Lynmouth, they barely get any time to breathe. Now I’m housekeeping at the hotel I can understand, albeit on just a small scale, why they never stop. Mind you, their place is so lovely and I would highly recommend booking a room there and having a good explore in Lynmouth and the Exmoor National Park, it is incredible and so breath taking. If you book in make sure you say hi to Helena from me!

:: Thank you to all you guys who got in touch with me on Instagram following my stories about little Gizmo getting beaten up by the cat from round the corner. She really has been through it this week as the offending cat brought its sister around too (she’s identical to him but a little smaller) and they have both been surrounding her. You guys are super sweet to message and I really appreciate your thoughts on it.

:: I made a brave step for Leaf Lane Studio this week (brave because of the financial commitment *breathes into a paper bag*) and ordered my A6, tear-off ‘to do’ list pads from an online manufacturer. It worked out the easier and more cost effective way to go, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I made a good choice. I also ordered some little stickers, exclusive to the collection, which will be stuck on the packaging! I’m really excited to get them delivered and see how they have turned out. The next thing I will be getting printed, depending on the outcome of the ‘to do’ lists, is the matching note pad, which is A5 and super cute! Once everything I have created for this range is ready I will be letting you know on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram when they will be released, so be sure to give me a follow! I will also be documenting all of it on studio vlogs (subscribe to my YouTube channel here).

:: On the subject of YouTube, I uploaded a new video on my channel this week; a little catch up and a mini tour of my little office/studio in the new house, I have linked it down below if you want to give it a watch! I’d love you to leave me a comment below the video on YouTube and click the thumbs up button too; my goal is to hit 1k subscribers by the New Year, and I’m only half way, so any support you can give me I would really appreciate!

:: I almost forgot to mention my greatest achievement of the week! Okay, so it may seem like nothing to you guys, but to me it is quite the achievement! On Monday I managed to do five sets of full press ups, I really couldn’t believe it and have felt so proud of myself all week! Press ups have always been something I’ve struggled with so I am chuffed about that! My next goal is a chin up, but they are crazy difficult, doesn't stop me trying though!

:: I have been wanting to read the book 'The Artists Way', by Julia Cameron, for a long time, and haven't been able to get it, but this morning I saw it on eBay for just £3.00, so ordered it immediately. I am really excited to work through it as it is designed to reignite creativity, remove fear or creative blocks and encourage daily creative exercises, such as the 'Morning Pages' routine, which I am actually starting ahead of getting the book. I have set my alarm an extra ten minutes early (hello 5am) to enable me to do this additional practice in my morning routine, which consists of getting out of bed and immediately writing at least three pages of stream of consciousness writing. The point is to help 'tidy' your mind, sort out anything that is coming up or simply get down anything that pops into your mind at the time. I can see this is likely to be something I get better at the more I do it, which is why the advice is to simply write 'I cannot think of anything to write', over and over again, if you are totally blank. I will document how it is going on my studio vlogs, but I won't be sharing what comes up for me as it is suggested that you don't look back, just use it as a dump and run kind of routine.

:: I had the pleasure of creating a cute little A5 'initial' for Christening gift this week. I love painting these, there is something really satisfying about it! If you want to find out about getting yourself one then head to Leaf Lane Studio for a mooch and find all the information. If you require something more bespoke just email me on hello@leaflanestudio.com.

That is everything my brain can recollect from this week (it is 10.40pm as I type this so I am not surprised at the lack of remembering skills!). Have a wonderful new week and I will see you right back in this space on Wednesday! 


21 June 2019


I heard a quote this week that said ‘Why not you, is because of you’ and it really stuck with me all day, so I thought I would unpick some of my thoughts about it with you.

To start with, let me say that the whole ‘why isn’t that me’ outlook is not something I subscribe to these days, and if it pops into my head, it is swiftly bat away, because I have done a lot of work to ensure that I realise where I am in my journey and I am also no longer afraid to identify what is not working for me and why I am not somewhere that someone else may be.

Why not me’ is something that can hold you back so much if you let it, it is a paralysing thought process to get into because it gives you permission to spend way too much of your time and energy looking at what other people are doing and trying to dissect it in so much detail that you drive yourself insane. A great example of 'past Lucy' doing this was a couple of years before Leaf Lane Studio came into fruition; whilst researching other companies I liked I kept on thinking ‘they are doing so well / look at their studio / they have work in so many retail outlets and in magazines...’ and the whole ‘why isn’t that me’ thing took over. I was blinded by seeing other people working for themselves and being successful that I was like a deer in headlights in awe of it, but it wasn’t healthy because it overwhelmed me in a huge way. I thought that my lack of knowledge (compared to those I was looking at) meant I wouldn’t ever ‘catch up’, but looking back I have to smile, because I don’t ever need to catch up! It’s like that other quote says ‘don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 15’ (or something like that!) because we all have to start somewhere, and once we are ‘in it’, like I am with my business now, I can totally see that every single person must go through that same thought process.

My first year and a bit in business has been incredibly tough and the learning curve has been massive, but would I want someone to drop me down in a successful, high profit business now and say ‘you wanted this, there you go!, honestly guys it is a no on that front. I wouldn’t be learning as much and I wouldn’t appreciate the small victories and little wins that I make along the way. I really value the personal and professional development more than the money, but the money will follow, and I will be better equipped for it when it arrives.

Circling back to the ‘Why not you, is because of you’ quote, it is true that you are getting in your own way if you are stuck in the ‘it’s not fair’ mindset; you have to decide what you want and go for it. Very recently I realised that I wasn't putting anywhere near enough energy into the right parts of my business. I was 'busy', but not busy on business development, just busy on the easier things that I could do, rather than doing useful things that will help move Leaf Lane Studio forward.

Quite honestly I was sick of myself being in that cycle, so I made a plan and I am trying my best to put it into practice (see my new studio vlogs - starting next week - for all the behind the scenes stuff!). At this stage of my life, as a 38 year old woman, I am earning the least amount of money I have ever earned, sleeping for the least amount of time ever, working super hard and still seem to not find enough time in the day for it all, but I have a proper plan now, and the plan will reap the results I have dreamed of. The path is made up of so many pot holes and hills, but it’s so bloody worth it all, because when it works I can say ‘I did this’ rather than ‘why is that not me?’ (It will be me!).

I think it is important to learn that, rather than looking at someone through envious eyes, you can look at them as a mentor or pure inspiration and proof that something is possible for you. But honestly, who can say that they would want the exact same, cookie-cutter version of someone else’s life? I most certainly wouldn’t, because I have been through battles and tough experiences that have shaped me; they are my stories and my lessons, the roads have been mine and mine alone to walk and conquer, and so why would I want to give that up?

What do you think about this? Can you identify somewhere that you are thinking 'I wish that was me / I wish that was my life' and see how you can step out of your own way in order to achieve that for yourself by taking action? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

PS: I uploaded a little 'catch up / mini office tour' on my YouTube Channel yesterday, if you haven't checked it out yet I would love you to give it a watch! Please make sure you subscribe to my channel too! I really want to hit 1000 subscribers by the New Year!


16 June 2019


^^ A beautiful sunset from the new house ^^

It's been way too long since I have done a Weekly Gratitude list and I am so excited to be sitting down to type this because they are my faves posts to write. For this list I will be rounding up a collection of things from over the last couple of weeks because I have been making a few scribbles as things have happened and I would love to share them with you, so let's jump on in!

:: I mentioned 'the move' in Wednesday's post, and I am grateful that it is done. It was so exhausting, much more tiring than the move from Wiltshire to Cornwall strangely enough, but now that we are in the house I am actually enjoying it more than I thought. I got myself so down about leaving the cottage in Perranuthnoe; it was so beautiful and, there is no denying that the old village was my favourite place to have lived, but in the spirit of new chapters and positive thoughts, this new house has brought me an office I love (more on that in a bit) and some cute animals to look out on too. Renting is one of those things in life that throws curve balls and you have to role with the punches don't you? 

:: Let's talk about the new office! I had a vision in my mind, right from the start, of how I wanted my little office to look and, whilst I didn't have a huge budget to blow, I managed to get it to how I wanted it to look well within my means. I have a super cute view out the window over to the animals in the field opposite and it is beautiful and light in the room all day, which is so lovely; I am so content working in here and finally having all my things in one place! I am planning a blog post about my office to go with a little vlog I am editing too, so stay tuned. 

:: On the first night in the house, when there were no curtains in the bedroom at all, we learned how dark the skies are where we live now because I have never seen that many stars in my life. The old village was awesome for star gazing, but this place is even better. There is no light pollution at all and so the sky seems huge and so bright. We saw three shooting stars in the space of about five minutes and so much more than I have ever seen before. Bring on the meteor shower in August (fingers crossed for a clear sky that night please!).

:: Stepping away from house stuff for a second (not that there has been much else happening of late!). You know when you discover someone new online and you find they have a YouTube channel, then you basically become their new stalker and watch all of their videos since the year dot? Asking for a friend. My 'friend' has just discovered Leigh Ellexson, a bloody amazing illustrator and all round cool human being, and I... I mean, my friend, has been binge watching all the videos ever made, because she is so awesome! I highly recommend her if you are into art and studio vlogs! She has a wonderful little budgie called 'Hercules' and a dog called Toadie and she is creating the most cute animal art ever; I adore her style and the way she vlogs in general. 

:: Last week one of the yummiest burgers I have ever eaten was consumed over at The Rockpool in Godrevy. I mentioned it in Wednesday's post, but it is worth mentioning again because it was that delicious! After weeks of hard graft and little sleep (there was one night where we ate dinner at 11.30pm) it felt amazing to sit down and eat a really tasty meal. I highly recommend The Rockpool if you are over that way, it is super cool inside and right on the beach too (and it is dog friendly if that is something you need too!).

:: The little bear (aka: Gizmo) has been settling into the new house (fights with a neighbours cat to one side). Honestly guys, all my energy went into worrying about her being close to a main road/ going missing/ running away/ hating us forever more, but in reality she settled in so fast and went out after just 8/9 days and has been so well behaved. I think the big difference this time was actually bringing her straight into a little room that was set up just like the spare room in the old house. She loved to sleep under the spare bed on top of a suitcase that was stored there, so we set it up the same for her and I plugged in a new Feliway too (bloody hell those are expensive, it cost £36 for that thing!). She is loving her new 'gaff' though and I have everything crossed that the issues with Sully, a grey and white cat from round the corner, will ebb away fast.

:: On the subject of animals; you guys will remember how many bird friends we had over at the cottage, there were so many, well here there was initially only a couple of black birds and nothing else whatsoever. This made me so sad because birds are something I adore so much and so we got a new hanging feeder station thing and within a couple of days there were some sparrows, blue-tits and a robin or two visiting (YAY!). Is it normal to go to your old garden and give out 'change of address' cards to the birds? (Asking for another friend).

:: A big thank you to my mum for sending some gorgeous flowers for when we moved in. It makes any new house feel more like a home doesn't it. They are still going strong and brightening up several places downstairs; I really love having flowers in the house. My plants are also doing so much better for more light in this house; they were all dying and I was beside myself because, no matter what I did, they weren't coming back to life. But after just a few short days in the new place they started to perk up. Even my fern, which sadly lost 80% of it's leaves for reasons unknown, is slowly growing new, curled up shoots. My office space has two gorgeous plants in, Celia (a Calathea plant from the old office) and Matilda (a Monstera plant and a new addition to the family!). I can't get enough plants in my life and am going to be on a mission to get some more unusual ones in the future (now that I know it was the environment killing them off and not me, phew!).

:: Last week two, of a handful of my favourite humans, had their birthdays! Whoop whoop! My daddy turned cough, cough, 75, cough, cough (sorry dad, bad throat) and Peta (from Nourishing Soulfully blog) also celebrated another year flying around our nearest star! Another very, very important birthday will be celebrated later this year, a very first one (zero days old in-fact!). No, that is not my way of telling you I am pregnant, calm down people, it is never going to happen! My lobby, and bestest girly friend, Helena, is cruising along in her journey to mummyhood (I'm making up all kinds of words right now aren't I!) and I cannot wait to meet the mini-lobster! She sends me little scan photos through on WhatsApp and I just love receiving them!

:: I want to discuss Trello for a moment. As usual I am very late to the band-wagon (I have always been that person... fashion, music, films, whatever it is that the human race is 'into' I will be there about 12 months after!). I'm sure everyone knows that Trello is basically a tool to improve organisation, productivity and to help collaboration in business, between colleagues and people working on projects etc, but for me it is proving super helpful to manage 'all the things' I am juggling, and I am only 24 hours into using it. Yeah, I love it that much. We had a rocky first date though, Trello and I, and I had to message 'Queen of Trello', Peta, saying 'wtf is this sorcery and how does it work?'. I decided to stop being a moron and watch a YouTube 'beginners guide' and have been in love ever since. It is designed to have a left to right work flow, so you can easily move 'to-do's' along the line until they reach the 'done' section, but for me I just needed somewhere to brain dump ideas and then catagorise everything into some logical order. I love the ability to design your own layout and choose exactly how you want everything to work. I highly recommend this tool, plus you can have the app on your phone also, which means you can constantly add to your boards/lists. Love, love, love it!

I think that is it for this weeks list! Be sure to come back on Wednesday for another post and also make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel too, because I am starting 'Studio Vlogs' as of next week (one vlog will go up before that all about my new office set up and just with a bit of an update then the other ones will kick off!). I am so excited to share with you guys all the new things that I have got coming up... watch this space!

Have a wonderful week ahead and I will see you right back here on Wednesday!

12 June 2019


After telling you guys I was 'taking a week or two off blogging to move', I am back, almost one month later (oops!). I wish I could tell you that the time off has left me feeling rested and rejuvenated, but it really hasn't! Moving is a right bitch isn't it?!

It seemed to take such a long time to actually move as we were between the old cottage and the new house for a couple of weeks. After four hour shifts of housekeeping at the hotel, I was swinging by the new place to clean and get everything sorted for the move and we were bringing boxes over in the car, which meant it all took so long.

Now though, everything is in, there are no lingering boxes of random crap laying about anymore (my God, those boxes are the worst aren't they!) and life is starting to settle into a routine somewhere new. Gizmo has even started going out which, if you have been following along with my Instagram stories, you will know that she has been having a bit of trouble with a local cat called Sully. Up to now it has seemed that Sully was after a bit of lovin' but today I came home from work to find out that quite the fight had occurred and that Sully had been beating up my little girl. I will not stand for such ungentlemanly behaviour let me tell you (any tips on helping solve this feline frenzy please comment below!).  

Cat wars to one side, my main focus after all the unpacking was to get my office all sorted and build new shelves and storage to make sure that actually got done right from the get-go. I wanted Leaf Lane Studio to feel official and for my work and creative space to feel inspiring and like it is somewhere I want to be, which it now does. I am going to save the details for a separate blog post and vlog though, so hang fire on that one, and make sure that you are following my YouTube channel to see new vlogs as they appear, because they will be making a come back I promise. 

The time I have taken off this blog and my business has given me so much opportunity to reflect and gain more perspective; plus the house cleaning and prep allowed me to listen to all the podcasts that give me inspiration and ideas for content and business strategy, so I am feeling reading to go (but just very exhausted!).

I feel very much like all I have done over the last month is work, clean, pack, unpack, build furniture and repeat, and I feel desperate to get out in the world again! There was only a few hours where tools were put down and a yummy lunch was eaten over at The Rockpool beach restaurant in Godrevy. We have never been there before because the National Trust car park we always use is right by the smaller cafe and so that has always been the chosen spot, but it just goes to show what we have been missing, because The Rockpool was so lovely (and my burger was delicious!). I also wanted to check it out as I am doing some wedding invitations for a lovely bride to be who is getting married there in 2020, so my burger was pure research!

So, here I am, back at my desk and ready to started getting back to all the things that have been waiting for me. I have missed you guys! Let's get back to it shall we?

Come back for Sunday's 'Weekly Gratitude' and make sure you are following me on Instagram for daily updates and stories too!

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