19 May 2019


^^ I can't believe there is only about another 10 days left of this view, I'm so sad about moving from this cottage ^^

I am writing this post feeling like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards after spending over seven hours cleaning in various places yesterday; so before anything, I’d like to say that I am grateful for bathroom sealant, toilet duck (‘other toilet cleaners are widely available’!) and, most of all, paracetamol!

How has your week unfolded? Has it been a good one? I’d love to hear what you guys have been up to in the comments, let me live my life through you for a bit! 

Alright then gang, let’s jump into this weeks gratitude, I’ll try and keep the cleaning products to a minimum!

:: I have to start this post with last nights Eurovision because it was everything I hoped it would be (CHEESY!). It was on in the background but enough concentration was had to give scores to every artist performing. I refuse to take it seriously because, let’s face it, that is impossible (even though many people do take it seriously, judging from the people in the audience!). My highlight was Iceland, purely for their absolute bonkers staging and screaming lyrics (get the man some cough syrup). Whilst you are at the chemist getting Mr Iceland something for his throat, pick up some anti sickness tablets for those three Australian ladies... did you see their entry? It was like Kate Bush verses the circus, but I kind of loved it; I was deliriously tired by that stage though so maybe that was it. Anyway, whatever your thoughts on the subject of Eurovision, when you take it for exactly what it is, it can be quite fun to watch! PS: Thoughts on Madonna? My thought was simple: terrible! 

 ^^ This little bear really gets herself into some comfortable positions! ^^

:: I finally had a much needed catch up with my Lobster, Helena, this week! Since I’ve started work at the hotel I now have a tiny idea of all the stuff that Helena and her hubby have to do over at their gorgeous Bed and Breakfast in Lynmouth. We always say we will chat more, but life just sticks it’s big old foot in the way and before you know it a month or three have passed. Honestly, those guys are my heroes, I don’t know how they do everything that they do, and now my Lobby is expecting a mini Lobby (finally, I can say it!) she must be absolutely shattered. Love you Lobs!

:: Every morning when I drive out of the little road that leads to the village, I see so many rabbits just munching on the grass on the side of the road, it makes me so happy to see them. On Thursday morning, as I pulled into the top of the road on my way home from training, I saw the cutest sight ever; there was a big rabbit sat there keeping watch, whilst the tiniest little baby gently nibbled on some grass. It was the most adorable thing ever!

:: I managed to get both of my commissions posted this week, and I am so happy with how they turned out! If you are interested in getting a little quote painting inside a floral border, similar to the one below, just email me on hello@leaflanestudio.com. As soon as the move is over with I will be getting back to Leaf Lane Studio at full speed again and I have lots of exciting things coming up!

:: I am so proud of Peta (from Nourishing Soulfully) this week (well, every week because she is awesome) because she did two bloody wonderful things this week! I’m not sure if I’m going to get this completely right but she managed to put together a proposal for the school she works in to ensure that the little ones get educated about body positivity/confidence and their relationships with food. Her proposal got given the go ahead and it will be on her schools curriculum soon! I think that is such an amazing thing to do, she is just awesome at delivering that message so I know it will be so helpful. The second thing was her podcast interview on Ally Grace Muir’s podcast ‘Continuously Brave’, which is just the most beautiful interview ever. She talks about her story with food, her illness and all the things she went through to remain healthy and positive through it all, as well as cats (because, you know, cats are life!) and cat dad too. Please click right here to have a listen to it and be sure to head to Peta’s Instagram and show her some big love for such an incredible week, she rocks!

:: This week I treated myself to a couple of amazing budget beauty buys from Boots and, having tested them out for a few days I can safely say I am in love with all of them. I started to type everything out here, but soon realised that I can get a blog post out of my current favourites, so I will try and put that together soon. I have been on the hunt for products that allow my skin to look super radiant, but without being greasy and, finally, I have found the combination! More to come on that really soon!

:: My Sunday morning lay in is something I am super grateful for. Granted, it is only until 7-7.30am, but compared to my 5.20am alarm for the other six days a week it is really wonderful. As I drove to work this morning I really noticed how everywhere always feels so much more relaxed on a Sunday. The roads are slower and quieter and everywhere has a beautiful sense of peace about it that I love so much. 

I think I am going to have to leave it there for today guys, sorry for a shorter post but, if you read my other post from this week, then you will know that we are currently moving so it is all go this end. I will see you next week for another post, in the mean time be sure to come and say hi on Instagram!

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