5 May 2019


^^ How pretty is the blossom in the garden? ^^

Happy Sunday my lovely! How is your weekend going? Although I feel like, by the time this post actually goes up, the question should be 'how was your weekend'! Working every weekend leaves me a little frazzled by the time I get to this part of the day!

This week has been a full on one, but a good one. I think I am finding my Leaf Lane Studio mojo again; it went missing for a while, due to a new set of routines and mental health 'happenings', but I am feeling like it is coming back. More on that below!

Speaking of the main Gratitude List, let's go for it shall we? (I can see your nodding, so I'll start now!).

:: I love nothing more than sitting in the spare room and painting, with the window wide open and the sound of life going on outside as I work. The weather has been so beautiful; walkers have been wandering past, laughing and chatting, the birds have been in full spring mode, chirping away relentless and pulling bits off of the palm trees to take back to their nests and the sea has looked stunning, with lots of little boats out enjoying the sun. I’m so grateful to live in this part of the world and, when I’m able to have an entire day to paint and sit with a cup of tea on the window seat, gazing out to the ocean, I really have to pinch myself that these moments are real.

:: Mum and dad have been down recently and we went out for a yummy dinner to a restaurant in Marazion; I always have the burger there because it is delicious, but the food is only part of the reason to be grateful because the view is gorgeous. The restaurant faces St Michaels Mount and is right on the sea front, so whilst you eat you get to watch the sun setting, dogs running in and out the waves and the mounts causeway getting slowly revealed by the receding tide. It really is so beautiful there and one of my favourite local places to enjoy a meal. I may have enjoyed a glass of white wine too and been slightly tipsy just two sips in; I really need to build up resistance!

:: After not being able to think of anything but sweet and salty popcorn throughout my entire training session on Thursday, I drove straight to Morrison’s in Penzance after the gym to buy a packet. It was so good! Not sure why it was such an obsession that day, but I went with it and enjoyed every second!

:: As I mentioned at the start of this post, I have been really struggling with Leaf Lane Studio, like really struggling. This is due to a whole load of factors that I have been chatting about on social media and on here for the past five or six weeks (new job, mental health crisis etc etc). I have been totally exhausted (still am actually!) and feeling like my capacity to do anything of any substance was at zero. I was feeling overwhelmed at the amount of things I 'should' or 'could' be doing but not managing to do anything. I took a step back for a while and allowed it to 'sit' with me whilst I felt all the emotions and angst attached to not moving forward. Some of the things that came up are, quite frankly, laughable, but I needed to see what I had to change to stay in my business through this particular season of life. Do you know what the biggest thing holding me back was (and it's so crazy how big this silly thing was to me!); my Bullet Journal. You guys know I love Bullet Journaling so much, but the pressure to have a pretty set up at all times for YouTube meant that I didn't use it at all. The ripple out from that was I wasn't writing my to-do lists, which meant I felt unorganised, which meant I felt helpless and paralysed. You see how something that seems so insignificant can have such a profound affect? I know how crazy it sounds but it was all about what other people would think if I took a break from it... nuts right? So now, I am back to a standard Moleskine weekly planner, just for a bit, so I can track myself better and actually get stuff done. I will definitely Bullet Journal again and I am still planning on releasing free printables and selling planner accessories too but for me, at least, at this time in my life, I need to go back to basics!

:: This week I got around to watching Brene Browns new talk on Netflix and, let me tell you, it is wonderful. I cried, I laughed, I wrote notes... everything I want from a talk like that! The theme of the show is about how you can’t be courageous without vulnerability and it is so interesting. Anything that involves courage will leave you vulnerable and wide open to the world because it is in those courageous moments that you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into growth. If you get a chance I would highly recommend you watch it. I had to pop Friends on right after it though because crying needs balance.

:: Having been skint as a flint for a long time now, as long term readers will know, basically all my clothes have a hole (actually many holes) somewhere on them. One particular pair of jeggings I own tipped over the acceptable level of holes-to-material ratio recently, and so I had to drive down the road to Next and replace them. I’m not into shopping really, but for some reason, fueled by a wardrobe of 'air conditioned' clothes, I really enjoyed browsing the summer selection in Next and day dreaming about buying all of it. There are no shops down this end of Cornwall really, locally I mean, so going clothes shopping really involves a trip to Truro, so Next and Marks and Sparks are the only local option, which is fine by me. I was a good girl though and left only with a replaced pair of what I threw away... surely a gold star is due?

:: Yesterday, when I came in from work and had eaten, I went off for a bath and then climbed into bed for a nap. I decided to listen to a nap meditation, which was designed to give you lucid dreams (I’m so rock n roll guys) and, although I didn’t dream, I did wake up 40 minutes later feeling off my face. I looked at my phone and responded to a couple of messages feeling drunk, and swiftly went back to sleep again. I woke up at 5.30pm, having got in to bed around 3pm ish... but I felt so much better for it! It also meant that I managed to stay awake to watch MMA fighting last night which never happens now because I want to sleep by about 9pm these days!

:: I'm already super grateful and ever so excited for next Thursday as I am finally getting my hair cut and some lovely, sparkly-fresh highlights put in! Way too many grey hairs have been appearing for my liking, which isn't surprising as I haven't had my colour done since Novemeber/December! My favourite thing about the hair dressers... hair wash and massage for sure! Anyone else with me?!

That is it for this weeks ramble I'm afraid, but pop back for Wednesdays post won't you?!

Have a wonderful week ahead xx


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