17 May 2019


On Tuesday I saw the Instagram caption (below) on a recent post from Lori Harder, who is a woman I seriously admire; her podcast, Earn Your Happy, I have mentioned more than once here, but it is her energy that I find so awesome, which is why I wanted to share her post with you...

'Do the thing.
Wear the dress.
Take the vacation.
Say you’re sorry.
Have the conversation.
Plan a date to leave the job.
Plan a date to start the business.
Ask for what you want.
Start doing what you’re called to do.
The time will never feel right, you’ll never be ready, you’ll always feel too busy, unsure, possibly unworthy and fearful...until you actually just start to take action, set the dates, start saving money or put money down.
Once you do, you’ll see everything is possible and all of our lack of time, reasons that hold us back and fear are made up.
Make the room by saying yes, putting it the calendar and taking the leap.
More of what lights us up please. No matter what.'

I loved this post because, as a 'professional' day dreamer, I can really lose myself in the thought and vision of something, usually whilst at work cleaning (what can I say, my mind wanders whilst I’m buffing taps!), and when it comes to it, some kind of fear steps up and I back away or say to myself that I’ll do whatever 'the thing' is tomorrow/next week; that is why it took me so many years to launch Leaf Lane Studio, but I have come a long way since then for sure.  

I have become very aware of time passing by this year; maybe it's an age thing, but the faster it goes, the more mindful I become about being left standing still whilst life happens around me. I’m so tired of dreaming and writing notes excitedly, but not allowing myself the space to create and push forward. So things have got to shift. Who's with me?

I want to take more risks, not necessarily huge and scary risks that involve money that I don’t have, but more personally challenging ones, like wearing clothes that fit me and not hiding my body away anymore and saying what’s on my mind, regardless of how people may feel about my opinion (being rejected is a huge fear of mine). I want to get out and see more of the world we live in, go on long walks and take the lesser trodden path (literally and metaphorically speaking!). I long to try more things, like paddle boarding or go to a class or two to try pottery, writing or sculpture (I fancy wooden sculpture actually!). I want to attend networking events for the blog or Leaf Lane Studio, even though they terrify me to go to alone. I want to see live music... and lots of it, because it has been too long... hands up if you want to come along! I want to get out of my own way and just 'do the thing' as Lori says.

Time is passing so fast and I want to look back and know that I gave every opportunity a chance, even if it ended up being a disaster (which isn’t really a disaster, just an opportunity for learning and growth... yeah, I’m one of ‘those people’ now).

I had to have a serious word with myself recently and question why I haven’t reached some of my goals, even the tiny ones, but then I realised how much has been going on and had to let myself off the hook. But now is the time to reboot and try again and start living life with a bit more balls (sorry, but that’s the only way I could think to express it!).

The thing I need to get over is the extreme feeling of tiredness I have from training early then heading to work, which is a physically demanding job, then digging into work on Leaf Lane Studio in the late afternoon. But I know that if I make that effort and plan better I can achieve my dreams and also give myself a whole day off too, because it has been so long. There are so many amazing women out there that I admire, such as Catherine from Katnipp Illustrations, who is just storming through her work and is super prolific and inspiring (her studio vlogs are adorable!), and then there is Holly Sutton of 'A Branch of Holly' who, quite frankly, is the ultimate 'girl boss' if I ever did see one! Holly is a coach for small business owners and bloggers who want to really make their mark and has so many fantastic  free resources on her blog as well as her podcast too - the woman is my hero! These girls, and many others too, are working super hard and are making crazy headway with their businesses and I look up to their motivation and passion so much.

So, accountability time... here are five things I am going to put into action ASAP, in order to get myself on track:

After listening to this episode of Holly Sutton’s ‘Blog It, Boss It Radio’, I am planning to introduce batch working in order to help my productivity, and reduce my stress about things like posts and social media captions. If you are a business owner or blogger, have a job too and are struggling to get things done (even if you don’t have a job!) then you need to listen to this episode because it is so useful. In fact, Holly’s blog and podcast is crazy helpful full stop, so I will be putting many more of her suggestions into action.

I don’t know about you guys, but environment is massively important to me in terms of working space, and in the next couple of week, due to a house move, I will have an office space that is completely mine. I’m super excited to make it into a productive and pretty space and can’t wait to settle into my own working environment again. It’s going to be a small room but I want to make it functional and treat myself to a few things that will help me stay on target. 

As I mentioned above, I haven’t had any proper time off, as in chunks of time that I can actually do useful or fun things with, in so long, so I am going to ensure that I do this as soon as the move is over and done with. Even if I can give myself a full day off every couple of weeks and a half day once a week it would make so much difference. I want to grab my vlogging camera and head off somewhere for a couple of hours and just ‘be’. I get so much inspiration from exploring new places or going for walks, so it would help my writing and artwork to do this. I know how important this time off and/or time for myself is, yet I struggle to make it happen. That is where the next step comes in!

Scheduling. Scheduling. Scheduling. I have mentioned recently that I have been really struggling to use my Bullet Journal, simply because I haven’t had time to draw it all out. This really upsets me because I love it so much, but I’ve had to admit defeat for a while because I need a diary and somewhere to plan! So I have gone back to basics with a Moleskine weekly planner and am starting to ease my stress by getting back into creating my lists of things to do. I am also going to attempt to set up some kind of planning system on my computer for my main ‘mind dumps’, which are great places to get everything out and use as like a master list; then delegate the things out to my planner weekly. When I lose my grip with keeping a planning/diary system I tend to do absolutely nothing, just because I literally have no idea what I’m doing or what is happening. Life has been totally thrown for a loop lately so that is why I have got so bad at things and now just feel major overwhelm, which leaves me paralysed and utterly useless, so anything I can do at this point will be helpful!

Although self care is a very overused phrase now, I am really aware that I don’t really do much of it, and what I do manage to squeeze in is always rushed (therefore defeating the object!). I have made it a priority to try and book one treatment per month for myself and have my eye on a really lovely holistic place in Carbis Bay that does things like Indian Head Massage and Reiki. The gym is part of my self care too, but it is also physically draining so I am trying to force some balance in there! I have developed a guilt complex around taking time for myself which really needs to go away asap.

There you have it, all of that stemmed from reading Lori's caption on Instagram because I realised how much more I can do to aim for what I want. I just need to re-jig a few things to make sure that I am working smarter, whilst remembering to have some fun in the process!

What immediately springs to mind for you when you read Lori's words?

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  1. Such a good blog post! Really inspirational! And all of your plans seem totally do-able. Good luck 👏🏻


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