21 April 2019


I’m back in my usual spot at 7.15am on a Sunday morning, writing this post for you guys before work kicks off in a couple of hours (and my word it’s busy at work over the Easter weekend!). I love early mornings so much, even though 7.15am is my lay-in these days because my alarm goes off at 5.20am six days a week, but when there are no other sounds but the birds and the sea it really is magical. This morning started slightly differently however, because there was a slight ‘moment’ involving Gizmo and a mystery that will never be solved! 

She was out for most of the day yesterday, enjoying the sun somewhere (heaven knows where but her ‘summer routine’ has instinctively kicked in with the warmer weather); she finally came in and had her usual brush and treats at about 8pm then went upstairs. Here’s the mystery... no one let her out, so when I woke up this morning and went to check on her, because it is highly unusual for her to sleep all night long without going out again, she wasn’t there. She was outside. How? No windows were open, she hadn’t been let out as she’d gone upstairs, so how was she out? Answers on a post card. She has been acting super strange the last few days too, which I was putting down to the full moon because she goes bonkers on each one, but now I think she can disapparate, Harry Potter-style... I just don’t get it guys!


Let’s get into today’s random list of heaven knows what!

:: Let’s start with an Easter based one because it is Easter Sunday after all. Earlier in this week I arrived home from work to a parcel from my mum, full of Easter treats and some of my favourite BB cream too (she knows me very well, thanks mum!). Of course, all of it went straight in the fridge (the only place from which to enjoy chocolate!) and I may have eaten some of it because I don't want it to go out of date.

:: This week I had Peta and I had scheduled in a 'Cat Mum' chat over FaceTime, which somehow extended on to almost the two hour mark. It started with Peta saying 'I'm talking to you from the supermarket car park because I've been in to buy some Easter treats' and ended with her saying 'oh no, all the Easter treats have melted and are going all out of shape!'. You know when you shouldn't laugh but you can't help it...yeah! 

:: I listened to a wonderful episode of Oprah's 'Super Soul Sunday' podcast this week, featuring the genius that is Brene Brown, who was talking all about trust. There is a particularly lovely story she tells about her daughter, Ellen, being very upset as a young girl, because some kids laughed at her. Ellen's friend had told the whole class something she had told her in confidence, and when she got home, she broke down to her mum saying 'I will never trust anyone again'. Brene goes on to say that the teacher in her daughters class had a jar that gets marbles added to it when good things happen and taken away for bad things, and because of the behaviour of the class that day, marbles were removed. With her daughter so distressed, Brene tried to explain that trust is like the marble jar; you share the hard things with friends who, over time, have filled up your marble jar; they have done thing after things to fill up your jar. She went on to ask Ellen if she had any 'marble jar' friends, and asked her what those friends had done to earn marbles. Ellen explained how her friend Lorna had saved her a seat at the lunch table once and how another girl had pointed out to Ellen that her grand parents were at a school event. Brene realised that it wasn't the huge, life-changing things that built trust, but lots and lots of tiny things that added marbles to the jar of trust. Go and give it a listen, it is such a good one!

:: The weather this weekend has been ridiculously beautiful hasn't it? Monday I was wrapped up and freezing cold and yesterday and today I was sat out in the garden, after work, reading my book and lapping up the sun. There is something about the sea over at Carbis Bay (where I work) and St Ives that looks so stunning in the sunshine, it is vibrant blue and green and looks so inviting, especially when you are boiling hot from wrestling a super king duvet into a duvet cover!

:: On the subject of work, I started a new 'thing' on my Instagram Stories this week, where I share with you the very random songs that come into my head whilst I am housekeeping at the hotel. I honestly don't know where my brain digs them out from, but I have had such random, old songs pop into my head and I am singing away to myself before I even realise it. If you missed this weeks installment then you missed: Fraggle Rock, It's a Jolly Holiday (from Mary Poppins), a bit of Baby Shark, Oasis, Counting Crows and some others that have escaped me! Make sure you are following my Instagram for updates!

:: This week has been the best week for training. There is literally not one muscle that doesn't ache today (aided by four hours at work too I guess!). I have pushed hard all week and it felt so good to be increasing my weights again and seeing some real results in terms of strength. My proudest achievement this week was hitting the five plates on the leg press, which is rather a lot of weight let me tell you (Mum, don't even bring it up with me okay... I can hear you rolling your eyes from here!).

:: The down side to training hard and housekeeping is that I get tired and that very much highlights my clumsy side. I am covered in scrapes, grazes and bruises right now, much like a very young child. I said to my training buddy this week that I am basically a human 'Rumba' hoover; one of those ones you let do its own thing and when it hits something it bounces off and carries on! Yep, that is me; a bull in a china shop.

I will leave it right there for today's post as I have to get myself sorted for the week and plan some things in my journal, but I will see you guys on Wednesday for another one! Have an amazing week ahead and don't forget to come and follow along on Instagram for the song game... click here or search 'fromlucywithloveblog' on the app!


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  1. What a delightful gratitude post my lovely, yay to Easter Treats, nay to my easter treats melting and woohoo to an amazing training week for you!
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx


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