14 April 2019


Confession time my loves, I’m struggling with my time management a bit. I’m very aware that I will find my place in my new routine soon, but it is having a bit of an impact whilst I do. As I write this post it is half past seven in the morning, I am heading to work my Sunday shift at the hotel in a couple of hours, and whilst I have the time I sit scribbling down ideas for Leaf Lane Studio and this very blog. I haven't quite learned how to juggle it all yet, and the biggest thing I have noticed, thanks to sitting to write my ‘Weekly Gratitude’ posts, is that I am really getting no time whatsoever to do things that light me up and that results in me sitting at the computer with rather a blank expression when it comes to this very post.

There are plenty of things I am grateful for, but I have become conscious, over the last two weeks, that I need to have a serious think about when I get ‘me’ time and then what I actually choose to do with that time. Right now, I am so exhausted that I sleep and then, when I wake up, I’m working again. I definitely need to find a more efficient way of managing things. In my Wednesday post I made a commitment in front of you, to take myself out for a blog/business planning coffee morning (or Lucy equivalent, aka tea morning!) and I must make sure this happens asap, because when I am at home there is always something else that needs my attention or needs doing, it is all to easy to lose yourself in the 'list of crap' that needs doing instead of throwing yourself into your business. 

So, I’m going to be working on my own well being a bit more, which I am grateful to have recognised sooner rather than later as an issue, but for now at least I will attempt a list of things from the past week, or some general musings about life, to tide us over this week!

Let's go!

:: I don’t know if you guys ever do this but, occasionally, when it’s super late at night and I’m really tired, I will decide to go onto iTunes and look at the cheaper albums (I don’t buy much music these days so the cheap albums are always my ‘go to’ section!). For some reason, that I can never explain, I always end up buying a random album late at night that I’m really ‘feeling’ in my tired stupor, and then I wake up in the morning and think ‘why did I get that, I’m never going to listen to that!’. This happened recently with the Florence and the Machine album ‘High as Hope’; I like a lot of the music I have heard over the years from them, but I’ve never been a big enough fan to buy an album... but I was a couple of weeks ago apparently. My point to this long waffle is to say that I have discovered a new favourite song whilst giving the album a chance (it’s not bad actually!); the song is called ‘The End of Love’ and it is so beautiful. The album version has a long, instrumental opening section, which really gets you into the track and then it is full of gorgeous lyrics which grabbed me by the heart. It is one of those songs that needs to be played loud for a full on experience! Give it a listen on Spotify and let me know what you think. 

:: Despite losing my way, organisation wise, since starting my part time job, I’m actually really enjoying my role as housekeeper! When I decided to get a job, I knew that I’d need to get something around twenty hours a week, and I had in mind the exact thing that I knew would suit me and I can honestly say that this job is it. I wanted something that wouldn’t involve me ‘taking things home’ mentally after a shift, or take up hours and hours of head space before a day of work, due to worry or anxiety about what I’m doing. My role in this beautiful hotel, is to create a lovely environment for people who are escaping their day to day routines and I’m really loving being a part of that. Not only that but I get to do all of that whilst having the most stunning views and amazing surroundings to work in. I’m very grateful for my little job and the people I get to work with; it has had a positive impact on my mental health too, which is invaluable to me.

:: Although I have a stack of books piled up to read, I had a recommendation, from the awesome Adam Palmer on Instagram, to read Sadhguru’s ‘Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy’, which as soon as I looked into it I knew I had to buy and read it as a priority. I have listened to a few of Sadhguru’s talks on YouTube and find him utterly captivating (with a rather unexpected sense of humour too!) and I am loving his book so far, it is so up my street! 

:: This week I had an appointment with the mental health team to discuss moving forwards after my recent assessment. I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit, after my previous experiences being so bad, but I must say that this time it was different. I now have a person who is my dedicated central point, for want of another term (or because I cannot remember what her role actually is!) and she will help me or direct me to other services that may be useful and/or be a contact if I need help. Where I struggle is that I don’t need too much 99% of the time, I am high functioning and can cope with a lot; it is the rare 1% that is super severe that I need a little assistance in order to cope and, this time, I am hopeful the balance will be right. The lovely lady I saw was not too formal (phew) and wasn’t willing to pigeon-hole me at all, which is a positive thing. There is nothing worse than people who assume you are a certain way just because you have mental health battles. Fingers crossed for the future of that!

:: For basically two whole years I have not been able to spend money unless it was absolutely necessary, and over that time I have been unable to treat myself to the one skincare product I absolutely love using and that works wonders for my skin. So, with my first pay from the hotel I decided to get myself a small bottle of Pixi ‘Glow Tonic’ which, as it turned out, I got for free because I had enough points on my Boots card! I really love this stuff as it brightens my skin and rejuvenates it so much, but it doesn’t come cheap, even a small bottle is £10, but it’s such a nice treat for me. At my age I need to invest in skincare!

:: Gizmo has been super clingy to me recently (more than normal) and, when I get home from work and have my 30 minute nap (I use a timed ‘sounds’ video on YouTube which wakes you up after 28 minutes, it works for me!) she is always right by my side, stretching out he little paw to hold onto my arm or my hand an join me for a little snooze. She is like my little shadow and I utterly adore her. She is enjoying the sunnier weather too and has been outside rolling about on the patio with all four legs in the air, soaking in the warmth; she has always loved spring. The return of the sun also means she gets to play her two favourite games, ‘running up the palm trees’ and ‘hunting the pretend beast’ (which is basically just us waving a palm leaf about in the grass and her charging about after it! 

:: I cannot tell you the difference the lighter evenings are making to me. I am definitely struggling more with darkness as I get older; I seem to need much more light and sunshine now than ever before. My mood is just so much happier with more light and I am generally more motivated and inspired to do more things. Up until even a few years back I used to dread the thought of summer, but these days I cannot wait! Bring on the sun!

:: I was really happy to receive the March subscription box ‘Little Piece of Cornwall’ through the post last week; a subscription made up of the most beautiful, hand picked goodies from this even more beautiful county. When it arrived it felt like Christmas; I love subscription boxes and really miss getting my little beauty one I used to get. I was kindly gifted the March box of ‘Little Piece of Cornwall’ and I quite literally squealed when it arrived, because it is genuinely something I’ve been wanting to try since I saw the gorgeous Lucy, from Love Kernow mention it on her Insta story. The box has the most stunning foiled lettering on which I am obsessed with and the products inside, all sourced locally and hand picked around the theme of food for March, are all super yummy and gorgeous (I love the mini Cornishware cup more than I can say!). You guys should definitely check out their website and see what the subscription has to offer; if you love Cornwall, live in Cornwall and want to support local business or discover new ones, or you just want a gorgeous surprise box of goodies coming through your door every month, then you will love it! Click right here to head to the website and, if you want to go for it (go on, treat yourself), you can use the code ‘LUCY2019’ to get £10 off a six or twelve month subscription! I genuinely love it so much; I won’t accept anything that a) I wouldn’t spend money on myself or b) doesn’t fit with what I align with, because I want you guys to know that, when I work with a brand, it is because I adore them... and this is one of them! Go check them out and follow them on Instagram too for a dose of Cornwall.

:: I’m loving seeing the bluebells gradually opening up all over now and various pops of colour from the wildflowers as the spring into life again! There are also lots and lots of magnolia trees in full bloom here too; they never fail to look beautiful.

That is all for this week guys; I promise I will try and get my life back on track and get out and about a little more to show you some beautiful places in Cornwall. I have been working every weekend at the hotel, so it has been tricky, but balance will return in the end I am sure. Thank you so much for bearing with me through it all. 



  1. I totally understand where you're coming from in choosing a job. I'm currently in a similar situation where I need to find a part time job that doesn't use the mental energy of my previous one. Plus I absolutely recommend getting out of the house for your me time, and business planning. Even just finding a quiet spot in the park, or a seat at a cafe, for me makes me do so much more computer things than staying at home x

  2. I love love love the idea of getting out of the house for planning, I must do this more!! I love your gratitude posts Lucy, I hope a new routine settles soon and your able to find more me time for yourself.
    Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
    Peta xx


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