31 March 2019


^^ Friday's sunset over St Michaels Mount ^^

Before we get into any of this post at all, let me just say Happy Mother's Day to the lunatic that is my mum! Love you, you nut job.

Well, here we are again! These posts come around so fast (I know I say that every single week!). When this post goes live I will be working my very first shift in my new job; it's a part time position at a very beautiful hotel in Carbis Bay, and I truly can't wait to get started. I am a little nervous to get going but it is all about learning the ropes isn't it; it's always the same in any new job for the first couple of weeks as you find your feet, but I am excited to get into more of a routine and settle into the role, so wish me luck!

Of course, the fact that I am now going to be working 20 hours a week, means that I will have to up my organisation game a little! I am already pretty organised with Leaf Lane Studio and the blog, but I will lose my procrastination time, which is no bad thing! I will probably end up being even more productive now!

Right, onto this weeks gratitude/general chit-chat!

:: I'm going to start with a typical British thing to talk about: weather! The weather this week has been absolutely stunning and, although there has been a bit of a chill in the air, the sun has been out, the sky has been blue and it has made me so happy and content.

:: I have had two sunset walks this week and they were both so magical. One evening, Thursday I think, was super clear and Friday was a little misty, which meant you could see the outline of the sun and look at it safely as it set; it was in the sky above St Michaels Mount when I arrived on the coast path and was a deep, dusky orange-red. I love watching the sun go down and taking in the silence that comes with it, it is one of my favourite times of day.

:: There are so many pretty flowers to look at in the hedgerows at this time of year and the bluebells are making an appearance too. I have to stop and look at everything because it all makes me so grateful to be here and have all of this wonderful nature quite literally on the doorstep.

^^ Perranuthnue Church seagulls! ^^

:: I had a very overdue conversation with one of my favourite sea creatures this week, my 'Lobster', Helena! We always manage to leave it way too long between catch ups and then have one ma-hoosive call that really needs an interval for ice creams like in the olden cinema days! It is always so lovely to chat though and bring each other up to speed as life speeds on by!

:: I got out in the garden this week which, if you watch my Instagram Stories, you would have noticed! I had the ladders balanced in many crazy places and could hear my dad saying 'well, that's a stupid idea putting them there', but seeing as he is six hours away and unable to tell me off I just got on with it! What a rebel! There were a couple of ropey moments though but I lived to tell the tale.

:: I got reminded of a song that I absolutely love this week; I can't remember how I first heard it, I have a feeling it was via a random Spotify playlist a while ago, but anyway, it was lovely to rediscover it. The song is 'Tennessee Whiskey' by Chris Stapleton; the guys voice is incredible!

:: This week, whilst working on a bespoke, hand painted wedding card, I binge watched the remainder of the new series of Queer Eye; oh my goodness, it's just so heart warming. My favourite episode is still the one called 'Hose before Bros' (series one) or something like that, all about a fire station and their need to raise some money. I laughed so hard all the way through, it is such a great one, go watch it!

:: I have been struggling to use my Bullet Journal this month, I think I have used it twice; mostly because my mental health has been so bad that I haven't really had the enthusiasm to do it, so I have made April's spread the most simple yet; just functional with no focus on pretty illustrations, to get me back into the habit of using it again, because I have ended up with lists all over the place! The one thing I did stick to was my mini manifestation page and my monthly Oracle Card page, so I will complete those as normal, but not put any pressure on anything more for the next few weeks. I will try to make May more interesting and then pop up a YouTube video showing you how it looks! Does anyone else occasionally go off grid with diaries/journals? Sometimes it seems like too much effort, but actually I lose track of life way too fast without it!

:: After being basically bullied into it by Peta and Fraser, I watched Magic Mike this week. To be honest it was after a really bad day and I just thought, sod it, so threw it on Netflix. I really don't know what I make of that film... I mean, I'm a space geek film through and through, but at least I have watched it now, so the endless Magic Mike references being thrown at me from those two super fans will make more sense to me! Thoughts on Magic Mike people?

:: Little Gizmo has been super cute this week. I have been alone for a few days and she has followed me about even more than usual. She really is like a little dog sometimes! I have napped with her, sat out in the sun with her, gardened with her, worked with her on my lap, fed her my dinner when I was feeling too unwell to eat it (it's been a great week for her!).

My slightly nervous, somewhat scattered mind is going to call it a day there with this weeks post! I will be back, hopefully firing on most of my cylinders, on Wednesday! Have a great new week everyone!



  1. Congratulations on your new job! I'm also about to start the part time job search and am a little nervous about the process, so would love to hear how your first few weeks go. Also on the bullet journal front, I too have been very lax with it this month. I've stopped doing weekly spreads and have doing daily ones. There's been quite a few days that I haven't used it. I've also stopped filling in my monthly habit tracker and I'm not going to anymore. Its definitely about using it according to your needs x

    1. Thank you sweetie! It's a scary prospect doing something new isn't it? For me, I am more concerned about managing my time well enough to fit everything in, but I think, in the long term it may actually help to get me a little more 'on it' - I usually work better to time restraints! What job will you be doing? Totally agree on the BuJo front too. Some months I adore making it all pretty but this month it is super simple! xx


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