24 March 2019


^^ The gorgeous Trengwainton Garden (National Trust) in Penzance are the source of all of today's pictures! ^^

Sunday, how are you back so soon? Seriously, are these weeks zooming by or what; it's April any second now! I am so happy that the mornings are lighter now; by the time I leave the house for the gym at about 6.25am it is super light now although, that said, the clocks are soon to change aren't they, but spring time is definitely here!

I have been fairly busy this week with Leaf Lane Studio projects, including some commission pieces and wedding stationery orders, plus a couple of other exciting things have come through to me also, so that is great; next week I will be busy cracking on with those things and then on Sunday I start my new job too - busy times ahead.

Let's get on with this weeks list shall we?!

:: There are so many sparrows building their little nests around the garden right now and they can be seen with beaks stuffed full of twigs and whatever random bits they've discovered on their travels; they are so cute to watch, I love having the little bird families in the garden each spring, it fills me with joy.

:: After a bit of a difficult day on Tuesday (see this post for more about what has been going on recently) I treated myself to a magazine and some chocolate, because sometimes it is needed, and Tuesday was one of those times! I used to buy so many magazines, but haven't at all over the last couple of years, other than wedding ones for business reasons. It was lovely to sit and mindlessly flick through something that wasn't too much for my brain to handle. I set aside Tuesday as a 'nothingness' day, because I knew I was going to feel worn out and a little bit like taking a long nap (which I also did). These days I never have times where I do nothing whatsoever and I enjoyed the few hours I had so much.

:: This weeks program of choice whilst painting has been another Netflix series, Dirty John, and my word, that guy is creepy as hell isn't he?! Have you seen it yet? 

:: I mentioned over on Instagram, earlier this week, something I had heard on episode 343 of Lori Harder's 'Earn Your Happy' podcast that was such a light-bulb moment for me in several ways. Her guest, Adam Roa, was talking about seeing how things '...happen for you and not to you...' and went on to say how that when we are in one of those times where we feel like our lives our falling apart, it is merely a 'hollowing out' in order to create space for something new to come in. Another interesting thing Adam said was how we can't move forward to our 'next chapter' when we are 'still reading the previous one' and that the more we hold onto our previous one, the more violently it will be ripped out of our hands. Talk about an 'ah-ha' moment!

:: Yesterday I did a load of batch cooking including two curries, a tomato based chicken curry and a chickpea curry too as well as a big batch of lentil burgers. The freezer is now stocked up with easy to defrost and heat up meals again. I hate thinking about batch cooking but it is never as bad as I think when I get going! I also need to do a chilli too, but I am missing one ingredient so I will get that done on Tuesday evening once I have been shopping (jealous of the rock n roll life aren't cha!). Life is so busy that batch cooking at the weekend is so much easier and stops the whole 'let's just grab something easy' thing (usually a pizza or something if and when it happens).

:: Did you guys see the full moon this week? It was so beautiful, especially first thing on Thursday morning; when I left for training it was sitting low in the sky, looking absolutely stunning, can't beat a bit of sky-watching in my opinion.

:: This week I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks talks on YouTube; I don't know whether you have ever listened to any, but I love them so much. Take them for what they are and just absorb the words and there is so much goodness in there.

:: This week I decided to treat myself to something to help clear out my brain of all the business-related 'gumpf' that is going on in there, so I treated myself to the wonderful Jen Carrington's new e-book, Homecoming, which is a 100 page journal prompt / guide to help bring yourself back to yourself in terms of your 'why' and your intentions for your business. It was only £18 and is something that, so far, I am finding really useful. I have some unexpected free-time next week where I will be sitting down, meditating and journaling on quite a few things, and this guide will be a massive part of what I am delving in to.

:: Some blog posts and other things I have enjoyed this week are: Peta's 'Wonderful Wednesday' - always a beautiful read each week. You really should follow her on Instagram @nourishingsoulfully as her Insta-stories are really brill! / 'The Fringe of It' podcast, episode 40, with Lucy Sheridan, who is a comparison coach and totally wonderful human / 'Letters from a Hopeful Creative' podcast, episode 32, 'Mailing List Q & A' - really insightful and actionable info from the lovely girlies this week!

:: Lastly, but definitely not in order of importance, is how grateful I am to the bloody amazing people I have in my life... love you guys so much. With everything that has been going on and with my brain taking itself off on a holiday here and there, I appreciate all the love, the advice, the Netflix recommendations, the cat memes (!), flowers... everything. It isn't easy to let people really see you, the real version of you, in time of vulnerability (especially when you are an Olympic champ at putting on a brave, smiley face!), but I just want you to know how much it means to me, which is a lot.

I will be back on Wednesday and hope to have a new vlog up soon too, just have to edit the thing! Next week has a very long 'to-do' list attached to it, but I am excited to work through it all. Have a good week guys, see you Wednesday!

PS: You still have a few more days to grab 30% off my printable calendars over on Leaf Lane Studio, just use the code 'HAPPYMARCH' at the checkout and the calendar will drop to just £3.00 - print it as many times as you like! Enjoy!


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