17 March 2019


^^ Beautiful Marazion ^^

Happy Sunday once again lovely! So much is happening right now that I feel like it is Sunday before I have even registered that a new week has begun. Everything is whirling at a million miles an hour in my brain right now, so time is either painfully slow or at top speed, depending on the day and on what is happening! 

How has your week been? Full of inspiration and fun I hope... tell me what has been the highlight of your week in the comments, I would love to know what you've getting up to.

I am going to hop right on into this weeks gratitude list / general musings; let's do this!

:: I've had a couple of lovely walks this week, which were both really needed to clear my brain from the dust gathering in the corners. For me, being out in nature can't be beaten by anything at all; either by a beach or under the stars; it just helps everything seem better again. Watching happy dogs playing on the beach or kids having a great time lifts my spirits up so much; it's so lovely, it really is.

:: Whilst walking I really love watching the weather pass by. When I drove to Marazion beach, earlier in the week, I had to sit in the car and wait for a heavy rain shower to pass, then watched as the sun pushed on through and the rain passed over. As I sat on the wall there were two very different views from left to right (see below!).

^^ Marazion beach, looking towards Penzance... sun! ^^
^^ Marazion beach, looking towards Perranuthnoe... rain! ^^

:: I have had a bit of a 'throw back' music moment recently, thanks to Spotify! I found myself deep into old INXS tracks and then, most randomly, listening to 'Come Undone', a Robbie Williams song I had totally forgotten existed; I'm not a huge Robbie fan or anything, but I loved that song when I first heard it and it just screams the 90's doesn't it!

:: On Friday I got a little mention on 'Blog It, Boss It' radio, the podcast by Holly from 'A Branch of Holly'. She is doing little segments every week, where she picks someone who has left a review on iTunes, and has a look at your blogs home page and offers up some advise. If you saw my Instagram stories you will already know that I freaked out immediately, but I have since listened to her advice and I am totally on board with everything she spoke about. You can find the episode here, my little bit is just a couple of minutes but I am super grateful because Holly really knows her stuff!

:: I have done a lot of painting this week. I am trying to get through my commissions before I start my new job on 27th March (that is news hot off the press, as I have just got that date through - you heard it here first guys, before 'Hello' magazine got the gossip and everything!). For now I have taken my bespoke paintings off of Leaf Lane Studio, because I need to seriously increase my prices. I have been under charging substantially and so, for now, whilst I work out a new price structure, I have taken the page down, but if you do want to contact me about a painting you can still email me because I will take it on, but it will be priced per job from now on I think. Email me on hello@leaflanestudio.com for a chat!

:: I must say a huge thank you to Mandy, who is one of my lovely Instagram friends, who sent me a book she thought I would like this week; it is so sweet when you guys do things like that. If it wasn't for Lucy, another IG buddy, I would have never read the Mel Wells book, The Goddess Revolution, that made me see that I had to switch my mind from the total body hatred I was experiencing to 'I will try to love my body'! It is still very much a work in progress, but I will get there some day I swear! Thank you to you guys because you really are so lovely.

:: Speaking of books, I am just over half way through The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, and I am seriously loving it. The story has so many gems and little nuggets of goodness! I can't believe I haven't read it before, I really can't.

:: After mentioning that I wanted to create an enamel pin for a mental health charity, I have started working on some designs this week and think I have settled on two options. One is more simple, the other is more pretty and detailed! I think I will get them both made if I can't decide and sell one in my shop anyway! I will do a poll on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram at some point, so make sure you are following along over there too.

:: I am seriously thinking of uploading some quote/lettering designs onto one of those websites that you can print t-shirts or sweatshirts of your own choice (I think one is called 'Spreadshirt' but there are others for sure). I certainly can't afford to lay out the cash to get those kind of things made and then just hope to sell them, so doing it that way seems like a better option, it also would mean that you guys could choose exactly the style and colour you would like (and there are many to choose from). I am thinking of some really simple quotes (positive of course!) and see how it goes. What do you think? It would be separate to Leaf Lane Studios website, but I would add the page of designs to both websites. I'm mulling it over! Too many ideas verses hours in the day!

:: Have you guys watched any of the new Ricky Gervais series on Netflix called 'After Life'? It had been recommended to me by a couple of people and, I have to tell you, it is so good. It's one of those programs where you a laughing hysterically one minute and then have tears in your eyes the next. I would highly recommend it to anyone, it is worth a watch for sure.

That is it for today, I am off to continue on my painting mission and to remove my pajamas and replace them for clothes before I decide to just stay in them all day, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn't make me feel too productive!

Have a truly wonderful day and I will speak to you on Wednesday or over on Instagram where, apparently I spend way too much time! 


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