3 March 2019


^^ Looking over towards St Michaels Mount from the coast path to Cudden Point ^^

This week has flown by and it has been a busy one for me, but also a really lovely one too. Tuesday was my birthday (catch up with the post I wrote about turning 38 right here) and the day was filled with flowers, nature and too much sugar; more on that soon.

Before I launch into this weeks list, I just wanted to mention that I have now put my new cards into my store on Leaf Lane Studio, so head over and order yours before they sell out (you can also find my products right here on the blog too); I have had some orders already and I couldn't be happier or more grateful for the support you guys give me. I am also running an offer on both of my downloadable calendars for the month of March; use the code 'HAPPYMARCH' at the checkout to receive 30% off, making the calendar just £3.50! Click here to head to the website!

Alright my loves, let's jump into what has been a busy but wonderful week shall we?

:: Let's talk about my birthday first! I started the day with a workout, which included hitting a PB on rack pulls of 100kg (sorry mum - she hates that!), and also may have involved some millionaires shortbread, made by Rory with a very secret recipe that no one is allowed to know (apparently... I have tried to get it but it is worse then trying to get information out of the cat). Powered by all the sugar I had stuffed down my face that morning I decided to head out for a 'stroll', which turned into a seven mile coast path walk hike/military style trek, with me running up hills like a possessed mountain goat and challenging my body to the point where my feet were swollen and I could barely walk for a good few hours afterward (sexy image I know!). I was spoilt with some lovely gifts from some lovely people and flowers too, so I was very lucky and very grateful. The evening was spent eating a Marks and Spencers meal and laying down to rest my very painful feet! (Vlog of said 'trek' coming soon... you guys will just see the nice views though, don't worry!).

:: On Friday I met up with my wonderful friend Kimberley and her husband too, over at Birdies Bistro in Hayle. We had fish finger sandwiches (we are classy birds you know!) and caught up on everything that has been going on since we last saw one another. I was given another birthday present too; a fab book by Brene Brown, and a really cute little t-shirt, which I love so much (thank you lovely lady!).

:: This week I went over to the hotel I am due to start work in this month and chatted for a bit about hours and uniform; it was lovely to go there again, it really is so beautiful. I am looking forward to starting and learning the ropes (that's always the nerve wracking bit isn't it!) and getting stuck into my new part time job! It will be wonderful to have some consistency five days a week, all I need to learn to do is apply more focus on the tasks I have to do for the blog and business in the afternoons (and the thousands of other things I have planned!). I am really keen to get started though; I will let you guys know how I am going! Thank you for the messages some of you have sent over on my Instagram, congratulating me on getting the job, you are all so lovely to me.

:: Speaking of learning how to organise things better, I have been obsessively listening to Holly's podcast, 'Blog It, Boss It Radio' (Holly owns 'A Branch of Holly', so you need to check her out if you are looking for business/blogging tips and advice that is super actionable) which has such amazing episodes generally, but I listened to one yesterday morning which I totally clicked with. It was episode 14, 'How to Choose One Thing to Focus On', and it was so interesting and helpful. I also loved her episode on the importance of email lists and how to really get the best out of them (episode 13). If you are looking for help be sure to check this podcast out, because you can write notes and actually feel like you can apply the strategies, whereas some of the advice out there just feels too full of jargon and seems unobtainable.

:: Last night, whilst I stuck over a thousand boxes together, we watched Bohemiam Rhapsody*; holy crap guys, what a film. I am sure you must have seen it, so let me know what you thought in the comments, but I woke up in the night singing Queen songs in my head and just thinking about how bloody beautiful that film is. I am not a massive Queen fan, but I was captivated within the first ten seconds. It pulled on every single emotion, and I was just about holding it all together until one line 'Freddie Mercury' (played by Rami Malek) delivered in a moment of distress to explain his drug use, '...being human is a condition that requires a little anesthesia'; well that was it, I literally burst out crying. I was doing so well until that single line, it resonated so much (although, let me just clarify... I don't do drugs kids!).

:: It has been so mixed, weather wise, over in West Cornwall this week; you can see from my photos, taken on Tuesday, that it was like summer, but as I sit and type this post today we have a full on storm going on and the wind is crazy. With the nicer weather, earlier in the week, cam a whole lot of activity in the garden from our feathered friends! They were enjoying the little bird bath (previously a large saucer from a pot!), and there was quite the queue of sparrows and a black bird waiting for their turn whilst one had a very long and luxurious wash! There were also a lot of gorgeous Chaffinches in the tree at the bottom of the garden this week; they looked like they were having a little meeting there and were busy chattering away to each other! 

:: This morning I managed to read a substantial amount of  'A New Earth'*, by Eckhart Tolle, the book Kimberley lent me in the summer that has taken so long for me to read! I am thinking I will actually finish it today or tomorrow! I still stand by it being a must-read for anyone who is looking for something to open their eyes to seeing things differently, to 'awakening' and to help understand the speed of the human existence as we all know it. It makes you think, it helps you to understand things more and helps you realise why certain thoughts occur and patterns of behaviour arise as a result. Yes, it is not a fast paced read (clearly!), but it is wonderful.

I have a 'to-do' list as long as my arm today, so I will love you and leave you right there, but I will be back on Wednesday with another post and will be putting up a vlog very soon (maybe tomorrow!), so make sure you are subscribed over on YouTube too! Have a great rest of day!


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  1. What a week!! I am rather envious of the fish finger sarnies!!!

    1. They were quite posh ones actually... like goujons darhhhling!xx


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