13 March 2019


After a few Wednesdays of serious posts, I thought I would go light-hearted today, because sometimes it is totally needed isn't it?

How do some people make life look so effortless? You know those days where you forget that you are meant to ignore all the edited lives on Instagram and Pinterest and instead you find yourself in a vulnerable moment and, before you know it, you are two hours into the void of scrolling, wondering how you even manage to human at all? Come on, we've all been there!

I wanted to dedicate this post, in a light-hearted way of course, to all the times I have thought something utterly ridiculous whilst scrolling on-line; let me know what you agree with in the comments.

1. How do these people have plants that are so lush, glossy and green, whilst mine, regardless of what I do, seem to be actively trying to plot their own death? I read the instructions, I re-pot them when I am meant to, I water them when I am meant to; desperately try and create the 'right' environment for them to live in, but the buggers just will not even try to live!

2. Speaking of plants; why does everyone seem to have beautiful baskets, ceramic pots and all other manner of bespoke plant-holding-vessels? Our house is full of cheap plastic ones that are all the same (maybe that's why the poor plants are giving up?!). Note to self; inspire plants to live by investing in comfier homes for them.

^^ Image source from Pinterest, original from H & M ^^

3. I am suddenly realising how home-ware heavy this is... but my God people, why is everything so perfectly matched and why are there no huge piles of art materials haphazardly strewn about?!

4. Let's talk about cat beds. Gizmo has four 'official' cat beds, by that I mean they are beds made for a cat (I guess you worked that out for yourself!), but she also has six other places she sleeps, including on my all time favourite snuggly jumper, which she adores, so I let her have it for herself (even though it is quite possibly the one thing I own which has no holes in it). She also has the cosiest top from a pajama set on top of an even cosier blanket, which makes the bedroom look a bit of a mess. None of these things feature in peoples pictures on-line do they? I can think of only one exception to the rule (cough cough Peta, cough cough!).

5. Fitness posts are always interesting. I don't know about you guys, but when I train I look very much a cross between an over ripe tomato (slightly squashy and very, very red) and nervous wreck (clammy/sweaty... so sexy I tell you!). Instagram / Pinterest also doesn't show just how much most leggings have to be turned up in order to fit. I am 5ft 6", so not exactly little; pretty damn average for a girl, yet I have to turn up most of my leggings, carefully folding them under as equally as possible so I don't look like I have one leg distinctly longer than the other.

6. None of my meals make it into a photo, because I eat them.

 ^^ Original image from 'Summer Braid' ^^

7. Hairstyles. Oh Pinterest and your hairstyles. Maybe it is just me and my inability to follow instructions, but how do these girls make everything look so good? I can get one hundred 'bobby pins' in and still everything falls out.

8. Outfits! That is all I have to say about that. I mean, apparently fluffy socks, old gym leggings and a scrappy jumper just don't cut it. Two words to describe me: trend setter.

9. Home made items featured on Pinterest are always worth a laugh aren't they. I especially love the 'have you tried this' (or whatever it is called) section, where you can upload a picture of your attempt. I have never actually done that, but I can see it now... my attempt at baking 'the perfect chocolate cake' would end up looking like it had been rolled over several times by an over-excited Labrador.

10. Exquisitely decorated nails. Thankfully, I prefer a simple, regularly painted nail (or ten), but all of these detailed flowers, geometric shapes and other fan-dangled designs that people are posting just feel all kinds of unachievable. If I even attempted those, unsupervised, it would be like Art Attack has had a resurgence! 

I am sure I am missing so many things here, but I am just highlighting one or two of the things that make me laugh the most because, well, I am a real human you know! What bugs you the most?

I think we all just need to accept that we all have strengths and weaknesses and, if your strengths are not being perfect then good on you, because, quite honestly, who the f**k is anyway! Embrace all of your imperfections with pride because they have made you who you are today; without them, without all the things that have scarred your heart and soul, who would you be really? 

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  1. Oh my gosh Lucy, I love this! I agree with you about ALL of 'em, but especially number 6! I will occasionally take a photo of a meal in a restaurant if I feel like it but mostly the food I eat at home is not "grammable" and I inhale it within 5 minutes!

    Not complaining, I'd much rather be an actual human hehe xx


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