24 February 2019


^^ It's been so gorgeous this week... like spring! This little picture was taken from the back garden looking over toward Perranuthnoe church ^^

There are some weeks where I really have to dig about for the energy to find things I have been grateful for, because my mental health may have been bad, or something may have happened to cause some kind of 'meh!' week or few days. This week has kind of been a roller-coaster of everything, all thrown into a giant washing machine and put on 'spin'; there has been some awesome times and some darker ones, but there is always something to be grateful for, even on the bad days.

As you read this, I will be at The Eco Wedding Fair at Heartlands in Redruth, doing my first ever fair with my little business. I am writing this almost trembling with fear from not quite knowing what to expect, but also some excitement too of course; I have done a lot of craft fairs and I grew up working on market stalls with my Dad, so I am used to the trading side of things, but this is my actual, proper (grown up) business now... it feels more serious! A lot more rides on it I think, so that has put the pressure on. I have been vlogging all week with various ramblings about the fair and getting ready for it, so that will go up early next week and I think I will do a separate video about my experience as I fully understand that not all of you come to my YouTube channel for business related videos, so you can just skip past what you don't want!  

^^ A slightly misty morning over at St Michaels Mount ^^

^^ My beautiful necklace; a birthday pressie from my wonderful Lobby! ^^

Okay, I have waffled enough, let's get into this weeks list!

:: This week I received the most beautiful amethyst necklace (by Eclectic Eccentricity) from my wonderful Lobster (Helena... my bestie, in-case the lobster part threw you off!). My birthday is next week but she gave me permission to open the present early so I can wear it to the wedding fair! She even had a little 'L' put on it, which is for 'Lobster', not 'Lucy'! I love it, thank you so much gorgeous lady lobster!

:: I also received a 'birthday advance' from my mum/dad to help me out with a float for Sunday's fair... thank you mum, you saved my bacon! Although, I am looking forward to having it back in my purse in a non-float capacity as I really need some new gym leggings (holes everywhere in mine!).

:: Speaking of the gym; more PB's were hit this week! I managed to shoulder press the 22.5kg dumbbells, albeit only for a low amount of reps, but still, the strength is coming along. I also managed a personal best on rack-pulls and bench press too! Training is my thing and I love it!

:: On Thursday (I think!), I came home from the gym and it was just so warm and sunny that I took myself out on one of my 'meditation walks' that I love so much. You will see more of it in the vlog that is coming in the next few days, but this post is jammed with photos I took that morning. I usually use the first half of the walk to take photos and vlog, and then on the way home I shut everything off and try and just be silent and listen to what comes in from the universe. I had one or two things that sprung into my mind that I have been mulling over since then; these walks are the best for clearing my head and almost rebooting the intuition. Obviously it helps to have total open space, the sound of the waves and the stunning views but, regardless, it is so good for your soul to get outside.

^^ The mist lingering over Marazion... I love that place so much, if you ever visit Cornwall you have to go there ^^

:: I picked up all five of my new greetings cards for Leaf Lane Studio from my printer this week and I am so happy with how they turned out. I won't be able to photograph them and get them in my shop until after the wedding fair; time hasn't been on my side, but they are coming next week, so make sure you follow my business instagram to be sure you see when all the new stuff drops!

:: I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to say a huge thank you to the wonderful, magical human (bean!) that is Peta, because on Friday she managed to keep my head above water (all the way from Barcelona). It's really not important why, but she was a savior and I appreciate her LOADS, so lovely cat mum, thank you with all my heart

:: This week I have watched a few things on Netflix, whilst sticking thousands of boxes for the printers, so I thought I would give you my reviews (which I am beyond terrible at, but I will keep them basic... here we go!): Bird Box (A Netflix original film I think, featuring Sandra Bullock). This film had me wanting to turn it off right from the get-go, purely because it feature three cute birds in a box and I figured '...this can't end well...' but it did! I almost messaged Rory, my gym buddy, to see if it was 'safe' for me to watch, because he is the only person I know who's seen it! It was a great, but tense film, but I recommend it and, if you are a total animal-sensitive like me, heads up, the birds are fine, so go watch it! The other film I thought I would try, right after watching Bird Box, was Atonement, yes it's old, but I have never seen it. Not sure I would rave too much about it, but it was okay (see, I wouldn't qualify for a film reviewer job would I?!). I also watched the film 'Carol' again, which is a great film, definitely more 'arty' then most, but I liked it. Then on Friday evening, whilst working, Joe and I watched a documentary about flat earth. I listen to a lot of strange/conspiracy podcasts, so have heard everything there is to hear about this whole 'flat earth' thing, but if you get a chance to watch it, it's worth a laugh, it's called 'Behind the Curve' and, in my opinion, is worth seeing just to know what others are thinking exists, but is full of egotistical morons (not holding back my thoughts on that one!).

:: The most important news of the week was that I got my little part time job I interviewed for last week! Hooray! I am over the moon to have got something that fits around my business and allows me to work for some seriously lovely people too. I don't know anything about my start date until I meet with them but I am super excited for that.

That, my lovely lot, has to be 'it' for this week as I am about to schedule this and then launch into wedding fair prep (and I still haven't showered from the gym yet...ewwwww!), so I hope you enjoyed this one, be sure to leave me a comment below, and I will let you know via Instagram, when the vlog is up and will see you right back here on Wednesday!


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  1. What a beautiful necklace from Helen, she is bloomin’ Marvelous! I hope the fair goes wonderfully today, you’re amazing and have put so much work into it!! Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way my lovely, fanx for the mention innit, you is wonderful.
    Peta x


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