17 February 2019


^^ Gorgeous narcissi from Joe for Valentines Day, from the amazing Scilly Flowers ^^

Welcome back to another 'Weekly Gratitude' post, and what a week it has been! This week I feel like I have conquered the universe; I have done a lot of things this week that have pushed me way out my comfort zone, which is a really (really) good thing for all of us to do. I try and do things every single day that push my boundaries, no matter how small, because isn't that the essence behind growth? I think so anyway! 

Before I get stuck into this weeks post, just a reminder that I had my usual Wednesday blog post over on the lovely Lisa, from 'Love from Lisa' blog, so click on over to read that! Lisa and I did a blog post swap, so to see hers on my blog click here; we'd love you to check them both out of course!

One more thing... a vlog! Woo-hoo! I am back to the vlogs again now, although this one basically requires an interval (go make a cuppa!), because I merged two weeks together. Please head over to my YouTube Channel to subscribe and hit the 'like' button as these things really help my channel grow, which is definitely what I need right now! I would love to hit 800 subscribers before the year is through... I have about 450 at the moment... let's do this!

Right then... let's hit this gratitude list!

:: The first thing I am grateful for this week is the simple fact that I got through this week! That's totally allowed right? It's been a week full of long 'to-do' lists and many, many stresses. I'm doing my very first wedding fair with my little business, Leaf Lane Studio, and being the ridiculous perfectionist and over-thinker that I am, I have been a whirlwind of adrenaline and chattering away to myself about things I need to get done, whilst also in a total panic that all the things I have ordered just won't arrive in time. I have these little moments where I think '...come on woman, this is your first one, you have to start somewhere, and not everything will be perfect because you don't know what to expect' and then I calm down a bit... this lasts for about two minutes!

:: On my quest for a part time job I had an interview this week at a beautiful little, family run hotel, not too far from home. Everyone was super friendly and I would love to work there, so keep everything crossed for me guys and girls.

:: I was lucky enough to receive a box full of my absolute favourite flowers for Valenetines Day from Joe... they fill the house with such a gorgeous scent and I love them so much. Narcissi's and daffodils are just the best for adding colour and a happiness to the home aren't they? If you want to send someone narcissi's I can highly recommend Scilly Flowers; they are always stunning and quick to deliver.

:: This week, among all the wedding show prep and billion other things I have had to do, I have been sticking thousands of boxes for the printers (trying to earn the money to get new products printed as usual... see the end of the post for those!). One day, feeling like I was about to have a breakdown after doing something so stupid designing a card, and needing to start all over again, I dropped a load of boxes to the printers in Penzance and went for a walk on Marazion Beach. It was fairly empty and just breathing the sea air made the world of difference to my melting brain! (Too many tabs open up there for sure!). Watch the vlog I posted to see some footage of that walk. I love living in Cornwall as there are just so many options for going places and finding much needed solitude.

:: As I pulled into the car park at Marazion on 'breakdown' day, I checked my phone and found an email which told me I had received a voucher from the ever so wonderful Peta, from Nourishing Soulfully, as an early birthday pressie because she had seen me waffling on about my trainers being totally broken and so sent me a voucher to get more! Do you know what I did? Can you guess? I cried like a baby in the car (typical me!). Thank you a million times over to you, lovely Peta (and to Fraser too of course!).

^^ See the vlog I posted above for more on this lovely little walk, and this man with his kite! ^^
^^ St Michaels Mount is always a magical sight to me, it just never gets boring at all ^^

:: I don't buy music much these days because, you know... poverty! But on Friday, iTunes had a live Oasis album for under £4, so I had to get it because it's live music and live music is bloody amazing. I do like a bit of heavy Oasis whilst I'm training (live is always heavier isn't it), mixed in with Metallica and various other things! The album is called 'Familiar to Millions' and I highly recommend it!

:: The 'little beepers' are back! If you have just started reading my blog you will have no idea what in the world I am talking about! Each spring we have about three to four birds nest in the roof of the cottage and, when the babies arrive we call them the 'little beepers' just because that is what they sound like. The adults are currently back and forth to the house with little beaks full of things to build their nests and I love, love, love that they are there. I feel responsible for their well being and love hearing the little ones first cries and then watching them being fed and learning to fly. Gizmo is kept at a far distance, don't worry!

^^ More kite-surfers making the most of the wind ^^

:: This morning, at about 6am, as I was getting ready to do my cardio, I listened to the latest episode from Kate Taylors amazing 'Practical Magic Podcast' (one of my top shows for sure!). The episode is called 'The Power of Love' and it is only about 13 minutes long so give it a listen; in the show she talks about the power of positive self talk verses negative on our bodies and minds, using the famous water experiment by Emoto Masaru as an example (where, in simple terms, giving a glass of water positive affirmations changed its make up, in comparison to feeding negative thoughts to a different glass of the same water and seeing negative effects as a result). She talks about how, as human beings, we are made up of so much water that why should it be different for us... positivity is the way people! Give it a listen here if you like that sort of thing.

That is all for this week, next Sunday I will be at the wedding fair all day (if you're in Redruth head to Heartlands!) but I will get a post up for you either scheduled or just after the fair so please bear with my tired little brain! Below are the brand new cards that will be hitting my Leaf Lane Studio shop very soon (just waiting to collect them from the printers!). Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

I will also be vlogging this coming week and will try to get some footage of the wedding event and discuss how it went afterwards so you guys who are starting a creative business may be interested to hear about that! I will, as always, be totally open and honest and tell you the highs and lows!

Have an amazing week and be sure to pop back here for Wednesday's post!


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