10 February 2019


^^ My newly re-homed indoor plants looking happier already! ^^

I am back with a weekly gratitude post this week after last weeks slight plot twist! This week has been full on busy but pretty good; I have had a week where creative ideas have been pouring in, which if you are a fellow creative you will know feels so good because it isn't an everyday occurrence to feel that way; in-fact, a great deal of the time it is mostly tumbleweed! So, to ensure I don't miss a thing I have been manically scribbling down ideas and trying to note things as they come to me as I haven't the time to pursue all of them at once!

This week West Cornwall has been hit by the ever so lovely storm 'Eric', which meant that several mornings I found patio furniture had found its own way to various random parts of the garden, with one chair aiming for a getaway at the back gate. I am praying for more sunshine though because I have had enough of the cold, dark starts now and am ready for the spring to start.

Anyway, before I launch into a full 'I'm-British-so-let's-talk-about-the-weather' rant let's get into this weeks list!

^^ A beautiful sunrise over the sea this morning ^^

:: I have definitely mentioned Catherine from Katnipp Illustrations on here before, but this week, in the middle of all my creative thoughts and overwhelming ideas, I watched her vlog and I just felt even more motivated to move things along. If you like watching illustrators at work then check out her YouTube channel because she is super open, shares her processes (successes and failures) and is just so sweet with it. I love to watch Catherine when I am feeling a bit tired or down in the dumps, because she is a real sweetheart and so inspiring too.

:: My mum surprised me with an early birthday present this week, and posted me a new bottle of the only perfume I ever wear (Clarins... the red bottle!), as mine had run out! Thanks mum! Also, in the package, the company she ordered it from had sent some skin care samples and they are bloody amazing. It is a Japanese brand called 'DHC' and the samples I received were their 'quick gel brightening moisturiser' and another more milky, lighter moisturiser. Let me tell you something guys, I have no idea what it is that Japanese brands put in their skin care, but whatever it is my skin loves it! I tried SKii once (also Japanese) and it changed my complexion in one use, as did the brightening moisturiser in the sample pack. I have been suffering with stress-related skin recently and, literally one application later had changed the appearance... it's pretty bloody miraculous. If you are interested in checking it out, you can find it here (but it is pretty expensive, so needless to say my skin will have to learn to live with the more simpler things in life, like spots!). If anyone knows what the secret ingredient in Japanese skincare is, pray tell!

^^ Hit a 290kg on this bad boy this week... aiming for the 300kg this coming week! ^^

:: Training has been a massive success this week! I have hit PB's all over the shop and am really loving every single second of it right now. There is nothing more motivational that seeing your strength climb and climb, it does it for me anyway! My only complaint is that I am suffering from the technical term known as 'lifters calluses'; my lovely gym buddy let me try his lifting straps on Saturday, so I will be eventually investing in some... once I have done a little more busking outside the train station! :-)

:: Speaking of training, this morning I head over to Belerion in Hayle to take part in a new Sunday class, and it was awesome! It pushed me massively and I loved every single second of it. I am so into my heavy lifts right now, and there were plenty of those, but also some really good HIIT training too! 

:: On Friday night, whilst windy old storm Eric (bloody Eric!) was having a moment, the back gate ended up open and, as we lay in bed, all we could hear was a crashing of the gate over and over... so, dressed in my attractive pajamas (I was praying no one saw me as it was about 11pm!), I head out into the night to close the gate... as I was outside I had to stand for a second to look at the stars (of course!) and, wow, how beautiful they looked. The clearest and most beautiful by far was the Orion constellation, it was shining directly overhead and was so clear and so bright, simply stunning.

:: This week I have been obsessed with one episode of the Lori Harder podcast 'Earn Your Happy'; it is rare that I listen to a podcast episode more than once, but this one, episode 307, 'The Secrets to Winning in Business and Life' with Winn Claybaugh, dragged me in and, so far I have listened to it twice, with a third time coming up so I can note down some real nuggets of inspiration. The second half of the episode resonated so completely that I found myself getting super emotional. It is a good one, it really is. I am also now adding Winn's book 'Be Nice or Else' to my read list for 2019.

:: Friday was a full on day for me; having come home from the gym I immediately launched into what was meant to be a simple bit of housework, but ended up being a full on 'Monica on speed' clean. We are talking nozzles on the hoover all around the edges of every room and even hoovered lights (*places head in hands!*). I then decided that, whilst I was all gross from training and house-working, I would re-pot all of the house plants too. Note to self, learn to chill out sometimes.

I am going to end this post by showing you a few photos of my favourite fur baby... just look at the second one; this is the view when she jumps up at the office window and wants in immediately if not sooner!

Have a great week and I will see you right back here for Wednesdays post!



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  1. Oh my goodness that second photo of Gizmo really tickled me!! I must listen to that Earn Yourself Happy episode! Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way my dear xx


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