3 February 2019


^^ Today's post is all photos from this mornings walk at Botallack Mine, isn't it beautiful? ^^

The first Sunday of February has arrived; January had about 1,658 days and is finally behind us (I don't like to wish time away, but it seemed to go on forever!). This week has been a bit of a fail for me; if you read Thursdays post then you will know why, so I decided that, instead of a gratitude list, I would do a 'Taking Stock' post for January.

It's not that I am not grateful for things that have happened this week, there are plenty of beautiful silver linings, but I went to some rather dark places mental health wise, so I would rather draw a big, fat line under it and move forward as I am on the mend now! I am very, very grateful to all the people who kept me going this week, you know who you are and I am forever in your debt for it.

This mornings walk over at Botallack Mine and surrounding coastal path was stunning; the sun was out, it was a tropical nine degrees, and so I thought I would show you a few pictures from that along with the look back over January, I hope that is okay with you for a one off Sunday post!

Before we get going though, I have popped my new Bullet Journal YouTube video below for you to check out too; if you haven't got your hands on my free printable yet then click right here for that, or look in the description box under the video if you watch it over on my YouTube Channel. I would love it if you liked the video and subscribed over on YouTube as it really helps my channel growth, which is a big focus for me this year.

Right then, let's hop into the look back over the longest month ever shall we?!

m a k i n g :: a Bullet Journal video on my brand new camera! Hooray! It has taken me a while to find the time to film and actually know what it was that I needed to do to make it look right! I am so not used to these posh cameras you know and, apparently they take effort to learn... how inconvenient! I am the worlds most impatient human when it comes to technology and I just want to know how to do something immediately! I have a lot to learn but hopefully I will get there sooner rather than later! (PS: I will be getting a little mic for it too, so the sound will improve).

c o o k i n g :: a new, healthy curry and lots of other things to freeze for meals in the week. Handy tip: always check you have room in the freezer before batch cooking a shed load of food... seems like this would be obvious, but when I get on a role...!

d r i n k i n g :: no where near enough alcohol to get me through the month. In fact I think that New Years Eve was the last glass of wine I had! I also have not been drinking enough water either. In short, the answer to this 'drinking' section should simply say 'not enough'.

r e a d i n g :: I have finally really made the effort to get into 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle. I have had this book on the go for so long, but have been so busy that I read parts of it and immediately forget what I have read, or think it is so genius that I need to go back and re-read it! What has helped me get through more of the book is that one of my favourite podcasts, Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, has been doing a weekly episode with Eckhart Tolle talking about each chapter, so I have been making the effort to get up to speed with it. This book is on loan to me (thanks Kimberley!) but I think I will eventually get my own copy because I really want to write notes in it and highlight sections I love which, as a rule I would frown upon in a book, but this one calls for it as it is a real spiritual nugget of a book!

w a n t i n g :: a bloody hair cut!! I look like the creature from the deep unless I make an effort to curl my hair. If I straighten it I look like this. It's not a good look at all!

p l a y i n g :: oh my goodness, guys I need help... I am addicted to 'Shallow' from A Star is Born and I haven't even seen the film. I am a sucker for soppy songs, which you know already if you have been around here for a while (!), but this song just pulls at my heart every single time, I love it so much! I can't help being such an old-fashioned romantic moron; I'm flying the flag as there isn't many of us left you know.

d e c i d i n g :: what work I need to do for the wedding show I am doing on 24th February. I cannot believe it is almost here; I have quite a bit of work to get sorted for it but it is my first show so I will make it work if it's the last thing I do!

w i s h i n g :: on a star... always! I have been spending a fair amount of time looking up at the stars this last month. Although it is super cold, when it is clear it has been so very beautiful. Getting outside and looking up at the stars and planets always clears my head and realigns my soul. My next tattoo, to go under the one on my left ribs, will be a constellation... mum, I can already feel you celebrating another one! (she won't be happy people!).

^^ My new camera has a 'star' setting apparently! ^^

e n j o y i n g :: heavy lifting in the gym. For some reason January has seen my strength increase so much. My lifts have been going well and I brought my leg press up to 270kg this week and my dumbbell chest press to 20kgs; there have been so many increases all round and I am just loving it. It has given me so much joy this month to be in there making huge leaps. It really is my 'thing' and I love it more than anything!

w a t c h i n g :: I have been sticking a lot of folders for the printers I do work for recently, so I decided to re-watch Breaking Bad, which I really enjoyed the first time round. I have also been watching random films on Netflix, like 'How to be Single', which is so bloody funny and a couple of other things that currently escape my memory! Any Netflix recommendations welcome!

l i k i n g :: that January is over. It has been a funny old month and I am more than ready for February (which will already be here when you read this of course). I have seen so many people saying that January has felt sooooo long and I couldn't agree more! Bring on the spring I say!

w o n d e r i n g :: whether I will ever own clothes without holes again! I'm thinking I am probably on trend somewhere in the world, I mean, people pay money for ripped jeans and t-shirts don't they? Not such a cool thing at my age perhaps... I am like the embarrassing Auntie or something. I've always been a little bit behind the trends, why change now!

l o v i n g :: peaceful walks along coast paths with my camera for company. I don't think I could ever go back to living in a busier place after living here, I thrive in nature, under clear starry skies and the silence that comes with being so far away from a busy town or city. Cornwall was my spiritual home from my very first visit and feels like the place my soul belongs.

h o p i n g :: to put some of my big business plans into action over the following months. I have some things I really want to get up and running for Leaf Lane Studio and I am so excited to get started on them and even more looking forward to building this little business of mine into something amazing.

m a r v e l l i n g :: over the 'blood moon', did you guys see it last month? Oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. I would spend every minute of my time outside at night if I could, but to see something like a lunar eclipse is really special for me.

n e e d i n g :: did I mention a haircut?! I try not to want for much materialistic stuff really these days; it is more a case of it something breaks or becomes too full of holes to wear then it will be replaced! I always need gym kit, but hey, that's what I live in six days a week so I can't help work my way through that!

s m e l l i n g :: of nothing very soon... i'm almost out of my Clarins perfume (insert crying emoji here!). I am not a perfume wearer really and the Clarins 'Eau Dynamisante' is a nice mixture of treatment and fragrance and has been the only thing I've worn for years, I hate anything strong and sickly, so why change what you love hey?!

w e a r i n g :: my jammies way too much! They are so comfortable though; I am dressed properly on my top half all the time, but rocking the pajamas on the bottom half; I should get better at not doing that! #workingfromhomelife

f o l l o w i n g :: the life in our garden as spring slowly starts to take hold and new buds appear. I love this time of year, it fills me with so much inspiration and optimism for what's to come.

n o t i c i n g :: that, as I approach my 38th birthday, how much has changed within me. I have loved my 30's for so many reasons and it has been a real season of growth and understanding who I am. It feels really good (and I haven't even buggered off travelling to 'find myself'... turns out I was never lost, just waiting to see the path more clearly in front of me... oooh, now I've typed that I am all over that idea for a future blog post!).

k n o w i n g :: that this year is going to be the making of me as a person, I feel it in my bones. One year into business, and I have learned so much that this has to be the year it all comes together, I am going to work my fluffy little socks off to make sure it all happens!

t h i n k i n g :: that I would love to write more. Having visited Botallack this morning, I can see myself driving over there, notebook in hand, and sitting to write in total silence; that would be heaven for me.

So, there you have it, a bit of a round up and look ahead all wrapped into one post! What did you enjoy most about the month of January? Let me know in the comments, and tell me what February plans you have! Come and have a chat or email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.


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