6 February 2019


^^ Photo by Michael Rosner-Hyman on Unsplash ^^

In this crazy world of ours there is way to much focus on the negative: who is doing what and why they should be doing it differently, endless 'trolls' online with way too many opinions on things they no nothing about, politicians that seem determined to mess up any task that comes their way and humans who just don't give a shit about our amazing planet, to name a few things. Because of this madness, it is more important than ever to surround yourself with positivity; friends and colleagues who are on the 'same page', self-care that recharges you or anything that makes you happy, with no harm to others of course; and if you cannot do that right now, be the fucking positivity for yourself (sorry for not censoring that, but I needed to make a strong point!). 

Bring your own light if you can't receive it from someone else, but keep your light shining out as far as possible so it overlaps with others and helps wake them up to the magic of life, regardless of what it may throw at us all. Try and see the good in things, try and have gratitude for the little things in life that we can take for granted; listen to people (really listen), look at nature with a new sense of perspective and with a connection to it and just bring the positivity to your own door, especially if no one is doing it for you. Just stop relying on others to help you shine when you are just as capable of doing it alone.

Look around at people with different eyes; see the good, know in your soul that they may (and probably do) have a struggle going on right now that you know nothing about, support people, say 'hello', give compliments and praise the people that you may usually not even give one minute of time to. Sometimes it is the people that radiate the most confidence that need your light shined in their direction. Stop and think about how many times you have put on a facade in order to survive a situation or a whole period of time in your life; many people look confident from the outside, they look like they have the hardest shells or that they have their shit together 24/7, but quite honestly, at least from my experience (maybe because I am one of them sometimes!), they are the ones in pain.

This is something you can see a lot of in the gym environment. The big guys who stomp about looking cocky and very sure of themselves can often be suffering with the worst self-esteem or confidence. The tiniest women can feel inferior, when us more curvy girls look at them in awe and wonder. My point is that you just don't know what is going on with someone else, not unless you take the time to find out.

You get what I am saying here; start seeing only the good (or as much of it as you can anyway) and it changes you. Yes, of course we all have days when everything seems crappy and we need to just let them be, ride the storm and all that jazz; but as much as you can, allow people to see their own good, tell them about what you see in them and show them some kindness, some pride in what they are doing, shine your light right on them; I promise it feels so good to do it. 

I think the world needs a little a lot more of this, don't you?

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