26 February 2019

38... LET'S DO THIS!

Today I celebrate 38 years flying through the universe on this tiny dot we call Earth; well done mum for having me lifted out of you, which I am pretty sure was nowhere near as easy as I made it sound (I am picturing that scene from The Lion King when Simba gets lifted up on the edge of the cliff... that's totally how they do caesareans right?!). I always like to pop a birthday-related post up so I have something to remind me how the year has been, so if you want to humor me and have a read let's go!

I want to reflect a little on some of the things that life has brought up over the last year, in a very similar sense to what I did last year, which, now that I go back to the post, could be totally relevant for this year in the most part! Let's face it, I am still an awkward human in most social situations, battling between being part extrovert and part introvert (just think Chandler Bing and his 'I-must-try-and-say-something-when-there-is-silence' dodgy humor and you'll get it!). I have way too many thoughts rushing through my brain all at once, at any given time, so I never really complete any list, because I am always adding to it! I am also the worlds worst at sitting and doing nothing: if a film is on I have to be working or writing or sketching... doing anything but simply sitting (this is not a good thing and needs working on!). I'll save the rest of my fabulous quirks for the end of the post, I don't want to peak too soon, for now let's chat about the bigger areas of life shall we?


This has certainly meant a lot more to me in the last year, not in a specific way at all, but I have been a lot more consistent in how I practice the things that help keep me level headed, calm and content. I have found some books and podcasts that really resonate with me and ditched all the things that were just creating 'noise' in my head, rather than actually helping me become a more balance human!

Having certain things I do daily/most days, such as angel cards, journaling, reading certain books, listening to interesting podcasts and meditating or walking meditation really help me to realign with what matters, try to bring a bit of inner peace and tune back into my intuition (which is one of my 'things' - I have always been very intuitively led with most life choices, especially over the last five or so years).

M E N T A L  H E A L T H

This has been a huge deal over the last twelve months especially; even though I have been suffering with something mental health related since around 14/15 years old. I am a big believe in cycles of change and I think that, right now, my mental health is going through a shift; I won't say it is easy (it is ridiculously painful some days), but I know that there is a deeper reason for it and that, when I emerge from this shift (hopefully soon), I will be able to reflect and realise why it had to happen. With age has come the realisation that nothing happens without reason and, as that famous quote says 'this too shall pass' (thanks to Peta for reminding me of that one in my hour(s) of need last Friday!).

If any of you guys are fellow MH sufferers always try to see the positive in life; start by writing down the little things you are grateful for every single day, and before you know it you will start to see more and more things. I know this can be super hard on the worst days, but try your best or, if it is really bad, just read previous lists and remember what made you smile before. 

 C O N F I D E N C E

My confidence has grown in so many ways this year (despite my mental health struggles). The key to it has been just focusing on my own sh*t! Simple. There are days where I lose all the confidence (usually hormone or MH related) but I have learnt to ride the storm and remember that it will pass by. Thinking back to how I felt about my business a year ago has made me realise how much strength and self belief I have gained. I am 100% confident in my brand and what, as a business owner, I believe to be the ethos of Leaf Lane Studio; and because of that belief (even though I have a long way to go) I know I can make it work. I work hard at it, I do a lot to teach myself new things and to try and be the best I can be as a person, in business and in my personal life; it doesn't always go to plan because, hey, we all f**k up don't we, but I try my best and push myself all the time because I know I am capable of more.

The big area of confidence I have worked on this last year, which is a continuing battle for me is my body image and relationship with food. I worked with Peta, and her wonderful business 'Nourishing Soulfully', on food mentoring sessions (I'm not so confident I have called the sessions the right thing, forgive me Peta!) which really, really helped me, but I have a lot of work still to do.

I am definitely getting there in many ways; my strength increase in the gym has given me greater confidence in my body and its ability to do hard things (in-fact, this morning I managed a 100kg rack pull, which is a personal best for me!); the encouragement I get from the people I train around and with has helped soooo much. My body has been through a lot and is still in one piece (mostly!), and I want to give it less of a hard time. That will hopefully have happened by this time next year; I will keep working on it.

O T H E R  T H I N G S . . . 

I have some of the most amazing female friendships I have ever had in my life right now. I am not someone who has a huge group of girl-friends that all meet up, we are scattered all over the place, but I hold them all close to my heart and they support me through so much (even though I can be impossible to get personal stuff out of some days and get told off when they eventually learn I've been suffering in silence!). Helena, my lobster, you are bloomin' wonderful you beautiful human, Peta, fellow cat mum and long suffering bike-widow... I appreciate our friendship so much. Kimberley, my Octo (how have I got two sea-creatures as friends?!), you are such a wonderful light in my life and I love our chats over salads cake (not that you actually get a word in). Kat... you support me through everything and I am soooo grateful for you honey. CB, you are bloody bonkers (I can't write about you because it may be blocked by the people that run the interwebs!), need I say more? I love all you guys and, if I haven't mentioned you then it means I have a terrible memory and I am high as a kite on millionaires shortbread right now so please forgive me! (This well meaning paragraph may end badly for me!).

I can honestly say that, whilst life is certainly not at its easiest right now, I am feeling more capable and proud of what I have achieved than ever before; it is not materialism that lights me up at all, it is all the small things that happen throughout the week and being able to learn and unfold more as a person; those are the things make me happy. I look at the things that happen in life through totally different eyes to how I used to and, even when times seem really hard, I try everything I can to learn the lesson from what has been shown to me through the experience I have had. If that sounds a little hippy then, yeah, maybe it is, but it's who I am, and at 38 I am proud of who I am, even some of the hard things I've faced, because they have brought me to the very place in life I am at right now, and that is pretty wonderful.

Here's to another year ahead and, boy do I plan to make it count! Stay tuned for the next chapter!


24 February 2019


^^ It's been so gorgeous this week... like spring! This little picture was taken from the back garden looking over toward Perranuthnoe church ^^

There are some weeks where I really have to dig about for the energy to find things I have been grateful for, because my mental health may have been bad, or something may have happened to cause some kind of 'meh!' week or few days. This week has kind of been a roller-coaster of everything, all thrown into a giant washing machine and put on 'spin'; there has been some awesome times and some darker ones, but there is always something to be grateful for, even on the bad days.

As you read this, I will be at The Eco Wedding Fair at Heartlands in Redruth, doing my first ever fair with my little business. I am writing this almost trembling with fear from not quite knowing what to expect, but also some excitement too of course; I have done a lot of craft fairs and I grew up working on market stalls with my Dad, so I am used to the trading side of things, but this is my actual, proper (grown up) business now... it feels more serious! A lot more rides on it I think, so that has put the pressure on. I have been vlogging all week with various ramblings about the fair and getting ready for it, so that will go up early next week and I think I will do a separate video about my experience as I fully understand that not all of you come to my YouTube channel for business related videos, so you can just skip past what you don't want!  

^^ A slightly misty morning over at St Michaels Mount ^^

^^ My beautiful necklace; a birthday pressie from my wonderful Lobby! ^^

Okay, I have waffled enough, let's get into this weeks list!

:: This week I received the most beautiful amethyst necklace (by Eclectic Eccentricity) from my wonderful Lobster (Helena... my bestie, in-case the lobster part threw you off!). My birthday is next week but she gave me permission to open the present early so I can wear it to the wedding fair! She even had a little 'L' put on it, which is for 'Lobster', not 'Lucy'! I love it, thank you so much gorgeous lady lobster!

:: I also received a 'birthday advance' from my mum/dad to help me out with a float for Sunday's fair... thank you mum, you saved my bacon! Although, I am looking forward to having it back in my purse in a non-float capacity as I really need some new gym leggings (holes everywhere in mine!).

:: Speaking of the gym; more PB's were hit this week! I managed to shoulder press the 22.5kg dumbbells, albeit only for a low amount of reps, but still, the strength is coming along. I also managed a personal best on rack-pulls and bench press too! Training is my thing and I love it!

:: On Thursday (I think!), I came home from the gym and it was just so warm and sunny that I took myself out on one of my 'meditation walks' that I love so much. You will see more of it in the vlog that is coming in the next few days, but this post is jammed with photos I took that morning. I usually use the first half of the walk to take photos and vlog, and then on the way home I shut everything off and try and just be silent and listen to what comes in from the universe. I had one or two things that sprung into my mind that I have been mulling over since then; these walks are the best for clearing my head and almost rebooting the intuition. Obviously it helps to have total open space, the sound of the waves and the stunning views but, regardless, it is so good for your soul to get outside.

^^ The mist lingering over Marazion... I love that place so much, if you ever visit Cornwall you have to go there ^^

:: I picked up all five of my new greetings cards for Leaf Lane Studio from my printer this week and I am so happy with how they turned out. I won't be able to photograph them and get them in my shop until after the wedding fair; time hasn't been on my side, but they are coming next week, so make sure you follow my business instagram to be sure you see when all the new stuff drops!

:: I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to say a huge thank you to the wonderful, magical human (bean!) that is Peta, because on Friday she managed to keep my head above water (all the way from Barcelona). It's really not important why, but she was a savior and I appreciate her LOADS, so lovely cat mum, thank you with all my heart

:: This week I have watched a few things on Netflix, whilst sticking thousands of boxes for the printers, so I thought I would give you my reviews (which I am beyond terrible at, but I will keep them basic... here we go!): Bird Box (A Netflix original film I think, featuring Sandra Bullock). This film had me wanting to turn it off right from the get-go, purely because it feature three cute birds in a box and I figured '...this can't end well...' but it did! I almost messaged Rory, my gym buddy, to see if it was 'safe' for me to watch, because he is the only person I know who's seen it! It was a great, but tense film, but I recommend it and, if you are a total animal-sensitive like me, heads up, the birds are fine, so go watch it! The other film I thought I would try, right after watching Bird Box, was Atonement, yes it's old, but I have never seen it. Not sure I would rave too much about it, but it was okay (see, I wouldn't qualify for a film reviewer job would I?!). I also watched the film 'Carol' again, which is a great film, definitely more 'arty' then most, but I liked it. Then on Friday evening, whilst working, Joe and I watched a documentary about flat earth. I listen to a lot of strange/conspiracy podcasts, so have heard everything there is to hear about this whole 'flat earth' thing, but if you get a chance to watch it, it's worth a laugh, it's called 'Behind the Curve' and, in my opinion, is worth seeing just to know what others are thinking exists, but is full of egotistical morons (not holding back my thoughts on that one!).

:: The most important news of the week was that I got my little part time job I interviewed for last week! Hooray! I am over the moon to have got something that fits around my business and allows me to work for some seriously lovely people too. I don't know anything about my start date until I meet with them but I am super excited for that.

That, my lovely lot, has to be 'it' for this week as I am about to schedule this and then launch into wedding fair prep (and I still haven't showered from the gym yet...ewwwww!), so I hope you enjoyed this one, be sure to leave me a comment below, and I will let you know via Instagram, when the vlog is up and will see you right back here on Wednesday!


20 February 2019


^^ Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash ^^

The first thing you probably thought when you read the blog title was 'you silly woman, you have it the wrong way around!', but no... it is the right way around!

I cannot take credit for that title as it was something that was said in a podcast episode I was listening to a couple of weeks ago (and have listened to about four times in total now because it really resonated with me). The  podcast was episode 307 from Lori Harder's amazing podcast 'Earn Your Happy', titled 'The Secrets to Winning in Business and Life' with Winn Claybaugh.

I wanted to unpick the whole 'Ready, Fire, Aim!' thing because it really is genius! The problem with the traditional 'ready, aim, fire!' is that most of us aim and aim and aim for so long that we don't actually go for it, we don't 'fire' towards our goals soon enough, if at all.

I can talk about this from personal experience because the Lucy of old, the Lucy that dreamed of starting a stationery business years and years ago, and only spoke of it during that really inspired time we have around New Years Eve (where we feel unstoppable for all of five minutes), spent way too long aiming. My aiming was made up of endless, tedious 'research' of competitors websites and reading all the right books and listening to all the right podcasts; which is all valid, but what is not valid is the years it took me to leap, or 'fire'. The procrastination part is the part that stops most people from achieving their dreams, or at least trying to achieve them, because we so easily talk ourselves out of it or, during our extensive 'research' we then suffer from the dreaded 'comparison syndrome', which can be terminal to any new entrepreneur.

Now that I have the gift of hindsight I can say that Winn's re-ordering of the sentence to 'Ready, Fire, Aim!' is what we should all do, because let me tell you something, basically all the research I did meant nothing when I launched Leaf Lane Studio! I have learned to aim and re-aim since launching, because getting started is the only way to truly learn and be prepared.

Before I launched my business, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Gemma Sands, and having her as my business coach gave me a full on kick up the backside that I needed, because I genuinely think I would still be researching now, and I'm not even joking! Gemma took me through so many practical steps and I finally had to be accountable to someone other than myself, which clearly wasn't working was it! I laugh now, because I remember the amount of times Gemma said '...you just need to launch (fire) and then get the details sorted along the way (aim)...'. Knowing what a perfectionist she was dealing with poor old Gemma would always advise me to launch the brand/website as I had it, and to understand that as I worked with it 'live', so to speak, that I would naturally want to shift things around, telling me that I would have learnt so much and would intuitively 'know' what I needed to shift and, I hate to admit it, but she was right (you have it in writing Gem!).

Looking back it is all so obvious to me now, but before you launch something it just seems terrifying! How could I have possibly known exactly how I needed everything to work or look without actually testing it and just working with it for a while? Starting a business is tough and you do find yourself constantly wanting to re-work things, probably because the world is your oyster and, suddenly, you are your own boss who can do whatever you want, but take the advice; narrow right in on your ideal customer and, if you don't get it all set in stone, launch anyway and tweak it (aim) along the way!

For me, it is only now, just over a year in, that I am re-working my website; it's hard work, but I now know much more about what my clients need/want (through actually doing the work with them...gasp!). I can now see it far more clearly and have a lot more insight to use and work with, rather than guessing.

So the moral to this story is simply this: aim along the way, no-one will know that you haven't got it all sorted yet except you. Just launch the thing, whatever the thing is and work it out as you go; take it from me, I know this is the right way (now!). Leaf Lane Studio would probably be about five or six years old right now if I hadn't have taken so long to get myself together!

You simply cannot learn the bones of running a business without running the business!

17 February 2019


^^ Gorgeous narcissi from Joe for Valentines Day, from the amazing Scilly Flowers ^^

Welcome back to another 'Weekly Gratitude' post, and what a week it has been! This week I feel like I have conquered the universe; I have done a lot of things this week that have pushed me way out my comfort zone, which is a really (really) good thing for all of us to do. I try and do things every single day that push my boundaries, no matter how small, because isn't that the essence behind growth? I think so anyway! 

Before I get stuck into this weeks post, just a reminder that I had my usual Wednesday blog post over on the lovely Lisa, from 'Love from Lisa' blog, so click on over to read that! Lisa and I did a blog post swap, so to see hers on my blog click here; we'd love you to check them both out of course!

One more thing... a vlog! Woo-hoo! I am back to the vlogs again now, although this one basically requires an interval (go make a cuppa!), because I merged two weeks together. Please head over to my YouTube Channel to subscribe and hit the 'like' button as these things really help my channel grow, which is definitely what I need right now! I would love to hit 800 subscribers before the year is through... I have about 450 at the moment... let's do this!

Right then... let's hit this gratitude list!

:: The first thing I am grateful for this week is the simple fact that I got through this week! That's totally allowed right? It's been a week full of long 'to-do' lists and many, many stresses. I'm doing my very first wedding fair with my little business, Leaf Lane Studio, and being the ridiculous perfectionist and over-thinker that I am, I have been a whirlwind of adrenaline and chattering away to myself about things I need to get done, whilst also in a total panic that all the things I have ordered just won't arrive in time. I have these little moments where I think '...come on woman, this is your first one, you have to start somewhere, and not everything will be perfect because you don't know what to expect' and then I calm down a bit... this lasts for about two minutes!

:: On my quest for a part time job I had an interview this week at a beautiful little, family run hotel, not too far from home. Everyone was super friendly and I would love to work there, so keep everything crossed for me guys and girls.

:: I was lucky enough to receive a box full of my absolute favourite flowers for Valenetines Day from Joe... they fill the house with such a gorgeous scent and I love them so much. Narcissi's and daffodils are just the best for adding colour and a happiness to the home aren't they? If you want to send someone narcissi's I can highly recommend Scilly Flowers; they are always stunning and quick to deliver.

:: This week, among all the wedding show prep and billion other things I have had to do, I have been sticking thousands of boxes for the printers (trying to earn the money to get new products printed as usual... see the end of the post for those!). One day, feeling like I was about to have a breakdown after doing something so stupid designing a card, and needing to start all over again, I dropped a load of boxes to the printers in Penzance and went for a walk on Marazion Beach. It was fairly empty and just breathing the sea air made the world of difference to my melting brain! (Too many tabs open up there for sure!). Watch the vlog I posted to see some footage of that walk. I love living in Cornwall as there are just so many options for going places and finding much needed solitude.

:: As I pulled into the car park at Marazion on 'breakdown' day, I checked my phone and found an email which told me I had received a voucher from the ever so wonderful Peta, from Nourishing Soulfully, as an early birthday pressie because she had seen me waffling on about my trainers being totally broken and so sent me a voucher to get more! Do you know what I did? Can you guess? I cried like a baby in the car (typical me!). Thank you a million times over to you, lovely Peta (and to Fraser too of course!).

^^ See the vlog I posted above for more on this lovely little walk, and this man with his kite! ^^
^^ St Michaels Mount is always a magical sight to me, it just never gets boring at all ^^

:: I don't buy music much these days because, you know... poverty! But on Friday, iTunes had a live Oasis album for under £4, so I had to get it because it's live music and live music is bloody amazing. I do like a bit of heavy Oasis whilst I'm training (live is always heavier isn't it), mixed in with Metallica and various other things! The album is called 'Familiar to Millions' and I highly recommend it!

:: The 'little beepers' are back! If you have just started reading my blog you will have no idea what in the world I am talking about! Each spring we have about three to four birds nest in the roof of the cottage and, when the babies arrive we call them the 'little beepers' just because that is what they sound like. The adults are currently back and forth to the house with little beaks full of things to build their nests and I love, love, love that they are there. I feel responsible for their well being and love hearing the little ones first cries and then watching them being fed and learning to fly. Gizmo is kept at a far distance, don't worry!

^^ More kite-surfers making the most of the wind ^^

:: This morning, at about 6am, as I was getting ready to do my cardio, I listened to the latest episode from Kate Taylors amazing 'Practical Magic Podcast' (one of my top shows for sure!). The episode is called 'The Power of Love' and it is only about 13 minutes long so give it a listen; in the show she talks about the power of positive self talk verses negative on our bodies and minds, using the famous water experiment by Emoto Masaru as an example (where, in simple terms, giving a glass of water positive affirmations changed its make up, in comparison to feeding negative thoughts to a different glass of the same water and seeing negative effects as a result). She talks about how, as human beings, we are made up of so much water that why should it be different for us... positivity is the way people! Give it a listen here if you like that sort of thing.

That is all for this week, next Sunday I will be at the wedding fair all day (if you're in Redruth head to Heartlands!) but I will get a post up for you either scheduled or just after the fair so please bear with my tired little brain! Below are the brand new cards that will be hitting my Leaf Lane Studio shop very soon (just waiting to collect them from the printers!). Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

I will also be vlogging this coming week and will try to get some footage of the wedding event and discuss how it went afterwards so you guys who are starting a creative business may be interested to hear about that! I will, as always, be totally open and honest and tell you the highs and lows!

Have an amazing week and be sure to pop back here for Wednesday's post!


13 February 2019


Today I have collaborated with the ever so lovely Lisa, from the blog 'Love from Lisa'(we are pretty much blog-name-twins aren't we?!). Lisa and I have known each other via the blogging/Instagram community for a while and then last year, as Lisa was preparing to marry her now husband, she asked me to do her wedding stationery for her too, which was such a lovely project to take on!

We decided that a collaboration was well over due so today we are posting on each others blogs; to see the post I wrote for Lisa click over to her blog here and have a read! You should definitely check her out and go and say hi over on her social platforms too, which I have linked at the end of the post! If you are into anything from lifestyle to Bullet Journals and motherhood to travel, then you will love Lisa and her posts, so head on over and follow her after you have read this!

Over to Lisa...

February is the month of love, whether we want to think about it or not, we can’t help it. Reminders to think about the one you love, to buy the one you love something, or to explain who you love is everywhere we look.

I have lots of loves in my life. I love a good block of chocolate, eating hot jam donuts, hot chips are right up there on my love list, but my greatest love of all is the love of spending time alone.

In a society where we often compare our lives to others, where we feel obliged to justify certain decisions in our lives, and where we often times feel confused, annoyed, or down in our thoughts, there really is no better time to forget everything and remember the most important thing in our lives - ourselves.

To celebrate this month of love, I propose that we focus a full month on self-care for no one but us. A month where we put ourselves first, spoil ourselves a little, and remember how fantastic we are, and who knows, after this month of caring for ourselves first, we may just continue the trend well into the year.

^^ Image source | by Engin Akyurt, via Pixabay ^^

So, to inspire self-care for ourselves during the month of love, here are six self-care ideas to try out:

1. I love a good old Sex and The City reference, this one is to do with the episode where the girls talk about their secret single behaviour, the things they do when they’re alone. Carries is eating saltines with grape jelly whilst reading fashion magazines. Charlotte’s is studying her pores in a magnifying glass every night for an hour. Mine is watching back-to-back episodes of The Middle whilst eating chocolate. This month I suggest you find your secret single behaviour and make as much time for it as you can.

2. Sometimes we just need a dose of our favourite food to make a bad day better. If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, why not go to a local cafĂ© and treat yourself to a cake you’ve been meaning to try, or if savoury is more your thing, head to your local grocery store and make a delicious cheese board. The best thing about doing this on our own is that we don’t have to share.

3. Spend five minutes to however long you want reading your favourite book or magazine, or find a new TV show or movie to watch; I love rom-coms and often watch them solo. Getting stuck into a good book, magazine, or show is a great way to forget about anything on your mind, and get lost in a different world.

4. Explore an area you’ve been meaning to visit; it doesn’t have to be far away, it could just be checking out the high street in the next suburb. As a bonus, on the way there you can play your music as loud as you want.

5. Is there a hobby that you’ve wanted to start but just haven’t found the time? This could be the month where you start to look for hobby ideas that you can start to incorporate into your life. It could be anything from painting, writing, de-cluttering, reading new genres - the options are endless.

6. Book yourself a massage or buy yourself a bunch of flowers. These are fantastic ways to feel more energised.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself this month, enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Enjoy the feelings that come with taking care of yourself before others, and feeling better in your own skin. Learning to enjoy time on our own means that we can start to rely on ourselves, and not others, to make us happy and fulfilled, and in my books that alone is no better reason to practice daily self-care.

So here’s to love; love for secret single behaviour, our favourite foods, corny shows, great books, and most importantly love for ourselves.

Find Lisa here:

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Thank you so much to Lisa for writing this post for my blog, don't forget to head over to see what I have written for Lisa's blog too, and let's help widen this little blogging community of ours!

If any of you guys would like to collaborate on a post or project please do get in touch, either DM me on Instagram (where I sadly spend too much time!) or email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com


10 February 2019


^^ My newly re-homed indoor plants looking happier already! ^^

I am back with a weekly gratitude post this week after last weeks slight plot twist! This week has been full on busy but pretty good; I have had a week where creative ideas have been pouring in, which if you are a fellow creative you will know feels so good because it isn't an everyday occurrence to feel that way; in-fact, a great deal of the time it is mostly tumbleweed! So, to ensure I don't miss a thing I have been manically scribbling down ideas and trying to note things as they come to me as I haven't the time to pursue all of them at once!

This week West Cornwall has been hit by the ever so lovely storm 'Eric', which meant that several mornings I found patio furniture had found its own way to various random parts of the garden, with one chair aiming for a getaway at the back gate. I am praying for more sunshine though because I have had enough of the cold, dark starts now and am ready for the spring to start.

Anyway, before I launch into a full 'I'm-British-so-let's-talk-about-the-weather' rant let's get into this weeks list!

^^ A beautiful sunrise over the sea this morning ^^

:: I have definitely mentioned Catherine from Katnipp Illustrations on here before, but this week, in the middle of all my creative thoughts and overwhelming ideas, I watched her vlog and I just felt even more motivated to move things along. If you like watching illustrators at work then check out her YouTube channel because she is super open, shares her processes (successes and failures) and is just so sweet with it. I love to watch Catherine when I am feeling a bit tired or down in the dumps, because she is a real sweetheart and so inspiring too.

:: My mum surprised me with an early birthday present this week, and posted me a new bottle of the only perfume I ever wear (Clarins... the red bottle!), as mine had run out! Thanks mum! Also, in the package, the company she ordered it from had sent some skin care samples and they are bloody amazing. It is a Japanese brand called 'DHC' and the samples I received were their 'quick gel brightening moisturiser' and another more milky, lighter moisturiser. Let me tell you something guys, I have no idea what it is that Japanese brands put in their skin care, but whatever it is my skin loves it! I tried SKii once (also Japanese) and it changed my complexion in one use, as did the brightening moisturiser in the sample pack. I have been suffering with stress-related skin recently and, literally one application later had changed the appearance... it's pretty bloody miraculous. If you are interested in checking it out, you can find it here (but it is pretty expensive, so needless to say my skin will have to learn to live with the more simpler things in life, like spots!). If anyone knows what the secret ingredient in Japanese skincare is, pray tell!

^^ Hit a 290kg on this bad boy this week... aiming for the 300kg this coming week! ^^

:: Training has been a massive success this week! I have hit PB's all over the shop and am really loving every single second of it right now. There is nothing more motivational that seeing your strength climb and climb, it does it for me anyway! My only complaint is that I am suffering from the technical term known as 'lifters calluses'; my lovely gym buddy let me try his lifting straps on Saturday, so I will be eventually investing in some... once I have done a little more busking outside the train station! :-)

:: Speaking of training, this morning I head over to Belerion in Hayle to take part in a new Sunday class, and it was awesome! It pushed me massively and I loved every single second of it. I am so into my heavy lifts right now, and there were plenty of those, but also some really good HIIT training too! 

:: On Friday night, whilst windy old storm Eric (bloody Eric!) was having a moment, the back gate ended up open and, as we lay in bed, all we could hear was a crashing of the gate over and over... so, dressed in my attractive pajamas (I was praying no one saw me as it was about 11pm!), I head out into the night to close the gate... as I was outside I had to stand for a second to look at the stars (of course!) and, wow, how beautiful they looked. The clearest and most beautiful by far was the Orion constellation, it was shining directly overhead and was so clear and so bright, simply stunning.

:: This week I have been obsessed with one episode of the Lori Harder podcast 'Earn Your Happy'; it is rare that I listen to a podcast episode more than once, but this one, episode 307, 'The Secrets to Winning in Business and Life' with Winn Claybaugh, dragged me in and, so far I have listened to it twice, with a third time coming up so I can note down some real nuggets of inspiration. The second half of the episode resonated so completely that I found myself getting super emotional. It is a good one, it really is. I am also now adding Winn's book 'Be Nice or Else' to my read list for 2019.

:: Friday was a full on day for me; having come home from the gym I immediately launched into what was meant to be a simple bit of housework, but ended up being a full on 'Monica on speed' clean. We are talking nozzles on the hoover all around the edges of every room and even hoovered lights (*places head in hands!*). I then decided that, whilst I was all gross from training and house-working, I would re-pot all of the house plants too. Note to self, learn to chill out sometimes.

I am going to end this post by showing you a few photos of my favourite fur baby... just look at the second one; this is the view when she jumps up at the office window and wants in immediately if not sooner!

Have a great week and I will see you right back here for Wednesdays post!



6 February 2019


^^ Photo by Michael Rosner-Hyman on Unsplash ^^

In this crazy world of ours there is way to much focus on the negative: who is doing what and why they should be doing it differently, endless 'trolls' online with way too many opinions on things they no nothing about, politicians that seem determined to mess up any task that comes their way and humans who just don't give a shit about our amazing planet, to name a few things. Because of this madness, it is more important than ever to surround yourself with positivity; friends and colleagues who are on the 'same page', self-care that recharges you or anything that makes you happy, with no harm to others of course; and if you cannot do that right now, be the fucking positivity for yourself (sorry for not censoring that, but I needed to make a strong point!). 

Bring your own light if you can't receive it from someone else, but keep your light shining out as far as possible so it overlaps with others and helps wake them up to the magic of life, regardless of what it may throw at us all. Try and see the good in things, try and have gratitude for the little things in life that we can take for granted; listen to people (really listen), look at nature with a new sense of perspective and with a connection to it and just bring the positivity to your own door, especially if no one is doing it for you. Just stop relying on others to help you shine when you are just as capable of doing it alone.

Look around at people with different eyes; see the good, know in your soul that they may (and probably do) have a struggle going on right now that you know nothing about, support people, say 'hello', give compliments and praise the people that you may usually not even give one minute of time to. Sometimes it is the people that radiate the most confidence that need your light shined in their direction. Stop and think about how many times you have put on a facade in order to survive a situation or a whole period of time in your life; many people look confident from the outside, they look like they have the hardest shells or that they have their shit together 24/7, but quite honestly, at least from my experience (maybe because I am one of them sometimes!), they are the ones in pain.

This is something you can see a lot of in the gym environment. The big guys who stomp about looking cocky and very sure of themselves can often be suffering with the worst self-esteem or confidence. The tiniest women can feel inferior, when us more curvy girls look at them in awe and wonder. My point is that you just don't know what is going on with someone else, not unless you take the time to find out.

You get what I am saying here; start seeing only the good (or as much of it as you can anyway) and it changes you. Yes, of course we all have days when everything seems crappy and we need to just let them be, ride the storm and all that jazz; but as much as you can, allow people to see their own good, tell them about what you see in them and show them some kindness, some pride in what they are doing, shine your light right on them; I promise it feels so good to do it. 

I think the world needs a little a lot more of this, don't you?

3 February 2019


^^ Today's post is all photos from this mornings walk at Botallack Mine, isn't it beautiful? ^^

The first Sunday of February has arrived; January had about 1,658 days and is finally behind us (I don't like to wish time away, but it seemed to go on forever!). This week has been a bit of a fail for me; if you read Thursdays post then you will know why, so I decided that, instead of a gratitude list, I would do a 'Taking Stock' post for January.

It's not that I am not grateful for things that have happened this week, there are plenty of beautiful silver linings, but I went to some rather dark places mental health wise, so I would rather draw a big, fat line under it and move forward as I am on the mend now! I am very, very grateful to all the people who kept me going this week, you know who you are and I am forever in your debt for it.

This mornings walk over at Botallack Mine and surrounding coastal path was stunning; the sun was out, it was a tropical nine degrees, and so I thought I would show you a few pictures from that along with the look back over January, I hope that is okay with you for a one off Sunday post!

Before we get going though, I have popped my new Bullet Journal YouTube video below for you to check out too; if you haven't got your hands on my free printable yet then click right here for that, or look in the description box under the video if you watch it over on my YouTube Channel. I would love it if you liked the video and subscribed over on YouTube as it really helps my channel growth, which is a big focus for me this year.

Right then, let's hop into the look back over the longest month ever shall we?!

m a k i n g :: a Bullet Journal video on my brand new camera! Hooray! It has taken me a while to find the time to film and actually know what it was that I needed to do to make it look right! I am so not used to these posh cameras you know and, apparently they take effort to learn... how inconvenient! I am the worlds most impatient human when it comes to technology and I just want to know how to do something immediately! I have a lot to learn but hopefully I will get there sooner rather than later! (PS: I will be getting a little mic for it too, so the sound will improve).

c o o k i n g :: a new, healthy curry and lots of other things to freeze for meals in the week. Handy tip: always check you have room in the freezer before batch cooking a shed load of food... seems like this would be obvious, but when I get on a role...!

d r i n k i n g :: no where near enough alcohol to get me through the month. In fact I think that New Years Eve was the last glass of wine I had! I also have not been drinking enough water either. In short, the answer to this 'drinking' section should simply say 'not enough'.

r e a d i n g :: I have finally really made the effort to get into 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle. I have had this book on the go for so long, but have been so busy that I read parts of it and immediately forget what I have read, or think it is so genius that I need to go back and re-read it! What has helped me get through more of the book is that one of my favourite podcasts, Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, has been doing a weekly episode with Eckhart Tolle talking about each chapter, so I have been making the effort to get up to speed with it. This book is on loan to me (thanks Kimberley!) but I think I will eventually get my own copy because I really want to write notes in it and highlight sections I love which, as a rule I would frown upon in a book, but this one calls for it as it is a real spiritual nugget of a book!

w a n t i n g :: a bloody hair cut!! I look like the creature from the deep unless I make an effort to curl my hair. If I straighten it I look like this. It's not a good look at all!

p l a y i n g :: oh my goodness, guys I need help... I am addicted to 'Shallow' from A Star is Born and I haven't even seen the film. I am a sucker for soppy songs, which you know already if you have been around here for a while (!), but this song just pulls at my heart every single time, I love it so much! I can't help being such an old-fashioned romantic moron; I'm flying the flag as there isn't many of us left you know.

d e c i d i n g :: what work I need to do for the wedding show I am doing on 24th February. I cannot believe it is almost here; I have quite a bit of work to get sorted for it but it is my first show so I will make it work if it's the last thing I do!

w i s h i n g :: on a star... always! I have been spending a fair amount of time looking up at the stars this last month. Although it is super cold, when it is clear it has been so very beautiful. Getting outside and looking up at the stars and planets always clears my head and realigns my soul. My next tattoo, to go under the one on my left ribs, will be a constellation... mum, I can already feel you celebrating another one! (she won't be happy people!).

^^ My new camera has a 'star' setting apparently! ^^

e n j o y i n g :: heavy lifting in the gym. For some reason January has seen my strength increase so much. My lifts have been going well and I brought my leg press up to 270kg this week and my dumbbell chest press to 20kgs; there have been so many increases all round and I am just loving it. It has given me so much joy this month to be in there making huge leaps. It really is my 'thing' and I love it more than anything!

w a t c h i n g :: I have been sticking a lot of folders for the printers I do work for recently, so I decided to re-watch Breaking Bad, which I really enjoyed the first time round. I have also been watching random films on Netflix, like 'How to be Single', which is so bloody funny and a couple of other things that currently escape my memory! Any Netflix recommendations welcome!

l i k i n g :: that January is over. It has been a funny old month and I am more than ready for February (which will already be here when you read this of course). I have seen so many people saying that January has felt sooooo long and I couldn't agree more! Bring on the spring I say!

w o n d e r i n g :: whether I will ever own clothes without holes again! I'm thinking I am probably on trend somewhere in the world, I mean, people pay money for ripped jeans and t-shirts don't they? Not such a cool thing at my age perhaps... I am like the embarrassing Auntie or something. I've always been a little bit behind the trends, why change now!

l o v i n g :: peaceful walks along coast paths with my camera for company. I don't think I could ever go back to living in a busier place after living here, I thrive in nature, under clear starry skies and the silence that comes with being so far away from a busy town or city. Cornwall was my spiritual home from my very first visit and feels like the place my soul belongs.

h o p i n g :: to put some of my big business plans into action over the following months. I have some things I really want to get up and running for Leaf Lane Studio and I am so excited to get started on them and even more looking forward to building this little business of mine into something amazing.

m a r v e l l i n g :: over the 'blood moon', did you guys see it last month? Oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. I would spend every minute of my time outside at night if I could, but to see something like a lunar eclipse is really special for me.

n e e d i n g :: did I mention a haircut?! I try not to want for much materialistic stuff really these days; it is more a case of it something breaks or becomes too full of holes to wear then it will be replaced! I always need gym kit, but hey, that's what I live in six days a week so I can't help work my way through that!

s m e l l i n g :: of nothing very soon... i'm almost out of my Clarins perfume (insert crying emoji here!). I am not a perfume wearer really and the Clarins 'Eau Dynamisante' is a nice mixture of treatment and fragrance and has been the only thing I've worn for years, I hate anything strong and sickly, so why change what you love hey?!

w e a r i n g :: my jammies way too much! They are so comfortable though; I am dressed properly on my top half all the time, but rocking the pajamas on the bottom half; I should get better at not doing that! #workingfromhomelife

f o l l o w i n g :: the life in our garden as spring slowly starts to take hold and new buds appear. I love this time of year, it fills me with so much inspiration and optimism for what's to come.

n o t i c i n g :: that, as I approach my 38th birthday, how much has changed within me. I have loved my 30's for so many reasons and it has been a real season of growth and understanding who I am. It feels really good (and I haven't even buggered off travelling to 'find myself'... turns out I was never lost, just waiting to see the path more clearly in front of me... oooh, now I've typed that I am all over that idea for a future blog post!).

k n o w i n g :: that this year is going to be the making of me as a person, I feel it in my bones. One year into business, and I have learned so much that this has to be the year it all comes together, I am going to work my fluffy little socks off to make sure it all happens!

t h i n k i n g :: that I would love to write more. Having visited Botallack this morning, I can see myself driving over there, notebook in hand, and sitting to write in total silence; that would be heaven for me.

So, there you have it, a bit of a round up and look ahead all wrapped into one post! What did you enjoy most about the month of January? Let me know in the comments, and tell me what February plans you have! Come and have a chat or email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.

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