20 January 2019


^^ The stunning views of Cape Cornwall feature heavy in today's post, isn't it gorgeous? ^^

This week definitely hasn't been as social as last week, so if you are here to see pictures of all the cakes I shouldn't be eating you are in the wrong place! This week has very much been about me fighting this awful cough and cold, which I think had finally decided to take a hike, and also about trying to finish the commissions that I have been working on, because said cold has slowed me right down!

The start of 2019 really has seemed like a warm up, so I am seeing February as a new start, because January has been all about bad health and too many migraines (also bad health!). Still, I am staying positive, I managed to do some good things with my training despite feeling super poorly 90% of the month, so good things were accomplished!

Let's hop straight into the highlights of this week then shall we?

:: This morning we head off over to Cape Cornwall, which if you are not too familiar with the county, is right near Lands End, and accessed through the pretty village of St Just. It's about a 20 minute drive from our village, and on a day like today, where the weather is a little all over the shop, it comes into its own; think big skies and dramatic landscapes. I have not been feeling at my best recently, and today my mental health is poor, so a walk up to the top of Cape Cornwall, feeling the wind in my face and being somewhat beaten up by nature, was just what the doctor ordered. The walk up is always one that I aim to stride out and get done as fast a possible; it clears the mind, helps to get the heart rate up and generally reminds you that you are a mortal human being! It is one of my most favourite places to be, especially sitting on the bench right at the top, looking straight out to sea and allowing my mind to settle inwards a little. There was a seal down by the rocks today, bobbing up and down in the rough seas and so many birds gliding along, with no need to flap their wings at all. I could sit there for hours in any weather just taking all the life in; the little plants that cling to the rocks, the sea crashing against the cliffs, the boats making their way across the horizon, the sun beams pushing through the clouds and highlighting a little cove further along the coast. I find these moments help connect me, spiritually, and quiet my mind right back down again. Every time I am there I ask myself why I don't visit it more often, it really is a stunning place to go.

:: This week I was given two bunches of daffodils which have been making me smile all week long; you guys will know by now that they are my absolute favourites and they just cannot fail to bring happiness into the house with them. There are more and more popping up in the garden too, along with some hyacinths that I planted last year (and totally forgot about!). I cannot wait for spring to arrive, it is my most favourite season of all.

:: How much I have I enjoyed the fact that Harry Potter has been on all week, and repeated this weekend too? Answer, a lot! I love sitting and working with HP on in the background, there is something so comforting about it!

:: On the subject of films/programmes; my lovely lobby, Helena, suggested that I should watch The Staircase on Netflix, after she recommended Making a Murderer and I loved it! Well, seeing as I was basically in my art room and painting all week long I did as I was told and watched it. Wow, it's a good one; I always end up unsure of who is telling the truth throughout. Have you seen it? What did you think?

:: I have been such a bad reader recently and have been trying to work my way through 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle, for what seems like forever. The thing with that book is that it is all of the things I love to read about, so I tend to re-read chapters in order to fully understand and absorb the point being made (not helpful to get a book finished!), not only that but I only get time at night, and about two sentences in I am falling asleep. Also not helpful! What has been really useful, however, is that Oprah is currently doing ten shows, one every Monday, as part of her Super Soul podcast, with Eckhart Tolle, discussing a chapter of the book each week. This has motivated me to get stuck in with the reading so I can be up to speed with what they are discussing. It really is so interesting and eye opening about the human psyche, and I would highly recommend it, if those sorts of books happen to light you up. I have also started reading another book I have on loan from a different friend (I have a stack of borrowed books right now!), this one is called Everything I Know About Love, by Dolly Alderton. It is a total contrast to the other one but a welcome balance! I will report back soon on what I think! Let me know what you are reading at the moment in the comments!

:: With my recent bouts of anxiety I have been more tired than usual this week and on Thursday I laid down on the spare bed and, just as I was drifting off to sleep, Gizmo pounced on me and curled up on my stomach with her paw holding my hand and her little face pushed into my neck; we slept like that for an hour and it was the most relaxing sleep ever.

:: You know my passion for looking at the stars... the other morning, whilst I was stood outside at about 6.25am, like you do, I was watching satellites pass overhead and spotted at least four or five. If you haven't ever seen them then you can see them so easily on a clear night or early morning. Look for a non-blinking, constant light moving fast across the sky and you have either seen the Space Station or a satellite. Anyway, as I stood watching one pass over my head, I suddenly saw a much (much) faster moving object that sped across the sky before kind of jolting off to the side and carrying on. In my mind that was not natural but whatever it was it was pretty cool to see!

:: The moon has been looking amazing recently and, if I am right, I think tonight is the blood moon/lunar eclipse thingamajig, which I will try and see some of, if it is clear. I am 100% convinced that a full moon makes Gizmo go all kinds of bat-shit-crazy as she just acts up in the few days leading up to and after one! Does anyone else experience this with their animals?

Before I head off I wanted to say a big thank you to anyone who has bought my calendar (click here to check it out) and to those of you that have been buying my little 'Always You' cards for Valentines Day too! I must get more printed as they are a good little seller! All your orders are always appreciated and also give this little business owner a reason to do a victory dance for selling something (that happens!). As promised at the end of last year, I will be getting stickers printed for my shop very soon too and some tear-off notepads, so stay tuned!

I think I will leave it there for this week and leave you with some more pictures from a bit of a quiet week of happenings! See you on Wednesday for another post!


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