13 January 2019


^^ There have been some stunning sunrises and sunsets this week ^^

Welcome to another Weekly Gratitude list, how has your week been? 

This week has been a busy one for me, with a couple of social get togethers and lots of art work to get done. Unfortunately, to add to the fun of the week, I got struck down with a horrible cold and a bit of a crappy mental health week too, and as much as it was really hard to keep pushing forwards and stay focused I definitely have more than enough reasons to stay positive and keep looking to the future, so onward and upwards it is. Sometimes these days are sent to test us aren't they, but it really is about picking out the lessons from each and every situation and learning something new about yourself and the path you are on too. On the subject of mental health, did you get a chance to read Wednesday's post, 'Take Time to Heal'? If you are interested in reading a little about anxiety and how I try to deal with those days, then check it out!

On to today's gratitude list!

:: I mentioned last week how I am really 'into' my weight training at the moment (which I always am but I'm just more in the zone right now!) and, for some reason known only to the Gods, I have suddenly found my strength hugely increasing, and I am loving it; so much that I took myself off to the gym at 7am this morning for a 'bonus lift' day! I am having to ask my lovely gym buddies for a spot here and there but it is certainly helping me get to where I want to be strength wise. As soon as this cold buggers off I will be hitting some more intense cardio a few times a week too and am hoping to notice even more strength appear. The early morning gym crew are so motivated and it is contagious to be around.

:: For the first time in a long time I managed to open up a little to someone special in my life about what I have suffered with my mental health this week and the mindset I found myself in. I do struggle to articulate what goes on in my mind sometimes for fear of losing people or them thinking I am completely off my rocker (which I am but I don't want anyone realising!) but everything I said was received so well and I felt so much calmer for being able to be honest and not be judged. I am extremely grateful for that.

:: There have been the most stunning skies this week; sunrises, sunsets and night skies filled with stars. I saw a bright 'shooting star' on Tuesday morning before the gym and it took my breath away; I could spend hours upon hours laying under the nights sky and never get bored, how can you when nature is so perfect?

::  I was lucky enough to have two little social outings this week, totally beating my usual quarterly total in the first half of January! Smashed that target! On Wednesday I met up with Kate, who was a client of mine through Leaf Lane Studio last year. We met over in St Agnes, at The Canteen, and enjoyed a yummy lunch and a hot chocolate together and a good old natter too. I hadn't been to The Canteen before and, whilst it was definitely not something everyone would be comfortable with (think long table crammed with people), we had fun and, as long as you are not hoping for a private conversation I think you are good! The food was amazing and so affordable, thank you for treating me Kate! My second trip out was over near the 'Poldark Mine' yesterday, to meet my gorgeous friend Kimberly at 'Slice of Cornwall'. This was another place I hadn't ever been too, but it is so lovely! It is set in some sculpture gardens near Helston and does wonderful food. The setting was so beautiful and we chatted away for two hours, enjoying hot chocolate, with the biggest marsh mallows I have ever seen (Kimberley) and a Victoria cup cake and cup of tea for me. I definitely want to go back there and I also would like to treat myself to one of the pretty mugs they sold too, even though I have it in mind to use to hold paint brushes!!

:: More of my all time favourite flowers have appeared in the garden this week, this time a single, bright yellow daffodil, proudly standing tall among all the winter leaves. I just adore daffodils, they bring me so much happiness.

:: Gizmo and I have napped together twice this week. On Thursday I ended up hitting her as I tend to thrash out in my sleep sometimes (I am usually boxing in my dream!), she let our a 'miaow' and batted me on the arm with her paw and swiftly started snoring again. When I woke back up she was holding my hand tightly with her paw; which I originally thought was so cute but, upon reflection, I am now thinking it was simply to stop the violence! Yesterday, as I got myself all comfy to read some of my book on the sofa, she suddenly jumped up and laid herself very grandly over my chest, placing most of her weight on my left arm. She dozed off and, as the Cat Mum Rule Books states (page 32, verse 4), 'thou shall not move unless your cat does, if death commeth first then thou shall be sacrificed' :-) Needless to say I woke up with a dead arm, but she had slept very well! No books were read at all.

Just a reminder of a few things before I sign off for today; you can now purchase a choice of two printable calendars from Leaf Lane Studio; the new one and the one I released last year, which has now been updated for 2019! They are £5 each to buy and if you set your printer at home to 'best print' quality and pop some thicker paper or even some card in, you will be surprised how professional it will look. My mum has punched holes in hers and tied some ribbon around it to hang it up, I have mine on a pin board, held up with a bulldog clip and I know a few people have stuck it on their office walls too, just with blue-tack, so there is a lot of flexibility! Once you have purchased it you can download it, save it and print it as many times as you like! I use mine as a blog content planner and it is so useful. Why not print out one for home and one for the office (you can print as many times as you want with one purchase!).

Lastly, don't forget that I released the Bullet Journal free printable this last week, so if you haven't got yours yet the click right here and have it come right into your inbox (check junk if you don't see it!).

See you on Wednesday!


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  1. Oh that’s Cat Mum rule is a killer!! The cake shop looks delightful and I hope you made a wish on that shooting star! As the song in Princess Diaries goes (I’m so freaking cool) “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day, catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away.” Sending lots of love and even more cat cuddles your way!
    Peta xx


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