6 January 2019


Here we go guys... it's the first 'Weekly Gratitude' post of 2019! (Holy crap balls Batman, it's 2019... I turn 38 in a matter of weeks!). I thought I would go all out and hit you guys with a full on bit of 'Grateful' cheese with help from my awesome t-shirt from Tescos (got to love a bit of red nails/red lips/red slogan top coordination, it's the most matching I have been in years!).

How has everyone's New Year started? Full of all the good things in life I hope. Mine has been a little all over the shop for various reasons, but I have also been planning things for my business and for this very space too (in between a few mental health 'moments'!). I did pop a post up about my word for this year and my thoughts on making resolutions, so if you haven't read that one yet just click right here!

Let's pounce on this weeks list of bits and bobs shall we?

:: The first thing I want to mention is how much I appreciate every single one of you guys for all your support and messages over the last couple of weeks whilst I have been working on my Leaf Lane Studio calendar (and slightly losing the plot whilst doing it on no sleep!). If you haven't seen it yet then just click right here to go straight to the page and check it out. If you like it and fancy getting one then it couldn't be easier as all you have to do is print it at home! I have popped some tips for doing this in the product description so just have a read and you should be fine. I would love you to tag me on Instagram if you have bought one (either @leaflanestudio or @fromlucywithloveblog) and I will share it!

:: Whilst working all the hours this last week, I have been digging deep into my Spotify playlists for motivation and listening to some proper good tunes (I can't say that anymore can I?!). I went right through a whole load of 90's R 'n' B (think Usher, Jodeci and Next) and then mooched about for a few classics, such as my all time favourite, Heaven by Bryan Adams, some Kodaline ('All I Want'...great tune!) and so many others. I have definitely played Jazzy Jeff's 'Boom Shake the Room' a little too much too though!

:: I have been lost in a new Netflix series too called 'You', have you started it yet? I initially thought it was a film so clicked on it for a watch, but soon learnt that it was a series and watched about four in a row whilst I worked. I am hooked! It is about a stalker who basically learns way too much about the girl he likes via the means of social media. and therefore manages to be who she wants and make his way into her life in the most creepy, scary way possible. I won't say more but just go watch it... and check your privacy settings on social afterwards... and maybe change your locks... and get a weapon!

:: One more quick bit of promo for you... I have been waffling on for weeks about a free Bullet Journal printable and it is out! Can I get a Mexican wave?! I have sent it out to everyone on my mailing lists, including this one and Leaf Lane Studio's, but from now on, if you want it then you will need to click on this link right here and sign up to the Leaf Lane Studio list, once you have done that you will receive the freebie right to your inbox. If, like me, you use Outlook, check your junk box as sometimes things head straight there for a rest! I am working on a video to show you how I use the printable so that will be out very soon too.

:: For some reason, totally unknown to me, my strength in the gym has suddenly decided to make an effort to increase, leaving me all hyped up at the end of pretty much every weights session this last week or two. By some standards it may not be a lot, but for me, to be pushing 17.5kg dumbbells for a chest press and just over 200kg on a leg press is worth celebrating! Lifting weights is so therapeutic for me and, if you have never tried it, I highly recommend it!

:: Having listened to this episode of Kate Taylor's 'Practical Magic' podcast on Thursday, which was all about reviewing 2018 (in a totally motivational and useful way!), I head right on over to her link for the free review workbook and delved straight into unpacking 2018 and making some discoveries to take forward to 2019. I would highly recommend you guys checking the workbook out, it really is so useful and is broken down into four sections to really dig into what happened to make 2018 great and what could have been different. Take some time to journal through it though, let everything come right on out onto the page and be 100% honest otherwise it won't be worth doing at all.

:: On Friday I went out for a little walk down towards Marazion, to practice with my new camera (I still need to learn so much more about it!) and to try and help shift some of the severe anxiety that was driving me literally insane. As I sat on a bench, looking over towards St Michaels Mount, I noticed some movement in the sea and was soon watching a pod of dolphins leaping about and enjoying themselves! I would be lying if I said that I didn't cry, because I did, but thankfully there was no-one around! Nature is one of the best soul healers around it really is.

:: This week I noticed that the little white and yellow narcissi have opened out in the garden and we also have the hyacinths that I planted popping their heads up too; spring is around the corner and I could not be happier. Daffodils and narcissi are my favourite flowers ever and to see them around for a few weeks is one of the highlights of spring for me.

:: After taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning the house like a woman processed, I felt restored and ready to attack the new year; the only thing that remained in place after Christmas was the string of fairy lights that run basically around the entire lounge. They are just so comforting when I can't sleep so get up early and sit downstairs. You can't go wrong with fairy lights if you ask me, which I am fully aware you didn't!

:: This morning we head off for a quick stroll around Porthleven; it was lovely and quiet and very, very still (this poor little harbour gets a total battering in bad weather, check out this image!). One of my missions for this year is to see so many more places in Cornwall; not only is it so inspirational for me from a creative perspective, but it really keeps me so much more level headed to be out and about, and much less likely to turn into a hermit!

There you have it my loves, the first Weekly Gratitude for 2019. I am determined to hit so many goals for Leaf Lane Studio this year and other areas of my life too... anyone up for joining me to learn paddle boarding or indoor climbing let me know! 

Have a wonderful week everyone and I will see you for Wednesdays post!

PS: If you are a fellow blogger or small business and want to collaborate this year in any way please comment or email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com - it would be lovely to work with some other creatives / writers in 2019 so come and say hi and let's make a plan!



  1. Oh I love that tshirt SO SO SO much! WHYYYY Did I not get one?! WHY?! I adore your calendar, it's placed proudly on my kitchen wall and those bullet journal drawings are so pretty. Sending lots of love your way Lucy, those photos are stunning, they make me miss Cornwall! xx

    1. You just need to move back here so we can be forever happy in our cat mum studio! :-)


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