27 January 2019


Some Sunday posts are full of things I’ve been getting up to, whilst others, like today, are not so jam packed! That is the way the metaphorical cookie of life crumbles though isn’t it? Some times you have a week where one minute it’s Monday and then, boom, you blink and it’s Sunday again! This week I have had my head down working all week pretty much non-stop; I had two commissions to finish up, which always means that every ounce of focus goes there really, plus I've still had this dreaded cold leaving my system too, so have tried to be a bit nicer to myself, despite the deadlines and workload. I also had a little work from my printer to complete this week (you all remember my glamorous box-sticking job right?! Not that I am complaining about earning money!). So all in all this week has been pretty mundane really... am I selling it to you well?!

That said, there are always things to be grateful for so let’s jump right in...

:: This week, as I mentioned in my introduction, I finished and packaged up two important orders for Leaf Lane Studio. I am always incredibly grateful to be able to work with such lovely customers who I really enjoy communicating with about their work and, as I have been finishing up this week I have been plotting some new stock for the paper shop and hoping that I can bring all my ideas to life really soon. I have a wedding fair coming up on 24th February over in Redruth, which will be my first ever event with my new business, so I have a lot to get done for that too. Busy times ahead over the next few weeks. If you guys want to keep up to date with all of the happenings then click right here to join my Leaf Lane Studio mailing list.

:: It seems like us Cornwall lot have had it good here this week weather wise. I was sent several photos from a friend where I used to work in Berkshire, showing me scenes of snow and it looked bloody cold! We have had mostly mild weather over here in the west but the gym sure has felt chilly at 6.30am let me tell you!

:: Last week, whilst watching a live music video on YouTube, I left it on ‘auto-play’ and it played through several songs similar to what I’d listened to; i.e. my usual cheesy ‘l’m-writing-a-blog-post-and-want-something-to-sing-along-to’ stuff, when a song came on which is a certain ten out of ten on the cheesey-music-scale but I bloody loved it! It took me back to being a kid when you hear song lyrics and feel like you’re a Disney princess about to be whisked away by the prince... you get it! The song was ‘This I Pomise You’, which was originally written by Richard Marx for NSYNC (cringe huh!), but the version I listened to was sung by Richard Marx and I instantly fell in love with the lyrics. I am a total idiot for this stuff as you know so you can all disown me immediately, that’s fine, but I’m going to own it because I am constantly praying that romance makes a come back! For those of you that are in my club for losers, click here to see the video! (skip to 2mins 45secs for the song as he waffles at the start!).

:: For some reason, probably related to my crappy hormones, I have had the skin of a teenager this week and it has been really (really) getting me down; at almost 38 I don’t appreciate having to worry about spots and all of the wonders of hormonal skin, but that is what this week brought to the door. I highly recommend La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo for any problem skin as well as Mario Badescu’s treatments too, because they genuinely work, so I am grateful to them for calming my poor old moon face down this week. I am left feeling so under confident and like I need a big old paper bag over my face when these things come along. I had acne as a teenager, so I think I always go right back to that in my head and worry it’s having a resurgence! I am such a drama queen!

:: This morning I had a lovely wander about the garden to attempt to learn how to use the macro setting on my new camera; I have so much to learn but it was fun nonetheless! There are so many signs of spring out there right now, although the strong winds we had last night have flattened all the daffodils, which are now laying face down all over the garden. I have been saying this for the last few weeks I know, but I am so excited for the warmer weather to return and, with it, the lighter mornings too. I used to enjoy the winter months so much but not anymore, give me summer now please!

:: I finally got around to recording my 2019 Bullet Journal set up and will be putting it live early next week; it includes my review on a different journal I am using as well as January and February’s set up too. You can still get your paws on my free printable of journal illustrations if you would like to try it; click right here to have it come right to your inbox.

:: Let me talk to you about a new favourite green food... kalettes. I bought a packet in Morrisons last week as they were on offer and I cooked them up with a couple of chopped rashers of bacon and they were so delicious! The are advertised as part kale, part sprout, but I am here to tell you that they really taste good, not just 'I-should-be-eating-green-stuff-so-will-force-it-down-me' good, but actually tasty!

:: Did you guys catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse/blood moon this week? It was so stunning! These things turn me into an emotional wreck because they are just so amazing to see. When I popped my head out it was super clear, bright red and in partial eclipse, but still looked so good!

:: Whilst sticking boxes and painting I got hooked on a series on Netflix called 'The Sinner', which is all about a young boy who commits a double murder and the events leading up to and surround why he did it. It was a strange watch but I had to see how it turned out because it was taking so many unexpected turns! I recommend it!

I will leave it there for this week guys as, in truth, I am absolutely shattered... but I am going to attempt a weekly vlog starting tomorrow and hope to get back to that more regularly. If you have any thing you would like to hear me talk about in the vlogs let me know, whether it is about starting a business or anything Cornwall related, just leave me a comment under this post and I will try my best to answer your questions when I am vlogging!

Thank you so much, as always, for sticking with me all this time, I appreciate each and every one of you so much.


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  1. oooooh Kalettes sound delightful! I shall have to give these a go, the moon was stunning and yay to finishing off orders, I hope you feel better soon my lovely. Sending lots of love your way!
    Peta xx


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