2 January 2019


Happy New Year my loves, did you have a good Christmas and celebrate the arrival of 2019 in style? Whatever you did and whoever you spent your moments with, I hope you had a wonderful time filled with fun and laughter. 

There are a lot of blog posts around right now discussing 'the best way' to make new plans, and resolutions for the new year, and I wanted to discuss my take on it all in this post because, for the first time ever, I have entered a new year feeling a sense of calm in terms of not putting pressure on myself to achieve unrealistic goals, which makes a pleasant change and feels really good. Seeing as there are a few things that have come together to bring about my new sense of perspective, I thought I’d unpick them here with you, so let’s get stuck in.

As much as I love Christmas time, for whatever reason this year just didn’t feel the same on the lead up to it. Maybe it is to do with working for myself and the added pressure doing that brings, because I definitely haven’t found my balance yet and throughout December I didn’t manage my time very well and fell behind with the more personal projects (not client work of course!) that should have been finished weeks before the holidays started. All of this going on and a few other worries about finances and other silly things meant that my sleep began to fall into an irregular pattern, which spells bad news for my mental health and ability to function normally, which is all a bit of a vicious circle isn't it.

As I sat in the lounge, during the very early hours of one morning on the run up to Christmas, randomly watching Terminator 2 with the volume off, I was thinking about my 2019 ‘word of the year’, and had a bit of an epiphany as to what it needed to be. As tired and slightly off my rocker as I felt at that ungodly hour, I realised that what I needed in my life was more focus and a bit more meaning to the things I am trying to achieve. You see, I have the habit of getting super enthusiastic about many things at once, meaning that I can just leap from one thing to the next like an over excited puppy; I needed to have a plan and so I decided that my word for this year would be ‘Intention’.

This word makes total sense in every single area of my life because I can be someone who takes on everything just to keep people happy at the expense of my own happiness, or I will do something without really thinking about an end goal because I get wrapped up in the idea without considering whether it is actually worth while or not. The same goes with all the work I’ve been doing on food and my psychology around it with Peta (Nourishing Soulfully)  because we are working on me eating with more intention, rather than emotional binging or just shoving food in ‘just because’ it is there.

Going forward I am going to use my Bullet Journal and my little office white board to plan more in order to break things down into achievable, more intentional chunks that I can monitor. For my business this means that I need to be more focused on a couple of big goals rather than starting lots of little things and moving on to something else then something else and ending up overwhelmed and with no outcome to show for it. For the blog it I would like to come up with a plan to make it better for you guys, creating more interesting content and maybe reaching out to some brands I would like to collaborate with that fit my vision. For my personal life it means that I will be setting myself mini goals to achieve in the gym, little things such as being able to do an unassisted chin up by the end of this year and lifting a certain amount of weight on a specific exercise.

As soon as the word came into my mind my intuition said ‘yep, that’s the one!’ And we all know how much following my intuition means to me don’t we!

To touch briefly on traditional resolutions; in the past I have always set them, but not this year. This year I am choosing to be kinder to myself (maybe that’s a resolution in and of itself?) and just ‘be’. I think there is a difference between goal setting and resolutions for sure and for most people our resolutions can just be too much for us, too full on to cope with and we can have zero clue how to actually get to them. This year I know, for example, that I want to eat less meat and try my best to lose a little body fat, but did you read that? I wrote ‘try my best’; that statement alone takes all the pressure off of a traditional ‘I will lose three stone’ resolution and is just a gentler way of saying ‘hey body, I’m here for you and we are on the same side okay?’.

I’m here to tell you that it feels wonderful to not have the ‘diet in January’ mindset this year, rather a ‘I’ll be working on taking care of my entire self this year and every year, and giving my body food as fuel, not as comfort or punishment (or whatever else)’. Let’s just quit the big unrealistic sh*tty resolutions that make us feel like failures shall we? We should care enough about ourselves and, in-fact, one another all year round and just look after each other. Surely this alone can help us to achieve even our wildest dreams?

What are your thoughts on all of this? Please do let me know and let’s get supporting each other and giving each other lots of encouragement and motivation as we enter this new chapter.

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  1. Oh Lucy I love this word, it sounds absolutely perfect for you. As you know, I felt very similar to you in the run up to Christmas and completely resonate with the word intention for 2019. I'm heading into the year with the purpose to nourish my life soulfully, however that may be and the mindset to adapt and be flexible throughout the year. Sending you lots of love and cat cuddles.
    Peta xx


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